UGG Australia Sunburst Tall now £104 delivered with code @shudoo

UGG Australia Sunburst Tall now £104 delivered with code @shudoo

Found 29th Dec 2010
these are usually the most expensive and sort after uggs
now £104 with code (goodwill20) all sizes available
also UGG Australia Retro Cargo £92 with code all sizes available


Shudoo are rubbish!!! Placed an order, called the helpline 2 weeks later to be told they were awaiting dispatch and would be with me in 2 days, 4 days later had an email saying they were out of stock.... then took 5 days to refund me!! Don't do it!!

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ive bought from them no problems

ugg delain down to 86.40

Got a pair for Mrs S. Good price.
Did a search for other alternative suppliers: Fact 90% of the sponsored links on say eBay (at the bottom of search results) describing 100% genuine Uggs are FAKE sites. A google search produced a professional looking fake supplier IN THE TOP 5!!. oO
How to conduct a little homework.....
To get the genuine item, go to the Ugg Australia web site. On their page is a search for authorised resellers. This will return as, Authorised, Fake or unknown seller.
Uggs are a gerenic name in Australia, thats' why there are so many 'fake' suppliers playing on the brand name. The genuine are manufactured by 'Deckers' of Australia.
If you have found an 'Unkown' supplier (dosn't matter HOW professional the web page looks) google 'who is' and use one of the returned IP lookup services. All you do is type in the web address. This will inform of who is the originating behind the web site, in most cases of fakes, the service would have started up only too recently (as in the case I saw, started 25/11/10), with a Chineese or similair address. (_;)
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