UE Roll 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker £69 at ao.com
£69 but with 10% off promotion it comes to £62.10. There's also Topcashback and Quidco.

This thing is waterproof and plenty loud enough for its size. You can take it anywhere and it is washable with soap and water if you get mud, dirt, etc on it. It even comes with its own inflatable ring, so that you can have it float by you on the water. It has a cable jack, so it can be hooked up to gear that doesn't have Bluetooth capability. There is a handy band that allows you you to strap it to something or hang it. The battery life is great too.

Pound for pound this is considered one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there. I have a Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker too, which is excellent, but I use this more. This would make an excellent gift for anybody about to go off backpacking, people that like listening to music in the shower, or anybody that wants more than the tinny sound you get from tablets and laptops.

If this particular model is not to your fancy, ao.com has 10% off other speakers.


Got one of these for my daughter a few months ago for her birthday. Great little speaker that kicks out a decent quality sound. All the reviews are pretty good for it.

Not sure about that cross/crucifix design flourish (_;)

very tempted to get one to put in the shower.
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