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Posted 15 October 2022

Ring RAC610 In-Car Air Compressor for Cars and Commercial Vehicles 12 V - £11.99 @ Amazon

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Posted last month and now even cheaper will soon pay for itself also peace of mind to have in boot in case of beakdown.
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    Better than nothing but find it takes an age to pump a couple of psi (edited)
    works much faster with the engine running if you weren't doing that already
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    Better with a digital one.
    I've got the digital version. It's a PITA, you have to keep changing the cutoff pressure for front and back. I got fed up with that and now set it at the highest at the rear and let some air out for the front. Less of a faff to just keep an eye on the gauge. Also, my digital
    one reads 3psi high so I have to allow for that too! Might just buy one of these and cut my losses!
    Beware! they are all pretty noisy, so I've a foot pump when I just need a few psi. (edited)
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    It is not the fastest at inflating your tyres but what could be improved is that the analogue gauge is not pinpoint perfect. We would highly recommend you get a separate tyre gauge to double check the pressure your cars tyres are at.

    Secondly, there is no automatic cut-off, so if you want to set an inflation limit for your tyre of 40PSI, which we would have liked to do, you just can’t. You have to pull the cord off of the valve or turn the inflator off.

    The final point is that it can be fiddly to get the line on to the gauge if your hands are that nimble.

    Pros & Cons
    Can inflate a tyre from flat
    Can inflate other things, like bike tyres, inflatables, beds, toys
    Great price
    Really simple to use
    Fiddly valve adapter, so not the easiest for older people to use
    Slow at inflating a tyre if from flat
    The gauge isn’t perfect and hard to read compared to a digital reading

    thecarstuff.com/rev…or/ (edited)
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    Worth it?
    Absolutely. If you haven’t got one of these left in your boot you must be crazy. Just pump the tyre back up and drive to buy a new one instead of putting the spare on
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    I’m looking for one at the moment which works the best in your opinion?
    Depends what you mean by “best”? This will pump up your tyre and doesn’t cost much money to buy. Not sure what else you’d need tbh - you can spend more and get slightly fancier ones (e.g digital display), and can spend less and get a foot-operated pump. All will ultimately achieve sufficient inflation.
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    I’ve had this exact one for years, well worth every penny
    Same, had for around 10 years
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    Was only a tenner last week....that's inflation for you! ;
    And £8.00Sep 17, 2011
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    All gas stations charge from £0.50 to £1.50 to pump air for 5 mins. Better off buying this one.
    What’s a gas station?
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    I borrowed a neighbours one of these yesterday as had a slow puncture and tyre was flat. It pumped up dead easy, didn’t take too long and got me to the tyre place. Great spot.
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    I've one and I'm not overly impressed with the accuracy of the analogue pressure display.

    I tend to use my floor standing bike pump, especially if only needing a smaller top up. Good workout too😁
    Yep. Foot pump is the way to go. Mini leg workout too. 
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    So this is recommended right?
    I’d recommend it, it’s been working great for the last three years. Bought another one for my mum’s car, not too sure she knows how to use it though
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    Thanks needed one of these, ordered 🔥
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    I've had mine for over 10 years. Mine had a can of foam that I've never needed. My mad Ex kept letting my tyres down so it had been used a lot. Also inflating the kids bike tyres and footballs and inflatables. Very small and compact.
    The pump does take a while which I found useful. I'd go back inside and come out a couple of minutes later to see how it was doing and then stay nearby until they were fully inflated.
    Most of you will use it for a quick top up. Or your tyre will be flat on a journey and you will be with the car anyway.
    You can't go wrong at this price.
    Until she figures out how to remove your tyre valves! (edited)
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    £14.83 so expired now.
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    Combined with a puncture repair kit.. great!
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    Thank you. Been looking for one of these for a while now.
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    Can this be plugged into the mains?
    Not unless you have a 240v down to 12v invertor with a car cigarette lighter socket in it.
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    Been dithering on the fence for a while now re these gizmos.
    Still wary of 12 volt as opposed to mains, not quite sure why. Might the thing getting hot be an issue?
    I check my pressures about once a month and it still costs 50p.
    Oh, for those heady bygone days of free air and I know we can expect inflation on inflation on inflation.
    So as things stand this will take two years to pay for itself and still longer if I include the petrol costs when running the engine during use. Then there's the nominal extra weight in the boot increasing fuel consumption over time.
    I do understand not everyone can change a wheel but for an emergency I think I'd rather rely on the muscles I've got left, a good wheelbrace and a properly maintained spare than one of these on a hard shoulder in the pouring rain.
    But then it's cheap as chips and after all, this is hotukd.......
    I can understand that in these costly times we have to look after our cash wisely, and from your post you have considered most scenario's ......... but this is so cheap, so useful and with it in your car boot you can check your tyre pressures on your drive/street whilst the tyres are cold the way they should be checked, furthermore, the garage forecourt is not the best place to check your tyres, these systems are not the most reliable and the hand gauges are often dropped and chucked about.
    When I bought mine about 8 years ago I was concerned about just how reliable and true it was, so I checked mine against our friendly local tyre shops, in their workshop, the ones they actually use when they fit new or repaired tyres, I had set my 4 tyres all differently - and their gauge read exactly the same as this little machine.
    Mine has helped me, my neighbours and even a little old lady at the supermarket recently and so far I have not had to change a wheel, just pumped a flat and driven to the tyre shops for repair..

    They do get a little warm if you have to inflate a tyre from flat, but I reckon a foot pump would get warm as well.

    Our new Mini has one similar to this in the boot as it does not even have space saver temporary spare.
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    Thanks op , good price and a brilliant piece of kit , had my old one for years now and used it every week without fail .
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    Remember to have the engine running with the side lights on when using one of these.
    They are a heavy drain on the battery otherwise
    side lights on
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    Nah need one with digital display
    Exactly and with auto cut off, cheap decent ones are only £20 ish anyway
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    I have one of these, and the air cable has come out after very little use, only fit for the bin now.
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    Isn't the Ferrex cordless Aldi one a better deal for not much more?

    Edit - just realised it has sold out (edited)
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    Iv had negative experiences with this air pump. Twice bought from Aldi n they bought were faulty. Digital is better then manual kneedle.
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    Does this work with bikes that have a presta valve?
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    Thanks op. Purchased!
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    Ordered thanks.
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    Forget about mains powered or using it with the engine on, hook it up to your 18v drill battery and it'll inflate in no time. OK you're overvolting the motor but it's not like it's running 24/7.

    I've been doing this for years with no issues.

    Aliexpress battery adapter

    Aliexpress car socket female (edited)
    Always wanted to do this, found this on Amazon to fix the 18v problem

    I've been wanting to use some 12v heated motorbike gloves on my 72v electric motorbike but didn't want to cut into it's wires. (edited)
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    Ordered thanks!
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    Had one of these. Went in bin. That type of schrader connector fails to clamp properly to the wheel. More air escapes than goes in. The metal type with a clamp bar at the back is a much better design IMO - this type is too big a sacrifice for looking neat.
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    I've had 2 air compressor inflators previously and both died on me . 3rd time lucky? Price is amazing to be fair
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    Good bit of kit
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    Perfect, thanks OP. I was going to buy one of these yesterday.
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    Thanks op. Ordered.
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    Very handy. I've had the digital one for about 5 years now. Bit noisy but does the job

    One thing that I would like is a push on lever fix to your air valve rather than screw on as sometimes feels like I let too much air escape taking it off. Could just be me. But other than that it's great (edited)
    Ha I replaced mine with exactly this, it cross threaded. Then threaded my car tyre valve. It's a nightmare.

    I had the button go faulty so swapped it for the light switch. The light is hard wired on now.
    Have ordered this though now as I think all my repairs are showing. (edited)
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    Stick to making doorbells mate!
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    A must have for the boot.

    Very loud though, had a big argument with neighbors once when I was using it to inflate a flat.
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    This particular Ring tyre inflator is poor.
    As it does not have built in digital preset auto cut off and although it will inflate your tyre it will not give accurate reading of your tyre pressure when inflating as the needle gauge fluctuates wildly.
    Using this model will inflate your tyre but it will not cut off at correct pressure which is dangerous.

    I have just recently purchased the Ring cordless which I thought would have been better as no wires to faff about with but sent it back same day as faulty.

    Have just reverted back and bought older RAC 635 digital inflator with a screw on valve type connector and wrap around cable which plugs into cigarette lighter socket but the newer design plug with removable fuse appears to allow inflator to stay in place whilst in cigarette lighter and not keep cutting out and wiggling about like the previous Rac 635
    which was a pain to use although the built in tyre deflator switch was very handy.

    BUT i have also purchased a pack of push on type tyre adapter to use with RAC 635 and is working fine.
    You merely connect push-on adaptor threaded end onto the the end of the original connector fitted then preset pressure either KPA, BAR or PSI

    As for inflating tyres i never turn car engine when inflating tyres as this can cause TPMS to give incorrect pressure readings but this depends on what make of vehicle tyres your are inflating.

    I turn on ignition until dashboard lights cone on then plug inflator in at cigarette lighters.
    Screw on and wait until all 4 tyres are inflated then remove inflator then switch off ignition then turn ignition back fully on to start vehicle
    then Reset TPMS
    ( tyre pressure monitoring system)

    sorry for long post
    Hope this helps 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿