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Posted 6 September 2022

Ubisoft Offers Free 'Valhalla' Content/Rewards If You Watch 'Assassin’s Creed Mirage' Reveal + Others

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About this deal

Ubisoft has confirmed that anyone watching on Twitch (specifically Ubisoft’s official stream, or any official co-streamers’ streams) will be eligible for a number of rewards, depending on how long they watch for.

Watch for 15 minutes and earn the “Skull Logo Emblem” in Skull and Bones
Watch for 30 minutes and earn the “Explosive Detail Charm” in Rainbow Six Siege
Watch for 45 minutes and earn the “RC22 Original Cosmetic” in Roller Champions
Watch for 60 minutes and earn the “Sphinx Tattoo Set” in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Obviously you don't have to keep staring at the screen, just have it on in the background

Further info:…ard…769
Ubisoft More details at Ubisoft
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    How would they know you watched it, can you merge Ubisoft and Twitch accounts? I only have Twitch from Amazon I think
    You link the Twitch & Ubi accounts. Just leave it playing in the background.
  2. Avatar
    Sees ‘free Valhalla DLC’
    Reads on to see its a tattoo set
    Yeah I was hoping actual DLC not this lol
  3. Avatar
    Absolute trash. I'd sooner take an NFT.
  4. Avatar
    How desperate are Ubisoft these days and how little do they think we value our time? (edited)
    Was thinking the same thing about them getting desperate (edited)
  5. Avatar
    🔥 🔥
  6. Avatar
    God why do they have to be so crap, just stop with the streams or at least let it count the moment you join the things, I know some people don't know why like hearing others talk about stuff but what of the people that just want bullet points styled information...
  7. Avatar
    How very generous....
  8. Avatar
    A bloody tattoo lol, I was expecting a good armour set or weapons at least