CarStore Tyre Inflator 300psi £4.99 @ Home Bargains

CarStore Tyre Inflator 300psi £4.99 @ Home Bargains

Posted 17th FebAvailable: East Midlands (Northampton)Edited by:"NorthantsPete"
3408284-MF3Cj.jpgSlight improvement on the original 250psi deal seen here. This is in store in Rushden and Northampton, so suggests it is national deal too.

'New improved' edition, £4.99 works on 12v socket.
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Does anyone know if it can pump up the Jam?
Crap I’ve had loads
These are 2.99 in BP garages.
Had a couple and they are indeed a load of rubbish. I can't believe that the new one is any better.
Save your money.
I would love to actually see one of these blow up a tyre to 300psi...
Does anyone know if it can pump up the Jam?
Even if it worked (it won't) why would you want 300psi?
these seriously overheat even just topping pressure up
I've never seen these more than £5 as they are pretty rubbish and nowhere near 300psi. If you want a decent tyre inflator wait till LIDL has them for £13 as they won't get red hot and dance all over the drive.
These are a waste of money. Better getting £5 changed into 20 pences and using the machines at fuel stations. These pumps dont last more than a few tyre pump ups. the pressure gauge is also way out. Dont waste your money.
Get a cordless one don't look back.
No way this will do 300psi (not sure why you'd want it to). But that is certainly a false claim.
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