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New release Ubuntu 15.10. Free Linux OS, have a tinker see what you think.
Found 22nd Oct 2015Found 22nd Oct 2015
Ubuntu website running slow, maybe wait a day or two before attempting to download. Lots of help on their website to get u started. Nothing wrong with Windows, Linux is interesting… Read more
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If Linux etc was easier to use , the numbers of users would be a lot more , end of day to many Distros and Sudo get this and that in the little black box , it will never catch on with the masses until it is made easier .


​Utter rubbish. With our windows 7 & 8.1 computers & multifunction printer only the print function will work over the lan but the scanner and fax will only work with Direct USB connection. However the Linux computer works all functions over the network! Even HP said in their support website that network scanning & fax weren't supported in windows. The key to installing any printer in Linux is make sure it's on before you boot up the computer.


Linux and Ubuntu are ok if you have to much time on your hands , just try and get your printer working lol or simple functions , give it a go if you have to much time on your hands , ok for geeks or people that do not have a busy lifestyle. see you back on Windows soon .


No need for Unity. Use Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, ... without Unity. See all releases of the Ubuntu family.


Unity :/

No more MS Ads/Alerts! New Ubuntu Mate OS [today!] Ver 15.04 Replace Windows/Dual Boot - starts in 4 secs +++ Ubuntu Mate 15.04 OS for the NEW Rasberry Pi 2
Found 6th May 2015Found 6th May 2015
Ubuntu Mate 15.04 for Desktop/Laptop/Server/Nas etc etc +++ Ubuntu Mate 15.04 for Rasberry Pi 2 [feb 2015 onwards] Just replaced one of my RPi2's Operating System boot's with this… Read more

What on earth have you been smoking?! I wouldn't normally comment on a thread like this....but what you said is SO at odds with my experience that I felt compelled to comment. My Windows 8.1 laptop is connected via broadband. If I switch it on and leave it, I NEVER get any advert pop ups. Yes, Avast would stick up an advert - but that has since been remedied by turning on gaming/silent mode... When I am browsing the internet, I also v.v.rarely get any popups of any kind - and if I want to eradicate them entirely, I just install AdBlock Plus. So yes, when exactly am I supposed to see this myriad of adverts you are talking about?!


you are correct Ubuntu is Nonsense an it did not boot in 4 seconds as the op stated. COLD!!




Ubuntu does not always play mp3 out of the box. Said something about licensing.This is 2015 not 1995. COLD!!!!! It did not block adverts as claimed. COLD!!! It's the same old Ubuntu with a different desktop COLD!!!!


"continuous windows updates and reboots and crashes of Win 7/8/8.1/10 all the time." I've experienced 2 crashes in 3 years, 1 of those was a virus scanner lockup, the other was an overheating problem. I use my pc's daily, I think you may need to come into 2015 and upgrade from window 95.

Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Now Available!!
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
Most people will be put off as they prefer Windows and a new OS seems Alien to them, but if anyone interested in testing Linux, the new version is out today! Will be available for … Read more
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I did not try to run the script to protect privacy again but did this: hether you want to stop files from a specific folder appearing in the Dash, choose whether system crash details are ferried back to Canonical, or disable all of the ‘online’ source in the Dash, the Privacy & Security section of System Settings is where you’ll find all the tools, options and configuration options you need, including: Choose what apps & files can be searched from the Dash Whether to require a password on waking from suspend Disable sending error reports to Canonical Turn off all ‘online’ features of the Dash




Only good if you like spyware and want someone else to choose your software packages for you


Puppy Dog Linux is super fast at booting up. Ubuntu is a fast OS to boot anyway.


You weren't kidding were you. No viruses on Linux? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware There ARE viruses for linux, just not as many as Windows because there's literally between 2-6% of the population use Linux. Don't spread false information and pass it off as fact.

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Ubuntu Linux Operating System for Free
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
This is the beat deal you can get. I've picked Ubuntu as there is plenty of support for the masses, but people have their preference. I am tired of people putting windows OSes on … Read more
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Terrific, was hoping you'd reply. I did some reading since and didn't even realise I could try if from disc (as I said, clueless!) I know linux is great for programmers and servers, but for the average user, like me, I just wanted a bloat free experience for basic comp usage (internet, a music program of some sort.. that kind of thing). And figured without the forced updates for everything and the general windows bloatware, it might just suit my needs - but you've clarified some of that. That and having an old lappy sitting around was a perfect way to experiment with installing a new computer operating system. I've never done anything like that before. Thanks for the advice.


I just meant that people don't get a fair first impression of Linux. There'll be some distribution or other you can run on anything you like (a 386 with 3MB RAM? :D ) but installing on an old machine isn't the user-friendly plug-and-play experience that installing on a modern machine usually is. More chance of driver issues etc. Your laptop probably just about passes Ubuntu's minimum requirements, but I wouldn't recommend it for a bloat-free experience. Linux Mint requires lower specs (and is the best first Linux to try for Windows users anyway), but if that runs sluggishly try Lubuntu or Xubuntu.


And pray tell, what is the issue with that? Genuine question, as I'm clueless when it comes to comps. I thought the whole thing about linux was that it was a more adaptable, less bloated operating system than windows. So surely if a comp can run windows, then adding linux (and stripping all the nonsense) is a good way to try out the new operating system? Especially, as I say, if I only need it for basic usage? Or are you saying linux is too advanced to run on older hardware that windows can cope with?


That's part of the problem, people who want to try Linux out for the first time usually want to install it on legacy hardware :D


With most modern distros that's just not true anymore. Sure, if you want to get the best experience and want to do some tweaks you can do configuration from the command line, but for the majority of desktop users, you can do most things without ever touching the command line.

Ubuntu One 6 Months Free Music Streaming Package + 20GB 99p
Found 12th Sep 2012Found 12th Sep 2012
Ubuntu one subscription. Pay for 1 Music track in return get 6 months free music streaming + 20GB storage Update: The streaming offer is from your own library of music. The 20GB c… Read more
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Well the Carboncloud deal only goes up a bit in price for the second year. £7 or £8 for a years unlimited backup is pretty hard to beat.


+1 Don't see the point in going for introductory offers. Unless you want to spend 6 months on Ubuntu One, then a year on Carbon Cloud Backup then and so on. Even if you do you spend admittedly nominal fees for something that's free elsewhere. I love Linux but this most certainly isn't a deal of any kind. EDIT: Use this to store 20,000 songs 'forever' with Google Music. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2012/07/23/how-to-get-google-music-on-your-uk-nexus-7/


totally ridiculous, utterly pointless so many superior alternatives that are free! Who is this nonsense aimed at?!


@danielmeah72, you'll still probably have to pay up after the free 6 months, where as Google music is free. Google drive also offers storage options, as well as Dropbox! I've got 75GB of storage on my dropbox account all for free :)


Yep you can :)

5GB storage free with Ubuntu One
Found 28th May 2012Found 28th May 2012
Keep your content safe, access it anywhere, and share it with friends, family and colleagues. Works for Windows too
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This didn't share anything on my Ubuntu or my Windows, only the "shared" folder.


it will share everything on your pc. last time I Installed it, worked really hard to get rid of it.

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Found 26th Apr 2012Found 26th Apr 2012
Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin just released. Free operating system, better than Windows IMHO http://www.computeractive.co.uk/ca/download-review/2168220/ubuntu-1204-fast-free-easy-… Read more

Many thanks for the suggestion. I eventually had to do a full reinstall (but didn't lose my data, I'm glad to discover). Now working mega-smooth!


Laughing at these comments. Linux is Unix. Nothing beats Unix. Mac agree. That's why Macs run their own flavour of Unix/Linux. However, if Microsoft ever put their full weight behind Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, whatever... it would be THE best! Ever! But I can't see that happening. This is an incredible deal. I've got Ubuntu on a few of my old laptops and it has brought them back to life. Voted hot - although I do wish they'd give us back the classic desktop...


Have made the switch and am posting from Ubuntu! Tried Mint but didn't like the 'start menu' clone. There's a lot of hate out there for Ubuntu's new interface, but I like it a lot.


Never had anything like that happen, but a quick Google search turned up this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/110830/windows-7-blue-screen-then-restart-after-loading-from-grub


Oh! Bu99er! It took nearly half a day to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and now, when I log in, I get to the point of putting in my password (or logging in as a Guest) then I get a very nice shade of blue ... as in BSOD! I installed the version for Windows machines (as I had before). Anyone have this happen to them too? It seems I've lost several years work and about a quarter of my hard drive (if I can't gain access to the Ubuntu bit of my laptop). Blue screen and frozen keyboard is all I get. Any ideas, folks?

Ubuntu 11.10 Operating System - 5 official CD discs for £5
Found 30th Dec 2011Found 30th Dec 2011
expired due to excessive trolling
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Thanks Rugrats for your help...appreciated :)


this tuse windows disk like link http://www.lancelhoff.com/how-to-fix-vista-mbr-repair-broken-vista/ when you reboot, in windows computer management - disk management - just remove the two partition that ubuntu have created and add them to your existing one.


have you got windows live CD/DVD?


Any ideas as to how to uninstall this operating system..?


Trying to get you to actually do some research of your own, even reading the very basics would have done. You didn't ask for help three times, feel free to check. You expired your own deal. Stick to twitter/bad blogs.

Ubuntu 11.10
Found 13th Oct 2011Found 13th Oct 2011
Ubuntu 11.10 has been released. What is this?: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu Take the tour: http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/ Get it here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Now I have an excuse to put it on the laptop. Cheers OP. :D


Virtual Box.... How much Video ram does that utilize? Like 128MB or something?


You could also, if you have a good PC, and if you're having problems with the fake windows environment, run a virtual box which actually emulates the Windows process system. This will always work, but can be slightly slower, as this occupies about 15% of your CPU & RAM.


Check out WINE and Playonlinux.


Oh right, will install it and have a look, saves paying that big amount of money for windows. Cheers arduino :)

Free Ubuntu ver11.04 Linux Operating System - Released 28th April
Found 26th Apr 2011Found 26th Apr 2011
Always free operating system for desktops, servers and netbooks. All the flavour with only half the fat. Currently in beta, the new version of Ubuntu will be released on Thursday… Read more
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Thanks for the info.


Upgraded from v10 to this one yesterday and replaced the KDE. It seems quite different & not sure if I like certain control centre aspects. Anyway 100% stable (even after pushing it) & picks up all hardware & network configurations. If it was ebay I would give it an A++


hi mozart - i've used ubuntu for a while as a casual user so i know soome of (well, a few at least) of the basics - the message was a "pyrun" message to do with the install. not a big deal but it may freak some people out. once the install is completed it goes away. as i said, i now have a dual boot natty/vista system, with natty set to autoboot. have mucked about with a few settings and installed a couple of browsers/programs etc - very happy. plus i really like the unity setting, it gives me all i need at my fingertips. can't see myself using vista for a while. now all i need is a little fan utility to turn my noisy-ish fans down by a notch.


Good for you. I don't know what that message was. Have you had a look at the Software Centre on Ubuntu and seen how easy it is to install yet? And also you can get a more "Windows" like interface by choosing "Ubuntu Classic" after you've clicked on your name on the log on screen but before you put your password. Unity (the side bar) is good though.


okay, so i've put this alongside vista as a dual boot. pretty painless although install took a while. there was a constantly displayed dialogue box on the screen which would not go away during install no matter how long you clicked it but i just put it at the side of the screen out of teh way. natty narwhal seems to be running fine - happy enough - will keep vista on just for those times when ubuntu doesn't quite fit my needs.

Free 2GB Online Storage @ Ubuntu
Found 24th Jan 2011Found 24th Jan 2011
For those who use Ubuntu, Ubuntu One offers 2GB free secure online storage. What makes this different from other personal data storage solutions is that it's integrated into the … Read more

You can easily split a file into 50MB chunks with a program like HJSplit, eg video_file.avi would become video_file.avi.001, video_file.avi.002 etc Not ideal for very large files, but probably fine for most.


but that doesnt cater for all file types and 50mb limit per file I believe www.dropbox.com is the best imo


25GB free with Windows SkyDrive


I like you avatar :)


another 2GB on cpw Free 2GB

FREE operating system software
Found 20th Jan 2011Found 20th Jan 2011
i have an old laptop which was struggling to operate on windows xp so i installed ubuntu linux operating system. the difference in performance was unbelievable especially as it is… Read more

I would, at least the 10.10 version, which is very similar to Ubuntu 10.10 but very much stripped down. Installed it on an old 11 year old PIII 500 and it works like a dream (unless using Flash, but then that's hardware for you). If my 9 year old son can handle Lubuntu then it can't be that bad!


Many thanks - will look into this.


Yes. But if you want to make it perform faster still, check out Xubuntu. There is also Lubuntu, which is lighter still, but I wouldn't recommend it to newcomers.


Have you read what people have said in this or the previous threads? Or what it says on the Ubuntu website? Why not try it and see? It's free.


Keep on trolling. Looks like the server which hosts your awful website runs Linux, nice going slagging it off.

Ubuntu 10.10
Found 10th Oct 2010Found 10th Oct 2010
Today sees the release of the latest version of Ubuntu for Desktop, netbook and server. Ubuntu will always be free. It ships loads of software to do pretty much everything most p… Read more

Why has this been "expired"?


Glad that worked out for you! Enjoy!


Hey arduino, thanks for all your help. Unfortunately it still didnt work so I downloaded the 10.10 desktop image, created a bootable stick from that and installed that on the netbook. Worked straight away. Ran all the updates and then 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook'. Rebooted and now I have the netbook desktop with no issues so far!


cheers ! a plus by me


Weird, does your Aspire One come with an ATI card? You installed via USB right? See This thread, on the forums.

Ubuntu version 9.10 Linux Operating System (due for release 29th October)
Found 26th Oct 2009Found 26th Oct 2009
A complete operating system for your PC for £0. Much cheaper than Microsoft Windows 7 plus more features than 7, all free. Just download and burn to CD! You can even try before you… Read more

i know i was being unfair but why do i have to hunt for that app, it should be easy to find and intuitive? i work it it and telecoms and I have never had to use linux.... if i was single and had lots of time i would have persevered but im not/dont, not even 1 hour, so took the easy option and got windows 7 (for all microsofts good/bad points....imo microsoft gets alot of unfair bad press, even from me tbh but can you imagine alot of people using DOS instead)... to me, its not money that is so precious, just time....also as the kids would be using the pc so it would have been a slightly (lol!!) unfair learning curve as they are used to windows! pretty sure it can be installed alongside windows 7 (well it could with xp), so may consider doing that...one good thing is it does run quickly on older pc's so iassume it doesnt hog resources as much as some versions of Windows (take note, Vista)


Where to start with that lot........you seem to be approaching it as if it's Windows, and expecting it to be the same. It's not, that is its strength and seemingly for folks like you its weakness too. For example, you don't download exe's and install them, you just go to the Software Centre. An infinity simpler and more convenient system once you know it's there, just one you're not used too. So yes you are being unfair, you clearly haven't given it time, you've just decided "it doesn't work exactly like Windows so it's not for me", which is totally your prerogative. However, you shouldn't go around slating something because you don't have the time/inclination to learn about it.


well i gave up, tried installing a wireless card and it just wouldnt work even though the card was states it was designed to work with windows, mac or linux...what with that and all the hassle..... imo linux is rubbish, its probably great if you are a sad geek which likes to tinkle and spend hours just doing the basics that you can do with windows in 5 mins...it should be intuitive but it isnt..designed and marketed but techies im sure im being unfair its free and it worked fine with a wired connection, but i dont have hours to mess about, so i bought win7 retail version and installed that instead....took me less time to get win7 4 miles away and install it than try to get the wireless card to work on linux - couldnt install any app on linux either - you download a package and you open it click on an exe or similar file and nothing happens, even if you an installer...for me, ubuntu is not quite there...felt like a poor man's win xp


er, its not as easy.....there is plenty of info on the ms site actually


one query - more features than windows 7 - are you insane???????!

Ubuntu 9.04 - brand new version of the worlds most popular Linux
Found 23rd Apr 2009Found 23rd Apr 2009
If you are looking to try Linux for the first time, or looking to replace the less than spectacular version of Linux that ships on most netbooks then Ubuntu linux is arguably the b… Read more
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one of my favorite linux systems.


great . used this a couple of times and its great


downloading thanks


Bloomin Caps Lock... Grrr!