two night getaway hotel and afternoon tea gift instore @ Boots - £99

two night getaway hotel and afternoon tea gift instore @ Boots - £99

Found 18th Nov 2016
I've been looking for some nice xmas gifts for the wife and a weekend away always goes down well...

The problem of course is finding a right time to go as its hard to book in advance due to work commitments...this boots gift experience ticks the right boxes in my opinion.

Its got £100 off so is scanning at £99 - there is a £199 sticker on the front which i'll 'forget to take off ' come xmas day = brownie points!

The hotels look quite nice and have good reviews on trip advisor - and there are plenty to choose from.

A one night experience box is £119... so its cheaper to get the 2 nights.

A bargain in my mind.

I await your cutting judgement and hope it helps someone.

Valid until dec 2017
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They always forget Scotland!!
Probably old dated hotels they can't sell at normal rates. With plenty of extras to add on. Breakfast or premium for weekends.


Not at all...

Call giftideasfortwo and ask them to match the boots price... i just called them for you and they said they will price match boots if your store doesnt have them in stock

First hotel i looked at in their pack
iamprobably hotel i looked at in their pack

But i think we'll choose this one...…tml
I always use Groupon they have some really good getaways and really cheap used then for quite a while now and if you get any problems you can always get your money back so you will have your holiday and get your money back as my wife has got in touch with Groupon a couple of times before as when we've got there it wasn't that much good so money back free holiday can't be bad ?
U can use Activity superstore instead and get 16% back with Quidco, which then works out at £84 for the 2 nights
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