uDraw Tablet & uDraw Studio (Wii) - £39.99 @ Bee
uDraw Tablet & uDraw Studio (Wii) - £39.99 @ Bee

uDraw Tablet & uDraw Studio (Wii) - £39.99 @ Bee

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Free delivery too.

Still around the £45 mark at most retailers.


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


I saw a lot of bad reviews about this.

Just get yourself a Wacom tablet and a free version of Photoshop and you can make some actual art, instead of using a gimmick that gives worse results than using your mouse in Microsoft Paint >.>

^^ Great idea!!!! OH gave me "the look" when I said I wanted a Wacom tablet ("do you REALLY need it?? will you ACTUALLY use it"... etc) but she said this looked good........ *thinking*

Its for kids though isn't it?

^^ Yes, I would say so, it is what it is, a VERY basic art package, my 6yr old can do basic Photoshop stuff such as brush selection, shapes etc but I know he'd like this better as its a more kid like interface.

One point to note is that there are games for this, specifically stuff like Pictionary, BUT you can buy the board game for less than this so unless you're a mega minimalist I still dont see this being used after week 4 of ownership.
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If your kid can use Photoshop already, then get a proper tablet and he will be airbrushing supermodels by the time he is 10.

LOL as I said, its basic photoshop (he's not into layers yet!) but it amazes me just how IT savvy they are nowadays, he would easily pick it up if I showed him. At the moment he's only interested in WWE (unfortunately!) and car/ car crashes, the women will (hopefully) be a while off

Thanks OP.

BTW, I'm a graphic designer, I have a WACOM tablet. I *know* is a small and inferior tablet but I can't attach my WACOM to my Wii and play Pictionary so I guess I'll be getting it anyway.
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