UK Gigabyte 1070ti In Stock £462.13 at CCL

UK Gigabyte 1070ti In Stock £462.13 at CCL

Found 28th Mar
Technically not a deal as such but cheapest 1070 to in UK that I could find in stock. Yes it is more expensive than before mining craze but we don't all own a TARDIS. Card made by gigabyte so good brand. If this goes out of stock then CCL have the windforce version for 480 in stock as well. These prices include delivery Windforce 1070ti here
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voted hot but
I think some miners are now selling off their stuff, and we will see prices drop. It would be good to keep an eye on second hand prices on ebay. A large difference might indicate further price reductions. But with all PC stuff you could wait for ever and there will be something new come out.
I do not understand how a similar one imported from USA which costs more is voted hot yet this is cold? HUKD is weird
extra £40 can buy a 1080 from warehouse, and tbh if was going to buy a 1070 ti, i get the cheapest possible, as they all pretty much o/c roughly the same, odd frames here n there
I think it's a good deal op so heat from me
The GTX 1080 is in stock again at the official Nvidia store at £529 if you would prefer that one.
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