UFC Best of 2009 DVD £5.00 @ Asda

UFC Best of 2009 DVD £5.00 @ Asda

Found 26th Nov 2010
Ive just been into ASDA and looked at their £5 DVD's and they had UFC best of 2009 in the section.

Ive been wanting it for a while when it was in the charts but it was a £11 so I thought id wait for it to go down.

Well, I took it to the till and it actually came up at £17.89, I mentioned this to the person on the till as she thought it had been
mispriced but her supervisor came over and said it was now £5 so they took it to customer services and I paid £5.

Its well worth it, its nearly 6hrs long, 2 disc's, and some of the matches are pretty cool - brock vs mir, penn vs georges st-pierre and chuck liddle vs shogun!!!

For £5 cant go wrong.

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MMA is the future of contact sports (not just UFC) as boxing is fixed and rubbish apart from 4 or 5 boxers not one could last 1 round in the octagon with a similar sized MMA title holder
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