Tyne Pork Kidneys 69p at B&M Retail

Tyne Pork Kidneys 69p at B&M Retail

Found 7th Feb 2013
Fancy a delicous snack only to find B&M are out of Sausages in lard?
I present to you Pork kidneys in gravy in a tin. Loving the picture on the tin, kidneys on toast, mmmmmm.
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What an offal deal (_;)
They're not made of pork though, they should surely call them pig kidneys. Fair enough to say "Chicken Kidney", as the meat has the same name as the creature. You can't say things like "Venison Kidney" or "Beef Kidney" surely?

Either way I wouldn't eat a tin of this for less than £100

Still hot though if you're doing a bush tucker trial
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those kidney take the pi$s!
Sid Harper

those kidney take the pi$s!

might be horses involved
fresh kidney actually goes off very fast, im unsure if tinned ones would be nice, id think not, i think they'd take on a tinny taste. ok if you are doing a steak and kidney pie at home i guess,
i love Tyne pork kidney but find it hard to find do you still sell them please .
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