Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 May 2023.
Posted 18 April 2023

UGREEN M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure, 10Gbps NVMe to USB Adapter with USB 3.2 Gen2 + USB C-C and USB C-A £19.99 @ Amazon / Ugreen

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USB 3.2 Gen2 enclosure for your NVMe storage. Comes with two 25cm cables.
  • 10Gbps Lightning Transmission: UGREEN M.2 NVMe enclosure supports a transmission rate of up to 10Gbps and achieves a read & write speed of up to 950 Mbit/s. SSD NVMe enclosure supports UASP & TRIM protocols, transfers 1GB of files in seconds.
  • Exclusive Heat Dissipation: This M.2 SSD enclosure provides you with excellent heat dissipation by direct contact with the aluminum alloy shell and the silicone thermal pad. Effectively improve the lifespan of your SSD and always keep a high transfer speed.
  • Tool-free SSD enclosure: Tool-free NVMe enclosure for quickly installing and removing SSDs without any tools. Plug and play, no driver required. The buckle design of the M2 SSD enclosure saves complicated screws, more convenient for you to use and carry.
  • Safe & Easy: NVMe drive enclosure adopt High-performance controller IC chipset RTL9210, built-in multiple protections to ensure the safety of your SSD and valuable data. 15 minutes of automatic sleep function help you extend the life of the hard disk.
  • Universal Compatibility: The M.2 NVMe Enclosure is designed for M and B&M Keys and for 2230/2242/2260/2280 sized SSDs up to 8TB capacity, compatible with Crucial WD Kingston Integral, etc. Applicable with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android systems.

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  1. tarcamion's avatar
    Beware. Some reviews say it overheats. It actually happened to me as well. SSD Crucial 1TB got toasted and died upon drive cloning. Both, the enclosure and the SSD died.
    Somersett's avatar
    People don't know how much heat energy a complete fill write to a large flash device at high speed generates. A good NVME brand should really throttle with heat, like a modern CPU or GPU does. Problem is that an NVME will want free air or a heatsink and free air to allow throttle algorithm to work. Put the NVME in a closed box, and you've built an OVEN.

    Reading is no issue- writing BELOW a certain GB limit per minute will be OK if the enclosure is not essentially an insulator. And even a metal enclosure may function as an insulated box, unless it has a heatsink design and makes proper thermal contact with the chips.
  2. Mr.Krabs's avatar
    What’s the difference between this one amzn.eu/d/f43JwPZ Pls (edited)
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    The extra USB A - C cable.
  3. Ken's avatar
    Showing for me here, nice one 50005863-Tg2pQ.jpg
  4. shockwaver13's avatar
    I have had a good experience from this drive bay.. I own several others this one is my favourite. It's extremely well made feels premium quality in the hand and I did 2 drive clones back to back using the thermal pad included in the packaging.. it distributed heat evenly and worked flawlessly. This is now my go to drive enclosure. (edited)
    bilalbilal's avatar
    How do use the thermal pad included? No instructions in mine....would appreciate some photos. Thanks
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Or get this Oricco enclosure for £14.99 after the voucher -
  6. danielbentham's avatar
    12.98 for me with the voucher ticked
    28081947's avatar
    Got this price too - over the moon
  7. japes's avatar
    **Edit** now showing £19.98

    What am I missing? £26.99 for me (edited)
    Canopus's avatar
    Maybe it's prime?
  8. indyjukebox's avatar
    It is not available at this price. Misleading post, unless it is Prime only.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    I can see the same price regardless Prime.
  9. error2k2's avatar
    I have prime but I don't see the price
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    I do...
  10. d1001541's avatar
    50005464-lQvvd.jpgIt's only for VIPs
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    I haven't seen that...
  11. sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    Looks like the price is jumping up and down prnt.sc/-30…IGW
    The deal is £19.98 at the moment.
  12. headworx's avatar
    Bought this the other week for 21.99
    Seems a decent caddy. Only thing to consider is you can't really add any heatsink to the drive once it is fitted, although the case itself supposed to act as one.
    Somersett's avatar
    ER- the case will NOT act like a heatsink unless it is a heatsink- chip contact with past or thermal pad- some case pressure on NVME device to activate thermal transfer material. Simply being 'metal' is not enough. Your oven is usually metal to a large extent.
  13. neil.molyneuxAVf's avatar
    I have a NVMe ssd drive from my old Huawei matebook 13 that died, would I be able to transfer the files across to my Chromebook with this. I know the matebook is windows but I only want to get my old photos and a couple of file off it. Thanks
  14. CROSSBLADE's avatar
    I have 2 of these enclosures and have had for quite some time now with now issues.  if anyone is using an enclosure of any sort for massive file transfers (mainly writing) then I would always suggest opening the enclosure to at least stop heat being trapped inside it.

    The nice thing about this enclosure is that it opens literally be pushing the end of it, no tools required.
  15. CrazeUK's avatar
    I see it as 19.98.

    Is it it any good? They all seem to be in this range?
's avatar