UK to Alaska flights £438.50pp @

UK to Alaska flights £438.50pp @

Found 30th Jan 2016
Bargain Alaska flights from the UK, in this case Manchester to Anchorage. Found October and November dates, more may be available. You may be able to extend time in Seattle for a longer layover I haven't tried so will check that out as an option.

At this time of year, skiing is likely to be available, aurora viewing, dog sledding and other winter activities. Also hiking and visiting the National Parks and glaciers. Alaska is a great place to visit with lovely people and this is a great price for flights too.
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Seems good. Was going to book this, but my wife's out at the moment. When she gets in I'll ask her.
Brilliant. now need to convince the wife she only needs a one way ticket.
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Seems good. Was going to book this, but my wife's out at the moment. When … Seems good. Was going to book this, but my wife's out at the moment. When she gets in I'll ask her.



​Course not.... everyone knows she did it of her own accord!!
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Still working for me got to payment screen


24 hour flying time and two connections,kill me now
Alaska to Bangkok?

She'll probably be too tired though...

24 hour flying time and two connections,kill me now

Yep, you may be able to add in an overnight in Seattle? Alternatively just 1 stop and between 12-14 hrs instead for just over £650 with Iceland Air. Time v money I guess?
Link doesn't work

Link doesn't work

Go to deal should take you to Netflights where you can search for dates as per screen shots.
This is a great deal, and although it's not the best time of year in Alaska, it's still not bad -- usually you get your first snows in Anchorage in October, so it would be unlikely there'll be enough for alpine-skiing or dog-sledding, but you might be "lucky" with an early snow for a bit of X-Country skiiing, snowmobiling or dog-sledding. I say "lucky" because the driving risk escalates drastically after the first snow, especially if you're not accustomed to driving on snow - check your hirecar options and seriously consider 4-wheel-drive and insist on all-season tyres. I lived there 17 years, so take my word for that! Having said all that, it's a pretty time of year, and although it won't be shirt-sleeve weather it's quite dry so it'll still feel warmer than the UK, there'll still likely be some nice colour from the autumn foliage, and if you're lucky you'll get those first snows on the higher ground which is far prettier than seeing it totally white with snow. Unless you fancy driving in the snow as well, you really don't want to go any later than this. Anchorage & & Fairbanks can be a right pigsty in the snowier weather too, because of the grit used on the roads, but February/March is far worse for that then because the snow/ice start melting and releasing the entire winter's collection of grit & litter. I'd say if you want winter in Alaska, go in late November/early December, if you want a glorious summer, go in June/July, if you want dog sledding & Alaska celebrations be there for the Fur Rendezvous, if you want to travel around don't go between late October & mid March. My top suggestions -- drive up to Flattop mountain (but you'll be a bit late for the fields of blueberries free for the picking until your mouth turns blue - but then at least you won't be competing with the bears or stepping in their droppings). The Alaska zoo is also a surprisingly interesting experience - it's not huge but it is different and you get very close to some unusual animals, including the only penguins in Alaska. You can drive to Portage Glacier, or into Whittier (or take the Alaska Railroad to Whittier). If you're driving, make sure you know the schedule for the one-way mountain tunnel into Whittier or risk sitting there for 2 hours while waiting for the one-way traffic to go your way! If you fancy spending a bit, from Whittier book a boat out onto the Prince William Sound, great chance of seeing loads of wildlife. From Anchorage book a small plane, fly out to see the tallest mountain in the world (yep, that's right, taller than Everest) in Denali National Park. But don't expect to do more than one thing in a day -- Alaska's a huge place and it takes a long time to get from one place to another, but the travelling about is a joy in itself, so my advice is to be prepared to enjoy the travelling about as an end in itself, and be happy even if you don't get where you set out to that morning. For a great Mexican meal, try La Mexicana and don't fail to try the margaritas (unless you're driving). For a unique bar experience, Chilkoot Charlies is a must (they rip off the other guy and pass the savings on to you). If you're expecting style and class, don't go to Alaska - be prepared to spend some time in a place like no other, with people to match, and expect the unexpected. Just don't take yourselves too seriously, stop and smell the bluebells, it's a great place!
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