Two PAYG motorola L6 for £70!!!

Two PAYG motorola L6 for £70!!!

Found 30th Nov 2006
My friend has just ordered these after hearing an adverisement by carphone warehouse on the radio, i must stress that this offer is not available on-line..

The offer is for Two PAYG Motorola L6 (colours left i think are blue, pink or silver) for £50 (for the two, not each), you do need to purchase £10 credit for each phone but still an excellent price..

Tel no for offer is: 08000491008

Network is Orange! I think this offer ends next wed, so if you want these then i would be quick (my friend ordered today and was told they are flying out like hotcakes!)


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The radio station it was on was RADIO CITY!

was in the Daily mirror this morning.

Also had 2 V3's for a little more.

[SIZE=2]Thanks Jan1ey [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Also available is Motorola RAZR - 2 for £100 with rather compulsary £20 credit purchase.[/SIZE]

so £70 for the pair then...Pretty good.
The phone is great, got one given to me by my old man as he got it on a 12 month contract 12 month free thing
Camera isnt great but all round pretty impressed.
Blockbreaker game is addictive!

Has anyone tried riniging this number and caught whothey said it was as when i phoned it the guy seemed a little bit dodgy? It is a really good deal but am a bit hesitant and am just wondering what others thought?

Just phoned them

its Carphone warehouse direct.

The v3 is available in black or lillac and its a normal v3 not a v3i or anything, but to be honest as a phone its pretty good but its a pants camera and mp3 player (only 5mb of memory!)

all in all a good deal on the V3 imo

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Hi there,

I got the freephone number from as i hate spending money on 0870 numbers lol... if you go on there and go to the "search for a alternative number" type in carphone warehouse and it will bring up all the numbers for them.. if you scroll down to customer care (that was the pay number by the side for this offer) then you will see it also has a free phone number which is what i listed.. take a look, then that should hopefully put your mind at rest.. :-)

Was an offer that was also in the mirror too :-)

great thanks!!! might phone them again now

Sorry, is it 2 for £70 or 2 for £50 because you can get one for £45 with £10 credit on the website.Thanks

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Hello there, its two for £70 with £10 credit on each phone!

Basically you pay £50 for the two phones then £10 each phone on top up..

Thanks very much :thumbsup:

Is it locked?

Yes the all L6 are locked on ORANGE. The Motorola V3 handsets are unlocked but again its down to availability so be quick!!



Yes the all L6 are locked on ORANGE. The Motorola V3 handsets are … Yes the all L6 are locked on ORANGE. The Motorola V3 handsets are unlocked but again its down to availability so be quick!!introlux

Thanks! But are you sure 100% about the V3? I might for the the V3 then...because I really just want the phones!

Also, this offer is now published here:

According to the site, it says: *£10 minimum topup required for each handset purchase. One offer per customer only. Limited offer ends 6/12/06. Ask in-store for details.

Does that mean I can get this in-store as well?? Also, any rebranding of the phone or is it unbranded? Cheers guys!

Just phoned carphone warehouse on 0800 781 7973 but the customer service rep was not aware of this offer !
then he put me on hold for a while to check this with his manager and then he aplogized saying that this is a mis-print !!
has anyone ordered any of these phones through this offer ?:|

I ordered the motorola v3's got them within 2 days great offer although I dont seem to have any credit on the sim cards even though I had to pay £10 for top up???
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