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Free Registration worth £29 on Drive Now
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Free Registration worth £29 on Drive Now
Register free on worth £29
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£19.20 a hour :-0 WTF


What is this please someone explain


Wants card details, why

mitsubzt!/register/1 Says £0 for me here at the Top of the page. ( different link )


says £19.00 registration for me

DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration (Usually £29)
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration (Usually £29)
Car sharing across North East London. It's a bit like PAYG car rental. For a limited you can get FREE registration which usually costs £29. Use the app to find a car, pick it up … Read more

who ensures the cars are left in the same state that they were picked up in ? i can see this being a security risk too. #justsaying


​Well they're going to want to be sure you are you if you decide to keep the car, etc!


It asks for credit card info??


thanks and £4.5 quidco :)


Sorry, that should be the link sorted now and offering free registration :)

DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration (Usually £29)
Found 29th Sep 2015Found 29th Sep 2015
DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration (Usually £29)
£0 one-off joining fee (instead of £29) No voucher code is needed, the offer is automatically applied. Valid From: 28/09/2015

So it turns out instead of uploading a photo of your counterpart (which you may have destroyed) you can simply upload a photo of the DVLA code that allows you to share your licence details so the process is actually very simple. Heat from me - something I *may* perhaps use is now free rather than £29


Very expensive, from 39p per minute, £20 per hour. Zipcar is £10/hour. I recently rented a car from Enterprise for £12/day


Looks like you need to enter it when at the upload documents stage in the app, not during the simple online registration process


Just went through the registration, at no point did they ask for my paper licence. Paranoid much?


COLD! THis is going to end in tears! The DVLA recommended EVERYONE destroys the paper part of their licence (8th of June 2015). This obviously refers to post 1998 licences! These guys are asking you for things that no one should have kept! Dodgy company. This should be stone cold! DVLA page for advice on what to do with the old paper part of your licence.

Free registration with Drive Now - £29 voucher
Found 10th Aug 2015Found 10th Aug 2015
Free registration with Drive Now - £29 voucher
Found this URL totay and it works. It´s the best offer at teh moment. Have fun. link is!/register/1?prc=OKO-FREE - flintstone

It is really expensive i used it twice and then gave up! If you get stuck in traffic (London) you still get charged and therefore costs you arm and a leg.


Too expensive and too many do's and don'ts .


Standard registration fee £ 29 Cars are -MINI Countryman,BMW 1 Series,BMW i3 - 39 p/min1 Hourly cap £ 20 Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) Entering between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday - £ 11.50 Entering all other times - Free of charge Entering at any time with the BMW i3 - Free of charge Drives completed within the CCZ, or those leaving the CCZ - Free of charge Parking driving break without termination of booking) - 19 p/min Parking (Mon. - Fri. 12:00am - 6:00am) - Free of charge DriveNow Packages DriveNow 60 - 60 minutes for 35 p/min3 Valid for 30 days -£21 DriveNow 100 - 100 minutes for 34 p/min3 Valid for 30 days - £ 34 DriveNow 200 - 200 minutes for 33 p/min3 Valid for 30 days - £ 66 DriveNow 400 - 400 minutes for 32 p/min3 Valid for 30 days - £128 Fees for Administrative Offences Processing of parking ticket - £ 15 Processing of speeding ticket - £ 25 Transfer of vehicles parked contrary to regulations - £ 50 Vehicle towing - at third party costs Processing of towing operations - £ 25 Not using DriveNow parking cards when entering car park - at cost Loss of fuel card - £ 40 Do I pay for damage to the vehicle? All our vehicles have third-party insurance, fully comprehensive insurance, and theft insurance. However, if you cause an accident or are partly responsible for an accident or damage, you are liable up to a certain insurance excess. The standard excess is £ 750 per damage case. Alternatively, a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reducing the driver's excess to £ 350 can be booked in-car for £ 1.99 before starting the drive.


I registered but didn't get 30mins. Have to buy a package staying at £21 for 60mins. :(


So why cold if Reg is free and first 30 min free as well it is a true freebie....

DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration + £4.50 Quidco Cashback
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
DriveNow Car Sharing - Free registration + £4.50 Quidco Cashback
DriveNow is a car sharing scheme operating in North East London. You basically pick up a BMW or Mini as and when you want to and pay per use. Until 18 January, DriveNow is offeri… Read more

Woldranger + 1


Also TCB. I started the application but I'm not willing to give them my card details, drivers licence AND a copy of said licence for a company I'm unlikely to use. Something to be aware before you think about doing it for the cashback.


Good deal OP. Thanks.


You cannot lose.

Drivenow (New car-sharing club) free registration and 30 minutes driving
Found 8th Dec 2014Found 8th Dec 2014
Drivenow (New car-sharing club) free registration and 30 minutes driving
first 1000 signup get free membership + 30 minutes free driving. Currently only in London Cashback: Quidco & TopCashBack : £4.50 promo code is LONDON11 - tbalco

code is LONDON11


There is absolutely no reason to require your Passport too.


I googled the numbers... I'm only doing it for the CB and some other mug will get their data sold lol.


Nothing new most Car hiring company have the most practices...


They'll make it back 10 fold from selling your Passport / Driving Licence Photocopies/uploads to credit reference agencies. T&Cs... 3.2 By completing the DriveNow application process on the DriveNow Website, the Authorised Driver grants permission for DriveNow to contact: (a) the UK Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) (or the equivalent body if the Authorised Driver’s driving license is not a UK license) (b) insurance companies (c) credit reference agencies to request information regarding the Authorised Driver.