Two Hours Professional Cleaning & Oven Clean £28 (RRP £66) with Crowdity (London)

Two Hours Professional Cleaning & Oven Clean £28 (RRP £66) with Crowdity (London)

Found 6th Jan 2011
Just posted an offer with Groupon and found this one on Crowdity - depends if you have any credit or what you want doing really, both are very good offers. This voucher is valid for 6 months.
If the aftermath of a busy Christmas and a full on New Year has taken its toll on your house then this offer may be the saving grace that you need. Don’t tackle all the mess, grease and grime all on your own, why don’t you take advantage of this amazing offer and get two hours professional cleaning and a full oven clean to get yourself straight for 2011. This offer has been bought to you by Cleaning House London and covers all over Central and Greater London.

The oven clean includes a single oven, including two racks. You will benefit from sparkling clean oven and kitchen facilities, improved air quality and the ability to cook to your heart's content without having to worry about the mess left afterward. Cleaning House London use only environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals with Non-toxic and non-caustic solutions which makes oven cleaning methods safe and effective. Rather than using harmful cleaning solutions, the cleaners work extremely hard to remove grease, grime and residue from your oven interior and exterior, resulting in a thorough, professional oven cleaning result.

The House cleaning service is tailored to your needs and the professional cleaners can tackle even the toughest house cleaning tasks. This offer includes two hours professional cleaning which you can choose from regular domestic cleaning including laundry, ironing, tidying and general house cleaning and maintenance. Buy today and can book in as soon as the deal has closed or enjoy having 6 months to redeem the voucher.


I wonder how much of that original £66 goes to the cleaners. Assuming its little above the minimum wage. Still, good offer though if you're lazy or just need a deep clean.

Awesome deal thank you, our oven needs a serious clean!!!

I'm not saying this is one of the companies, but there was a feature on a consumer television programme recently (Watchdog?) where companies offered knocked down prices for a professional clean only to visit you and give a hard sell for a more expensive clean on arrival. When declined, the advertised professional clean wasn't up to scratch, and wasn't really worth the knocked down price. Just a heads up in case!

Found the link to the programme (focuses on a specific company, and "bait and switch"):…8vg
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I've been chatting to their online customer service and these guys are really helpful. They are fully aware of the deal (you would hope so) and have been very descriptive about what the voucher entails. Ring up first to confirm they cover your area though. Awesome deal a friend of mine has already booked and another is thinking about it. Oven cleans normally cost £40 alone!

so many electric ovens are self cleaning though mine is from the 90's and has a self cleaning cycle so have never really had to clean it apart from the occassional wipe
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