Ugg Short Boots £111.59 at Surfdome

Ugg Short Boots £111.59 at Surfdome

Found 22nd Nov 2016
I know these aren't everyone's up of tea but I was looking for these for our daughters Christmas.

I think it's the best price I can find at the minute.

They are currently reduced to £123.99 (Black Friday deal) and with the 10% discount code SALE10 it brings the price down to £111.59.

Lots of colours and sizes at time of posting - free delivery and returns.

Quidco is 8.8% but not sure it'll track as a discount code is being used.
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why is this cold? Is this not a genuine site? Or are they cheaper elsewhere as I want to no.
People vote Ugg deals down a lot.
Might be because of their unethical process.
Love uggs they're so comfy, couldn't care less if other people like them, my feet do and that's all that matters to me
I have two pairs of UGGs and I love them. I dont care what people think or say. My feet are comfortable in them and this is the most important thing for me
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They were good until the manufacturer sold the company to... You guessed it.... CHINA.
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