Two meals for £5 when you buy any meal over £3.99! Big choice! Sainsburys Restaurant!

Two meals for £5 when you buy any meal over £3.99! Big choice! Sainsburys Restaurant!

LocalFound 15th Aug 2008
I believe this is running for a month from last Wednesday.

The Sainsburys Restaurant sells loads of different meals, roast beef and chicken dinners, brunches, chicken tikka, beef lasagne, etc - A proper pub selection and surprisingly the food isnt terrible quality, its actually quite nice and thats from someone who works there and I hate my job!

A roast is normally £4.35ish, buy two for £5!

This deal is running in the Sainsburys in Brislington, by the Black castle, however we had printed advertisements so I assume this deal is nationwide to try and advertise their new cake range they have just got in...

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Yep, i had his offer with my mom yesterday in castle vale, birmingham store - lots of choice, we had salmon and broccoli pie and an all day mega brunch, which were both lovely
Seems like an excellent deal to me. Have some heat and rep.
sounds good
Good deal if you like reheated or microwave food ! My sainsbury,s restaurant in Northampton just does reheated or microwave **** ! The few items cooked in house are either cold or over cooked.
Should suit the micro generation though :-D
Awesome. Our anniversary is next week. Do they take bookings? ;-)
I dont normally flame offers but this one i have to.

Their restaurants are rubbish. Food is reheated dross.
Staff in some are under motivated and not trained. (echos of BA and Royal Mail here!!!)

Breakfast for example are simple and easy but I still have to wait in queue for half an hour for them. I dont bother anymore.

More than a couple of people in the queue and the staff struggle. They blame each other and shout things to each other without actually getting on with the job in hand. ie frying an egg/serving customers.

Stick with coffee and a sandwich and you'll be okay but hot food no chance.

I have written to Sainsbury about this and got a standard response back.
They obviously take no heed of customer feedback because the restaurants are still poor.

Tesco seem to be able to get the same formula right. Can't see why Sainsbury cant.
Im sorry to hear that cityslicker, never eaten at any other store but my one and we never seem to struggle, but most of our team have been working there 10+ years so they know exactly how the food needs to be cooked.

Haha, you remind me of this man who comes in, every single day, he buys the same thing, a pot of tea, and if there is a customer in front of him he will moan and complain about how slow the service is and how people are ignoring him and being rude...

But alas, he still comes in, every day, same time... did a satisfactory review with him 1-5 on different things like hospitality, helpfullness, quality of service... gave everything a 1.. last question: Would you revisit: Yes! 

I will admit if you have a store with all young workers your experience will be skewed, as none of the younger ones enjoy the job and just stand around talking to eachother.

purplehornet, take her somewere better than a supermarket lol
The local supermarket to where I work is a Sainsburys, and I've eaten in there a couple of times. Both times I've had really nice food, freshly cooked and served (and the chips are probably the best I've tasted!). But I've always had to wait more than half an hour to be served, and the service is quite poor compared to the checkout operators for instance.

But if me and my mate can eat a full cooked meal for £2.50 each, I really am not going to argue!
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