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Eurosport Player Denmark who show every Premier League game (inc 3 PM's), Europa League, European Championship qualifiers and more £15pm
Found 10 h, 54 m agoFound 10 h, 54 m ago
Just found this. Eurosport Player Denmark. Shows every Premier League game, including 3pm's, Europa League and European Championship qualifiers, as well as all the other stuff Euro… Read more
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Yes, I understand that, but ss already has like 450k subscribers, it's been around for years It's the first link on Google for "soccer streams" The occasional post in a forum is just a drop in the ocean


If you like watching streams that are awful on your top of the range TV Personally watch any game I want via C band/KU band in glorious 1080p/4k on my TBS6983 I didnt buy my XE9305 to watch streams Never understood the fuss about IPTV


Sounds good. I will do this tomorrow (y)


3HRS AGO yet they state Reddit Admins contacted them days ago and they announced more subreddits. Put my hands up, all my fault (highfive)

Save £10 on a 12 month Eurosport Player subsciption - £29.99
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Eurosport have another offer running on a 12 month subscription to the Player service until 10th January. Perfect if you're a fan of both World amd British Superbike championships … Read more

Been waiting for a Eurosport deal. Got it for £2.99 last year and that ran out last month. Wonder if anything like that will pop up again?! Need it for the cycling!


I'd get this for the Snooker but I want to be able to watch on my Roku device and they don't have an app. I try to avoid watching 'TV' on phones and tablets because of the temptation to do other things. I did try the TV Player subs with Eurosport which has a Roku app but the paid streams would never work (common complaint). Anyone know of any other way to watch Eurosport over IP on TV at this price?


was £19.99 on black friday


Shame it wasn’t £1.99 like BF 2 years ago, still good value though


Great for ski jumping fans too. Not that it's the most important sport in the world. Top tip: you can cancel once bought to avoid the automatic renewal in a year's time....and you still get to watch. E.g. it doesn't cut off the second you cancel. ;)

Eurosport Player Annual Pass £19.99 - Black Friday Offer
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Black Friday special at Eurosport. Annual subscription for £19.99 available until 26th November. Usual price is £39.99 although it is often on offer throughout the year. Last ye… Read more

This is still active. Just subscribed.


Yep, just as hilljd00 says, I setup using a new email too (y)


Try using a private window or incognito mode then setting up a new account with a different email address. It wont work if you already have a subscription on the account.


Won't work for me. Keep getting an error: "ErrorThere was an error processing your request. Service temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."


Brilliant. Just got it myself using this method. Thanks for sharing. My cycling viewing sorted for the next year! (y)

Eurosport Player 7 day free trial - perfect for 24h Le Mans
Found 12th Jun 2018Found 12th Jun 2018
Eurosport are offering a 7 day free trial of "Eurosport Player", their online live streaming service. This will be of great benefit to Motorsport fans who are looking forwards to … Read more

I know about the little known race, I meant are there any tennis, snooker, cycling events in the next 7 days. :D


For anyone interested in the race, there's a downloadable PDF guide showing the car liveries and a map of the circuit with sectors, slow zones, etc., at Live timing will be available on the FIAWEC website... ...or if you want to see more detail, try here:


Same here re £20 and £2 offers. Agreed the app has gone down hill very fast.


To win you have to finish, first.


"Alibi, Eden, Gold, Good Food, W, Eurosport 1 and 2 are not available during the free trial."

Eurosport Player for £20.60 for year / £3.10 Monthly Via Poland VPN
Found 10th Apr 2018Found 10th Apr 2018
One for you sport heads, if you are willing to do a little work via a VPN. you can make a significant saving on the cost of a subscription, giving you full access to the Eurosport … Read more

Just to confirm that this is still working. Got it through a friend and it works fine .


Next season's Formula E car will be able to complete a full race with the improved battery. Even with that as it is now, I still find it much better than a typical F1 race.


How is Formula E these days? I watched it briefly some time ago but the car switching part felt like a giant compromise. Would be more appealing without that. A Now TV, other than the high price, would mean giving money to Murdoch's companies, and i can't bring myself to do that. An online subscription in another country via VPN would be much more appealing. Hopefully could do something similar with F1's own live stream but i dont think thats available yet.


You can watch the Sky F1 races on Now TV with a sports pass. The down side is that pass costs £8 a day or £13 a week. You can of corse only pay on weeks that the F1 is on, but still not cheap. (Plus if you watch them live you must pay the Stasiesque MI7 TV licence tax too). Anyway I recommend watching Formula E instead, much more interesting races compared to F1 these days ;)


Anyone know of something like this which does include all live Formula 1 races? Already have the VPN and don't mind paying a little - just not UK Sky rates.

Eurosport Player, £1.99 for 12 months using code
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Only 1000 passes available, so it might be too late already, but it's worth a try. The standard price is £29.99 and the normal discounted price is £14.99 per year. Select the Annu… Read more

Aus Open is Live. You can watch any of the 16 matches live online. Scroll down and select any of the 16 streams.


No, I think it's expired now.


Is this deal still valid?


It was clearly merged, my comment was first on a new deal :)


Many thanks OP - this is the best deal i've ever taken up on here!

Eurosport Player £19.99 for 12 months via Gift Subscription.
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
Eurosport Player £19.99 for 12 months via Gift Subscription.
With the Giro d'Italia on its way I've been looking at getting EuroSport player to use with my Chromecast (I don't have/want Sky) but I didn't like £59.99 12month subscription or t… Read more
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Still working on 10th Sept - could be unexpired.


I used to use Eurosport Player with my Android phone cas, within the Eurosport app, to a Chromecast. Stopped working on all Chromecast devices a few days ago. Can only watch on pc or phone or mirror the phone itself to Chromecast which is nowhere near as reliable as via the app. Eurosport don't seem to be able to fix the problem. Bought lots of Chromecasts because all the TV apps where discontinued and now they don't work.




​thanks! very useful


For those confused as to how to use Eurosport Player on multiple platforms: make sure you sign up for it via a regular web browser on a PC or Mac. You will then get a 'Multiscreen' subscription which ALSO allows usage on tablet & phone apps (and Chromecast etc). If you sign up within, say, the Android app it will only work on Android devices - nothing else. It's ridiculously confusing but is confirmed here: "I bought my subscription through the website : You can subscribe to Multi-screen offers on our website only (from a PC/Mac). .. I bought my subscription via the App Store, Google Play: Your active subscription remains unchanged and you still can use it on your smartphone or your tablet."

Eurosport Player: 12 Months Subscription - £19.99
Found 23rd Feb 2017Found 23rd Feb 2017
Eurosport Player: 12 Months Subscription - £19.99
£19.99 for 12 months of Eurosport Player just in time for the racing Season! Really good value. Yes you can probably find these streams for free but £20 for legit, HD and faff-fr… Read more

Probably not worth it for me as it looks like only WSBK covered. They are a bit naughty using a pic of VR and MM in their Motorcycling Video section. Thought they were going to show repeats which should beat the 'free' streaming sites hands down but alas, no. Heated though for the price.


​So how exactly does it sound like a 'cracking deal' if you don't even know what events they show?


Yes we do only if it's free i wouldn't pay for Eurosport because there isn't much in it so that's why


Do you really get eurosport1 & 2 in HD ????


Tennis is the big draw. Australia Open and then US Open. Multiplayer screens. Also cycling tours and snooker - all the major tournaments.

Eurosport Player 12 month pass - £19.99
Found 19th Jan 2017Found 19th Jan 2017
Eurosport Player 12 month pass - £19.99
Get a whole year of unlimited access for £19.99 until 31/01/17. Normally £59.99 Great for the Australian Open Tennis right now. Eurosport Player is the home of Eurosport TV onlin… Read more
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Also get most of the darts comps prem/league on sport 1 fta 19.2e


Here is the German Eurosport site, have a look at the schedule on there to see what is on And if you have a Germany enabled VPN you can even watch it online totally legally at


Eurosport Germany is a free to air channel at 19.2e If you don't mind German commentary they show everything like snooker, US Soccer (Including FA CUP Games), and in general is better than the British version in every way. It is completely legal to watch, just point a spare satellite dish in the right direction and job done. Also on the same Satellite you get free channels like Nickleodean which broadcast in german and english. Sport 1, another good channel that shows stuff like Europa League. Oh and all F1 races for free on RTL too! What I do is put Radio 5 on and mute the tv, and watch sports that way, all free, all legal, and not a penny to Sky!


You could put Kodi on your fire stick.


set your sattelite dish to Astra 19.2E and it's free :) May be in German though :)

Eurosport Player UK Annual Subscription £19.99
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Eurosport Player UK Annual Subscription £19.99
My first ever deal, and it's a monster! Eurosport Player UK for a whole year for £19.99! Offer closes early January. I was thinking about cancelling my BT TV package, and decided… Read more

Yep great price, was going to post but saw it was already up. Well worth it for a year, should be a lot hotter


Excellent deal, just signed up and was going to post it here, but see it was already on here. Surprised it didn't get some heat!! It's a really good saving


Hot deal. You may be able to get 3 months Eurosport free with a selection of other channels through Samsung


great deal just a shame about the continuing reliability issues with ES Player :/


any football on eurosport?

Eurosport Player, Cycling Season 12 month pass £49.99
Found 15th Apr 2016Found 15th Apr 2016
Eurosport Player, Cycling Season 12 month pass £49.99
A reduced price of £49.99 is available until 24th April. Includes 2 live channels, a squash channel, cycling channel and other channels when available. Also includes a back catalog… Read more
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There's somewhere to park your bike too...


eurosport doesnt just show cycling 24/7!


On yer bike!


Phenomenal post.


Not interested in cycling but might get a subscription for their winter sports coverage. Does anyone know if they have an Android app that works with Chromecast? Thanks

1 Month of Eurosport Player free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers
Found 29th Oct 2013Found 29th Oct 2013
1 Month of Eurosport Player free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers
"For a limited time, we are offering Xbox Gold members 1 month of Eurosport Player for free when you download the app until 8 December.*" Free month of sport. Sounds good to me. I… Read more
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Thanks subscribed. Subscription valid until 30/12/2013..... isn't that 2 months?

Eurosport Player (Season Ticket)  1st month FREE. £2,99/month therafter
Found 5th May 2012Found 5th May 2012
It is usually £4.99/month with out subscription. Sign up for a 12 months contract and only pay £2.99/month. The 1st month is Free. Watch events such as tennis, cycling, cricket, m… Read more

If you Jailbreak it, Install XBMC media centre with Navi X, you can watch for free!1




I get Eurosport on sky go pc, but not on sky go android, maybe it's got something to do with this deal.:3


Is there any thing actual worth watching on eurosport?


You don't get Eurosport with sky go

27.99 down from 34.99 Annual subscription Eurosport Player.
Found 22nd Dec 2011Found 22nd Dec 2011
27.99 down from 34.99 Annual subscription Eurosport Player.
I saw this deal on Eurosport website and I made an account here just to post it. You know, just to give something back for all the benefits this site/users offered me. (laptop I ty… Read more