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6m Battle/Training Rope in Flying Tiger in store only - £2
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Everything's £2 in Tiger as mentioned in previous deal, but this is worth posting because it's an absolute bargain! In store while stocks last - my local store in Swansea has stoc… Read more

Great price if you can find one, tried watford store, zero stock. Heat added


Any good for eyebrow threading?


Splice the ends make an eye cheap tow rope :D


4 Wood and Metal Shelves Only £2 @ Flying Tiger (instore only)
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
I was instore at Flying Tiger in Edinburgh Gyle today looking at their everything £2 or less sale and the best deal I found was this set of four shelves for only £2! :)
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You could try eBay or amazon but you can't buy directly from them online yet! :)


I have been looking for shelves like this for so long! Even got them in my basket to ship in from China. Does anyone know if flying tiger things can be bought online?


Were they flying off the shelves?


Heat added. I was in the Newcastle store yesterday and didn't see any of them but saw the £2 sale (y)


Ah, never herd of those for a while, actually thought they were extinct! (cheeky)

Flying Tiger will reduce entire shop to £2 - or less  - NOW LIVE Instore
Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th JanLocalLocal
Seen an article in the mirror which states this.. will last till the weekend!! Fantastic!! :) The new super cheap new price tags will only last until the weekend, ending on Sun… Read more

it always seems to be busy and people just keep standing in the middle staring at things and its hard to get past..they definitely needed to make it bigger. yeah i think they probably closed the stratford shopping centre one when the westfields branch opened


Maybe you need to buy Tiger sweets? Sounds useless, I'm too lazy to put it into the vending machine anyway!


You could pick up most of the stuff in a pound shop for cheaper imo. There was a sweet battery operated vending machine thing I got. Totally useless, sweets keep getting stuck in the poor mechanism.


Thanks for the heads up, not worth the visit for me.


Pretty sure it isn't in Stratford Centre anymore.

Tiger Store (Flying Tiger) 50% off everything instore
LocalLocalFound 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Not checked online, bit the Oxford Street store has 50% off everything. Seems no exclusions. Staff say it is all stores.
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Not that I know of, I only know of the region my friend works in. I presume with this new ‘sale’ that’ll it’ll start on the same day everywhere, at least the regions that have chosen to take part in it anyway.


Is there a list anywhere? I'm in the Midlands.


Different stores are starting deals at different times, in Wales it doesn’t start till the 17th Jan.


Nothing in mine a couple of days ago, other than reduced Christmas stock. Didn't get in before this week so I might've missed it if it was on.


Tiger is split into different regions across the U.K, and different regions are offering different discounts through January. So keep an eye out in your local stores!

All Christmas stock £1 at Flying Tiger
Refreshed 13th Dec 2018Refreshed 13th Dec 2018LocalLocal
i’m not sure how long this deal lasts {sorry!}, but today at the king’s road branch of Flying Tiger, all christmas-related item were £1. instore only {to my knowledge!}.
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This was on another thread a few days ago. It isn't nationwide, only select stores. I tweeted Tiger and asked if Exeter and Plymouth had the offer and was told they 'aren't participating' :(


Great shop wish I had one nearer me, still it's a must visit when we go to Southampton.


Everything Xmas for £1. I got sacks,boxes,ornaments and delicious Xmas biscuits. Guildford store yesterday evening.


Great when I visited stores on Monday but most good stock is sold out now (Tottenham Court Road & Oxford Street London)


They price the items cheap to get you on the £30 parking instead

Flying Tiger of Copenhagen £1 Xmas items in store - Canary Wharf
LocalLocalFound 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Just popped into the Canary Wharf store and all Xmas items are a £1. Managed to get an Xmas tree for a quid
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It’s London wide so far. Heat added! :) :) :)


Cribbs Causeway had no idea of the promotion either

Piggy Bank - Tiger instore - £3
LocalLocalFound 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
I know some people may vote this cold and the item is not on promotion but compared to other piggy banks I have seen, this one is cheaper. I have seen ones for £10+ so thought I’d … Read more

Ah OK good point with the saving! I know with my kids it'll be smashed within the month, by accident of course (skeptical)


It’s quite small and this one is not reusable however some people may like that more as it’s harder to take money out encouraging them to save. I guess it is down to preference though.


Don’t know the size of this but you can get similar in Poundland and also a pretty large version for £2.99 and llamas and unicorns for £3.99 at The Range. plus their reusable, with a rubber bung lol

Colour-changing egg light £1 @ Tiger - Basingstoke (Festival Place)
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Colour-changing egg light £1 @ Tiger - Basingstoke (Festival Place)
Same as title. Literally a colour changing egg (so not one you put to check whether an egg is ready, which is what someone I know got it confused with!). Found in Basingstoke (Fes… Read more

Ah thanks :) I’m not the best with grammar, I have to admit


"Confused with" :)


It might be available in other Tiger stores :) I’m not local to Basingstoke either, but was up there today for Christmas shopping and spotted it in Tiger.


ohh my son would love, but its to far for me ;( <3

Lightbox Keyring £2 @ Tiger - Basingstoke (Festival Place)
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Lightbox Keyring £2 @ Tiger - Basingstoke (Festival Place)
Various colours available, found in Tiger Basingstoke (Festival Place). Great stocking filler.

1.99 in B&M


Ikr, supposed to be a present for someone but might keep it for myself (embarrassed) not too bad a price either!


Cute! ;)

12 x Snack Boxes now 50p from Tiger. Was £2
LocalLocalFound 5th May 2017Found 5th May 2017
12 x Snack Boxes now 50p from Tiger. Was £2
12 x Snack Boxes from Tiger. Were £2 now reduced to 50p. Perfect for crisps, popcorn, breadsticks etc. Lovely design in either blue or red. Great for any type of gathering … Read more
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Is this in store only? Can't find online.

Adult Santa costume £12 instore at Tiger stores
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
Adult Santa costume £12 instore at Tiger stores
Great price for a potentially one-off wear. Better pic here
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2.99 at home bargains... got one yesterday


Dont venture outdoors with this on shouting Ho Ho Ho Ho, as you might get you face punched


good find op, heat added


Doesn't look very "adult" oO

Are you *that* person at the office Christmas party? £2 Mistletoe headband in store at Tiger
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
Are you *that* person at the office Christmas party? £2 Mistletoe headband in store at Tiger
Extort kisses from unwilling co-workers, first dates, grandkids, strangers on the street etc.. All in good fun :)
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wear a Xmas jumper with it for the complete w****r look


Oh..... what delights Christmas brings ;)


yet recommends butt plug as a present X)


Tempted to buy one and wear it next time I meet up with my crush. Wish me luck lads ;)



Tiger Stores Remote Controlled Snake for Christmas £12 instore
Found 18th Nov 2016Found 18th Nov 2016
Tiger Stores Remote Controlled Snake for Christmas £12 instore
Just a good price for a nice toy/present. Kids after the latest drone? Give them the satisfaction of a remote controlled toy at a fraction of the price. Simple in function, simple… Read more
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​Apologies termite, but I'll leave you to do that. I post what jumps out at me, and for Tiger that is something I don't expect to see in there. Just pointing people in the right direction if they want a cheap gift, whereas we're all pretty aware of the cheap headphones, picture frames, stationery, kids craft that they stock. But clearly many people have taken interest in this, because, as I say, who knew they stocked remote control snakes.


If you're just going to post Tiger stock at list price, there is much better examples than this.


perfect especially if scaring those who have recently watched the awesomely fantastic snake footage on Blue planet!


That's the freakiest toy ever! I can just imagine parents waking up on Boxing Day by a squirming snake.....Aaahhh!!!


oh god no!

15m x 6mm polypropylene rope only £2 at Tiger (in stores only)
Found 15th May 2016Found 15th May 2016
15m x 6mm polypropylene rope only £2 at Tiger (in stores only)
Excellent price for 15m of strong mulit-purpose polypropylene rope. It's 6mm thick and there were 4 or 5 different colourways available.

Bring out the gimp


I'll let The Caddy know ;)


By the way, this is a standard price in the travel/outdoors section of the shop, not a clearance price, so you should get this in all stores.

Speed skipping rope (wire) £3 @ Tiger Stores
Found 16th Jan 2016Found 16th Jan 2016
Speed skipping rope (wire) £3 @ Tiger Stores
Used for conditioning. Looks identical to the one I bought for £ 10 on Amazon.… Read more
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The website doesn't show the full range of stuff.


Any link to the website?

6 litre Drink Dispenser - £12 - Tiger - Instore
Found 14th Dec 2015Found 14th Dec 2015
6 litre Drink Dispenser - £12 - Tiger - Instore
6 litre drinks dispenser with tap £12 @ Tiger in store. Picked up in Belfast store.
Screw-top jar with smart-straw, £1 in store @ Tiger Scotland
Found 2nd Mar 2015Found 2nd Mar 2015
Screw-top jar with smart-straw, £1 in store @ Tiger Scotland
Mason style drinking jars. Screw-top jar with smart-straw, £1
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But why?


Smart straw? does it stream BBC iPlayer?


Home bargains 1 has a handle


What's a smart straw do as apposed to a thick/stupid straw?


Make one yourself with any jar at home

Himalaya Salt 200g £1 @ TIGER store
LocalLocalFound 20th Feb 2015Found 20th Feb 2015
Himalaya Salt 200g £1 @ TIGER store
The healthiest salt that packs a hearty 80+ minerals and elements, Natural Pure Himalaya Pink Salt. Healthier alternate to the traditional salt. Watch the YouTube video below to s… Read more

Thanx OP. :-)


Personally speaking, Dead Sea Salt is kinda better still ..... hehehehe lool. :-)


There is no such thing as healthy salt. "If you read down the list of minerals, you will notice that it includes a number of radioactive substances like radium, uranium, and polonium. It also includes substances that act as poisons, like thallium. I wouldn’t be worried, since the amounts are so small; but if anyone believes the trace amounts of “good” minerals in Himalayan sea salt are good for you, why would they not believe the trace amounts of poisons and radioactive substances are bad for you? The claim that pink Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals may be true, but the claim that it “promotes health and wellness” is false until proven otherwise by legitimate clinical studies. While waiting for evidence, I’d just as soon my salt didn’t contain uranium." Source: Xpert_1, maybe you need to change your username to GullibleFool_1?


Vitamin tablets and pills are cheaper and closer to correct amount needed by human body .As for rock salt it tastes and smells so bad it is never used in Indian cooking . Some rock salt can be very dark red and almost black in appearance and is called black salt . In Northern parts of India it is force fed to farm animals and cattle to balance their diet . It is thought to be good for digestion and will have to force yourself to lick it but there are far better alternatives available .


You should always take YouTube with a pinch of salt. :D

Double Walled Thermal Insulated Glasses set of 2 for £3 @ tigerstores
Found 28th Jan 2015Found 28th Jan 2015
Double Walled Thermal Insulated Glasses set of 2 for £3 @ tigerstores
Double Walled Thermal Insulated Glasses set of 2 for £3 these are 60ml with space to spare or about 2 ounces will fit a double espresso shot double macchiato or double espresso … Read more
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Zizzi have these in their restaurants. Not sure if we have Tiger Stores in Scotland!!! Heat Op. Very good deal.


Should put Tiger Stores in the title. Good deal. 8)


Got some nice bodum and noola thermal glasses, they are bigger, but much more expensive. These look very good for the money. Heat added.


knife block / holder. bristle type takes variable size blades. £15 @ Tiger stores, Basingstoke - £15
Found 8th Sep 2013Found 8th Sep 2013
knife block / holder. bristle type takes variable size blades. £15 @ Tiger stores, Basingstoke - £15
Our wooden knife block wouldn't accommodate a recent meat cleaver purchase. I'd seen some wooden ones with wider slots but best products were those blocks that incorporated bristle… Read more