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Posted 2 April 2024

Two Pairs of Prescription Glasses + Free Home Trial + Free Delivery - W/Code

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This popular deal is back again!

Get Two pairs of prescription specs for £14 with code + Free Delivery (normally £4.95) thanks to MSE code MSEAPRIL

This deal won't work on very strong prescriptions

Orders for very strong prescriptions are excluded, such as when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.



You can get two pairs of glasses from £14 delivered when you use code MSEAPRIL on top of an existing Glasses Direct 2for1 offer. The code also gets free delivery and 30% off silver, gold and platinum lens packages, though you need to use it before 11.59pm on Thursday 11 April.

The second pair doesn't have to be the same prescription as the first, so you could get one for yourself and one for someone else.

Free 'Home Trial'

Glasses Direct offers a free 'Home Trial' service, where you can choose some frames to be sent to you, so that you can try them on at home and see if you like them. As long as you order a Home Trial from your account before the code expires, Glasses Direct will honour the code up to a week after it expires.

You don't need to buy the same frames that you tried, but if the code's expired you'll need to call Glasses Direct to place the order on 01793 746601.

What to do?

Go for Glasses Direct's existing 2for1 on prescription glasses offer.
It has a range of 2for1 frames priced from £49*, where you get the cheapest free.

Once you pick your frames (Premium Designer frames are excluded), and select what you’ll use them for (reading, distance vision etc), you'll be asked to choose your lens package. If you want the absolute cheapest price, you can avoid these extras by clicking on ‘continue with basic lenses’ – it's a small link underneath the main packages.

However, if you want add-ons such as scratch resistance, anti-UV or thinner lenses, our code also gets 30% off Glasses Direct’s silver, gold and platinum packages.

Use code to get £35 off AND free delivery.

After adding your second pair of glasses to your basket, you can either enter your prescription then and there or opt to send it later.

Then use the code MSEAPRIL at checkout by 11.59pm on Thursday 11 April to get an extra £35 off ANY glasses where the frames cost £49+ (before 2for1 discount), and free delivery (normally £4.95).

Combining these offers can get you two pairs of glasses from just £14 delivered.

Though do note this deal won't work on very strong prescriptions
Glasses Direct More details at
Glasses Direct has currently Get £35 off frames on your first order, and the referrer gets a £10 voucher campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. poolman's avatar
    Beware their "refund" calculation structure

    Recently bought 2 pairs, 1 normal, 1 sunglasses for £34. Sunglasses were perfect but returned the normal ones as they were a poor fit. Total refund? zero!

    Apparently I had returned the "free" pair.......
  2. McPhee87's avatar
    Worth noting that they also have a 33% off code MSE33. Might work out better value if you're adding pricier options (photochromatic lenses etc.).
  3. emptypocketz's avatar
    Has anyone returned any of their glasses direct specs and its ok they get a no quibble and full refund provided they send all frames back, including lenses etc?
    poolman's avatar
    As per my previous comment, if you buy 2 pairs and only return 1 pair, you will probably get zero refund.

    In order to get a "full" refund I had to return both pairs. There was no quibble, it just seems a bit absurd when you are happy with one pair. Still, I ain't paying the postage
  4. ruffedgrouse's avatar
    As usual, no deals for those with high prescriptions. If you are unfortunate enough to need the thinnest lenses (platinum package) then the price for two pairs rises to £192 (!)
    McPhee87's avatar
    There's MSE33 for 33% off your order. Or there's a code on the main GD website which gives 40% off a £200 spend.
  5. mikerr's avatar
    Grr, clicked send prescription details later, and now get an email saying they have to have a *recent* copy of eye test details with date and provider (so I'll have to pay to get one!)

    Should have just typed in numbers from my 5 year old test !
    mutley1's avatar
    Buy it from a different account with the details added (edited)
  6. MrsMoot's avatar
    Mine arrived today. Compared to my gold package lens thinning these don’t seem massively bigger. I’m impressed for the cost!
    Rugrats's avatar
    How long it took from ordre to delievry?
  7. rudeboypeter's avatar
    I would never again buy from Glasses Direct. Their cheaper frames are poor quality, compared to other vendors around the same price. Maybe you can get a dirt cheap pair for emergencies, but if you're wearing them for any length of time, with any kind of anti glare glass, far better can be got elsewhere.

    Worst thing is that their returns policy is completely bogus - they will do anything to wriggle out of refunding you. Currently in a chargeback situation with them, the '120 days' plastered all over their site is nothing of the sort, completely false advertising
    Dazo1874's avatar
    It’s two pairs of prescription glasses for £14, maybe your expectations need a new prescription ?
  8. Tonya22's avatar
    Do not do my size in the nice frames, nice find though OP
    Orange_swan's avatar
  9. Rugrats's avatar
    How do you get an accurate measurment of your PD (Pupillary distance)?
    Thx (edited)
    Christian_31's avatar
    You can use a ruler. Not being sarcastic, my optician recommended it. Just look in the mirror, hold a ruler up so that your pupils are just above the lines and mark where the centre of each pupil is on it. Or get someone to help. Did mine; got 62mm, and matched my optician's reading using his tools.
  10. davyzoo's avatar
    Is it new customers only, not working for me.....
    mikerr's avatar
    Make sure you scroll past silver and gold lenses (in huge writing) and at the bottom select basic lenses :
  11. Roystrainset's avatar
    Received today, slightly heavier than my ray bans but for £7 a pair i am very happy. Don't feel flimsy at all and look good too. Cheers op!
  12. Sylar2023's avatar
    "This deal won't work on very strong prescriptions" is this per eye or over both?
    newbie68's avatar
    Per eye - best to put your prescription in and they will refuse to accept it or proceed if it's beyond their specs
  13. silveroracle's avatar
    Not that cheap as I wear varifocals
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    Me too. I ordered some ray bans from them for sub-£200 that Vision Express wanted £500 for so not too shabby still
  14. Ian1979's avatar
    Mine arrived yesterday. Got a offer for £10 Amazon voucher and £35 off for friend if you refer them. Could be useful if your friend happens to be the same prescription as you 👀
  15. Shinyhero's avatar
    Check for cash back as well.
    Got 10% cash back, hopes it tracks.
  16. NS007's avatar
    you can get sunglasses too
  17. Rugrats's avatar
    Just got mine today, first impression, good quality, but the reflection on the basic lenses is distracting.
  18. sydney871's avatar
    Does this include varifocal lenses?
    Also, can you get prescription sunglasses on this offer?
    Can we get photocromic lenses on these?
    Bendown's avatar
    I think you are asking a bit much to expect reactive or varifocals for £7 a pair lol.
  19. villan57's avatar
    £131 for two pairs of varifocals which is cheap as I paid £300 just for lenses at the local optician. I haven't ordered it as I need a new eye test but is well worth it by the looks of things. 
    willhay555's avatar
    You sure you were reading it correctly?
  20. Christian_31's avatar
    Glasses Direct are great in my experience, used them for years. The prescriptions are always spot on and delivery relatively quick. You do get much cheaper quality specs where the coatings and hinges start to give way quite quickly, but for this price it's justifiable. In comparison, I had two nightmares with Goggles4u recently getting my order wrong, and then sending me the wrong prescription taking a month total and leaving me without glasses (they did promptly refund with no hassle, but just felt more unprofessional, lazy).
  21. sub2hours's avatar
    Have used this several times and have been really pleased with the glasses. At this price I can have a pair everywhere I need them (only need for reading or computer use).
  22. eva_colville's avatar
    Mine doesn't give me the choice of budget lenses only silver lens package which is £14.99 Any suggestions
    northeastkev's avatar
    I was on the site last night. Could be wrong but if you scroll down to the bottom of that page I think I saw an option for no lens package.
  23. DOC1968's avatar
    Thanks op. this come just at the right time as i broke my glasses this morning
  24. Sully1's avatar
    Good find. I cannot seem to empty my basket. The website is a nuisance.
    kibethewalrus's avatar
    There are little crosses and "remove" top left of each frame in basket, does that help?
  25. Jan_Kowal's avatar
    WTF, it's not 2 pairs for 14.
    Ph45m0ph0b1c's avatar
    52508289-qzQlT.jpgI beg to differ (edited)
  26. Jojo_PM's avatar
    Great - just ordered spares to keep in the car as I always forget to pick them up on my way out
  27. MrsMoot's avatar
    Just ordered a couple of spare pairs! Thanks OP!
  28. P-7's avatar
    Thanks, ordered another 2 pairs even though I have 4 already
    suejb2's avatar
  29. newbie68's avatar
    Must have 6-12 pairs of these floating around in every room and drawer of the house - at this price they are treated badly - my bad. Another pair ordered
  30. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP
  31. long-time-lurker's avatar
    Great service from this site. Used for the first time on a deal back in October.. Paid £19.95 then. This is so good I'm considering ordering another couple of pairs
  32. imarks's avatar
    Great deal for some cheap prescription specs, excellent for spares. Thanks OP.
  33. DeMoN's avatar
    Another great deal from this website. I bought my glasses 2 weeks back, but still voted hot!
  34. eva_colville's avatar
    Thanks ordered
  35. teralin's avatar
    At this price it would be rude not to order.
  36. myzdamena's avatar
    Awww I'm 9.5 great offer though x
  37. Eliter's avatar
    Fantastic thank you. Ordered no probs.
  38. Sandra8923's avatar
    Thanks OP! Free $1 donation to charity on my behalf too (you have to click on it after paying) (edited)
  39. t_taylor's avatar
    thanks OP ordered... took me a while to find the free lens package, hidden like an easter egg. I kept selecting the silver package thinking it was the basic one but you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "continue with basic package"
    Ninjured's avatar
    Thank you for this comment, couldn't figure it out.
  40. gazt1888's avatar
    Cheap shite
's avatar