Two Worlds [Xbox 360] from HMV - £12.99 (+5% Quidco)

Two Worlds [Xbox 360] from HMV - £12.99 (+5% Quidco)

Found 17th Apr 2008
HMV are selling "Two Worlds" for the Xbox 360 for £12.99 (inc Del.)

You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 5% Quidco, making it just £12.34)

The next best price seems to be £17.95 from BlahDVD.


'Two Worlds' tells the tale of an epic clash between Orcs and Humans that steadily unfolds to provide an over-arching story. Players embarking on the grand quest will find a dynamic world that adjusts to their actions, complemented by a career system that allows incredible freedom in character development. A plethora of side quests accompany the main story and there's a staggeringly large array of items and equipment to collect.

This questing and collecting takes place in a vast environment that offers unprecedented levels of dynamic interaction with both the landscape and non-player characters. Players will be able to set traps for foes and wandering beasts, even to the point of triggering avalanches and other small-scale disasters.

The flora of Twin World's universe has also been given the dynamic treatment, with trees and plants reacting to the player's actions in a surprisingly realistic manner. Transport around the huge world can be done via teleportation spells or on the backs of a wide variety of creatures, from traditional horses and camels to a range of much more esoteric beasts.

'Two Worlds' also incorporates a complex fighting system and a radical new method for handling magical spells. Combat is handled in step-time, with the player selecting attacks and defences that are played out with remarkably detailed animations and stunning motion captured moves.

Magic is no longer a set of static, progressively more powerful spells. Instead, the magic system in 'Two Worlds' is based around components in the form of cards. In simple terms, a card for an element and a card for an effect are combined to produce a spell Ice and a range of damage, for example. Two World's spells are never fixed, so the player can add new cards to enhance pre-existing spells at any time.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of 'Two Worlds' is its multiplayer mode. Rather than taking a traditional tack, the game has a fully-fledged MMORPG mode complete with unique quests, an arena for 1-on-1 PVP battles, multiplayer horse races and completely customisable player characters with no level capping. Distinct and separate from the single player adventure, this new multiplayer mode will be entirely charge-free for its users.


anyone played this? because I've heard some very bad reviews of this game

Strong rep as a terrible game. Glitchy as hell apparently. Wasn't there a demo on marketplace?
I won't give this a go at any price personally.

Full review here:-…ews

Gets middle of the road score.

Heated up for the find, which is why HUKD exists.


Full review … Full review here:-;reviewsGets middle of the road score.Heated up for the find, which is why HUKD exists.

Well done on finding one of the few half positive reviews. Best of looking at…asp for a more comprehensive list of reviews. As you say though heated added reguardless, since they are many people who like cheap trash

i played the demo on the pc and i have too say, worst game in the world imo its about on par with an old ps2/xbox game perhaps in graphics (for now adays anyways), extremely poor combat and a complete rip of oblivion, jumps the same, how too get items monsters etc etc. Its a good price but imo worth at most £5. (this was with gfx on full etc etc).

Voted hot though as its a deal.

This game is decent, i don't know what all the bad comments are all about. If you like these sort of rpg type games then there's nothing wrong with Two Worlds. The framerate was fixed with a patch too, although it's still a bit jiggery its much better than the demo.

i had it for pc and thought it was quite good, thinking about getting it at this price

For open-ended rpg on pc after playing Oblivion or even Morrowind (with mods) I'd much rather have Gothic 3 or even stretching it to the Witcher than this. But not rated either way, its a good price for the game I suppose, but I would advise if people have not played Oblivion already on 360, but they are thinking of getting Two Worlds purely on price, to get Oblivion instead for £20 or even cheaper as it goes for nowadays. Or save the £12.99 towards Fallout... or maybe Alone in the Dark.

Good price relative to other prices for it... but awful when you consider what the game is actually like. I played the demo, and that was bad enough that no amount of quests, upgrades or extra features could make it good enough to be competition for Oblivion. Personally, I wouldn't touch this game with a barge-pole. That said, if the patch did make improvements... it might be alright.

Poor attempt to rip off oblivion the game is a pure waste of time lame graphics lame gameplay if you want a rpg game get oblivion or mass effect. The game was so bad that a add on that was planned for it was changed and they decided to make a whole new game because of how poor two worlds was so ill leave it to you guys but for me its not worth it!:thumbsup:

Bought this game ages ago from shopto when it was on offer for around the same price, played it for less than 5 minutes and not played it since. Cheap enough but don't expect anything good.

This game was so bad, and sales were so poor, it prompted the software company to employ a firm of solicitors to chase people that they were accusing of downloading it and attempt to extort up to £600 each from them. There was no evidence that those accused had ever downloaded the game and the only evidence the solicitors had was ISP details obtained through highly dubious means. They were exposed on Watchdog and the accused parties were advised not to pay anything. They are still at their work to this day, chasing people who hey are accusing of downloading "Call Of Juarez" for the 360 and "3D Pinball Dreams" for the PC.

So, in conclusion, they can stick their piece of **** game where the sun don't shine.

get oblivion instead - much much better and can be had for not much more these days. It is on as a downloadable demo so at the very least download and try it first.

Awful game.

Definitely the most the most most disappointing game so far this gen for me. Was really looking forward to this one as Oblivion + Co-op should = win, but something went horribly wrong somewhere down the line. Actually purchased it as a friend said it was decent, but sold it not long after.

One to avoid. At any price.

I have to agree, it's rubbish.

why is this on the front page AGAIN?

just let the poor game die the quiet lonely death it deserves and chuck all the unsold copies into that new mexico landfill on top of the ET Atari cartridges.

A cheap turd is still a turd.
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