TWO Wii Remote Controllers for £32.20 delivered + Quidco!!

TWO Wii Remote Controllers for £32.20 delivered + Quidco!!

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Add two Wii remotes to your basket, use 2 codes below

XX276 - 10% discount
ZQ055 - £23.50 discount

Comes to £32.20 delivered, I've seen one of these remotes in shops for this price.
+ Quidco cashback

I just tried these codes and it worked for me! New customers only, but I have read in other threads, you just have to re-register with new name and e-mail address.


Looks too good to be true! Will they definitely honour the vouchers? Don't want to pay full price for them.

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These voucher codes are well used by a lot of people on these forums. You usually pay and the £23.50 is credited back within days.

Refer to other littlewoods voucher threads.

can't get codes to work

ignore last post:)

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You have to enter them when you are at the shopping basket

Will I get away with using an existing account? It lets you login at checkout.

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I believe if you use an existing account the 23.50 off voucher will show conditions are not met.

whats the minimum you have to spend to get the 23.50 discount?

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Im not too sure, I would guess £50

I used the codes a few weeks ago for two Wii plays. They charged me full wack I e-mailed them said they owe me £23.50. Next day they replied and credited me the money.

Why can you pre-order every other game apart from Burnout Paradise?:x

okay, i have done this last the time of the ds lite deal...

they have still NOT sent it to me.

I opened two accounts to buy withone account wii play and a nunchuck and another to buy 2 wii controllers...

guess what no packages recieved.. constant delays. cancelled

Inabilty to check online of progress of abysmal website.

if they dont send it to me by end of this month... i am cancelling!

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If you have a look at the ds lite deal, loads of people got theres

Stacking of discount codes is not advised, as orders will more than likely be cancelled or the full payment charged to your card.

i believe that i read in the terms and conditions of littlewoods that they could reject the voucher without lettin you know therefore charging full price! As long as you know whats goin on with your order you can maybe cancel if this situation arises or something, nt too sure tho.


2.3 Where you have redeemed a promotional code or any other offer ("a Code") against your order, acceptance of this order is subject to our verifying that the Code has been issued to you personally, that you comply with all the terms of the offer and qualify for the Code. In the event that the Code has not been issued to you for your personal use or you do not qualify for the offer, the price of the order will be adjusted notwithstanding any email or other confirmation that you receive.

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I have used similar codes with ds lites


and also a samsung phone, they all worked fine

its just pot luck if the codes work or not

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lol no its not, they are genuine codes that work. there is no person sitting there picking out orders that they want to go through, its done by a automatic computer system. why would the computer system pick out random orders and reject random voucher codes

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Are you saying that lots of these people on this thread will get there voucher codes rejected?? I think its either honor everyone or honor none of them.


ive had codes rejected in the past:?

people who work for littlewoods have been on here saying that the codes will be rejected if spotted

as i said its just pot luck

think of it in the same way as being charged for buying goods from america

some you lose others you win

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did u call up littlewoods? some people call them and get there discount credited u can easily return ur order if it doesnt go right

have you ever spoken to littlewoods on the phone

once bitten twice etc etc

my advice to people would be to use just the one code

this would probably have a better chance of success;-)

Codes have always been honoured for me but you often have to remind them to refund the voucher value as they tend to 'forget'...

I've tried and failed to use stacked codes with littlewoodsdirect,
Ive been told that they will only honour 1 code per order and in my case they gave me the one that saved me the least.
tread carefully

Looks like I'll be sending them back.

£55.70 came off my account and no sign of any codes comming off.

Careful, their fraud department is hot on the heels of 'promotion code scroungers'- you are using codes fraudulently and as such are breeching the terms and conditions of your account.
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