Typhoon 7" Photo Frame £45.99 Delivered (Quidco = Possible £44.61)

Typhoon 7" Photo Frame £45.99 Delivered (Quidco = Possible £44.61)

Found 21st Feb 2007
Ive seen a few of these posted on here now...spotted this one for this price...


7" LCD-TFT-Display with variable stand

Resolution of 480 x 234 Pixel

Supports pictures in JPEG format
Diashow with different time intervals
Reads data from SD/MMC memory cards Specifications
Display: 7"
Resolution: 480 x 234
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Contrast: 300
View angles: 60/60/50/40
Screen size mode: 16:9 / 4:3 / 4:3 fullscreen
Photo changing interval: 5/15/30s, 1/5/15/30/45min, 1h
File format: JPEG
Photo size: 5.0 Mpixel
Display formats: Fill / Auto Fit / Panscan / Original size
Power requirement: 12V DC
Power consumption: 6w
Operating temprerature: -20°C ~ 65°C
Storage temperature: -30°C ~ 75°C
Dimensions (mm): 231 x 167 x 29
Weight: 0.392kg
Package contents

Typhoon 7" Photo Frame

AC Adapter

System requirements:

230V power supply mains
Flashcard that belongs to one of the supported memory card types
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Can I just say, I like the way you put the quidco price in brackets. More people should do this, along with voucher prices too.
I'll second that!
Exactly...I put it in because I use it...I know not everyone does, and perhaps I shouldnt be seen promoting one particular cashback website, but thems the breaks Cheers
Sure I wasn't the only one who read that as "Quidco = Possible [size=1](saving of)[/size] £44.61" .. hrrm

Towards the deal: with the rise of didgital photography, these are the comming thing.

Against the deal: As they are the comming thing, prices are falling.
Not a bad price for it, but the quality of images aren't great on these, go for Phillips or nothing i've heard!

P.s. good call with the quidco thing, I don't use quidco so the price doesn't in anyway help me when people just state the price after quidco!
Did anyone watch the gadget show a few months back, when they made their own out of a TFT monitor and reviewed it against a few leading brand frames? They did come to the conclusion that these things in general werent up to much...

But then again, its the idea thats the key to their success so far

I always double check places that sell on Quidco before deciding to buy something now lol...sooo addictive is all this moneysaving
For £49.99 delivered you could get this one with a remote control, MP4 Video and MP3 playback. ]http//ww…723


CiBox C107 7" Digital Photoframe
7" Active matrix display (16:9 aspect ratio)
Support memory card :SD/MMC/XD/MS
USB 2.0 Connection
Playback includes photos / MP3 music and MP4 Video
Includes credit card style remote control
User friendly onscreen display
Comes with 3 interchangeable face-plates
2 Year Warranty
Ive seen one somewhere that has a wi-fi connection that you can allow to pick up pics direct from your PC...just make sure the porn is in a hidden folder yea!
philips does seem to be the best offering but its sooooo expensive compared to the rest and it still stutters on some of its wipes
I replied to the repeat new post but that got deleted so here it goes again:
if you are not in a desperate hurry to get such photo frames then just wait another month or so as the price will really come down because all the new devices will be using the microsoft vista sideshow technology which will pretty much beam photo, movies, email etc to such remote devices without having to turn the PC fully on thus making the old devices a bit obsolete.

you can read more about it at the ms site:
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