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15GB Sim Only Deal, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Calls, 1 Month Contract £9.99 at Freedom Pop
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Not sure if FreedomPop are reliable but they use 3's network
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Their biggest problem was all the unauthorised charges they try and sneak through, even when on the old free plan they’d be trying to add an auto top up “just in case you exceed your allowance”. And their disregard for UK law, they didn’t allow 03xx calls because they didn’t recognise them as standard calls. and only then comes their absolutely crappy calls, which were like playing the lottery if they would actually connect.


IMO, if they didn't start charging you now ( base tariff was free @ 200mins/200text/200MB +200MB bonus through the friend scheme ) @ £3.49/month for 200mins/200text/1GB, I would have been fine and would have tolerated the crappy call signal and necessary seperate app needed for calls/texts, but now @ £3.49/month for a measly extra 800MB, it's just a complete waste of time and money TBF!.. At this price point I expect to get at least triple the mins/texts/data allowance and then doubled up data through the friend scheme bonus data allowance!.. There, my two pence worth!..


Are they still terrible even using "premium voice"?


Do yourself a favour and say clear of the shambles of a company.


I very nearly went with this lot but luckily I found out what they were like before it was too late. About an hour after I placed the order, I emailed them and told them I'd changed my mind and I wanted to cancel. I got a message back saying "wait for delivery of the SIM and if you decide you don't want it, you can cancel" I emailed back and told them I'd already decided that I didn't want it and that they were massively over complicating something that could be very simple. They told me that once an order was placed that it was "impossible" for them to stop it being dispatched .. Luckily it did get fully cancelled and I went with smarty instead. The extra data would have been great but not worth the hassle

15GB Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ FredomPop £10 Month
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
15GB 4G Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £10 Month
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Must be a reason why so many folk are slating freedompop :/


I got my son a galaxy s8 last black friday on a crazy deal but it was with i.d, at first i wernt sure of the network but the price was just to good to say no so tried it. To my suprise my son says the networks better than the o2 he was previously on good call coverage and 4g in most places and never had an issue been close to a year now !


I think that's wonderful dear....... Congratulations!!! :{


Avoid the company. Overcharges poor reception poor customer service and near on impossible when you want to leave them.


Sorry to hijack but recently signed up to I'd mobile what do people think of that I know there are mixed reviews but interested what people think

4g SIM only plan 15gb for £10, unlimited mins & texts @ Freedom Pop
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
I was looking for a sim only deal & came across this, hopefully will help someone out. 15gb data, unlimited mins & texts. Piggybacks on the three network. 14 day free trial
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Non existent customer service


Think i will cancel my card in that case.


Agreed, had a nightmare of a time getting my refund after they took money from my account even though I had a free account and never used anywhere near the 200min or 200 text. Mainly because it was almost impossible to make a call a lot of the time... Hopefully you didn't give them any card details, chances are quite good they will take an unauthorised charge at some stage if you did.


Don't get involved with this company. They are hard to deal with and impossible to cancel direct debits


whoops ordered and now regret probably won't use it when it is delivered.....thanks for all people for sharing their experiences.

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FreedomPop 15GB 4G unlimited mins & text £10/month
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
FreedomPop 15GB 4G unlimited mins & text £10/month with 2 weeks free trial Register online and you will get this offer through email

Thanks for the heads up peeps. Was considering trying out


Do not trust what they say. And check bank statements, I am 99.9% sure you'll find surprise charges from FP.


Really? They sent me an email to say I could just cancel my account (which I did) When I log on now it just says I haven't signed up to the freedom pop service yet. "If you do not wish to continue with this plan, please change to any other plan or cancel your account by July 29th. Your account can be accessed by logging onto the FreedomPop site"


Be careful now, as even you have cancelled it, they will try to charge you... If you gave pre paid card, you are safe as long as you keep no balance there. Don't forget, there is no customer support at all from FP, and if you cancelled online in your account - this is no good. You have to contact them through support to cancel properly. And keep all correspondence-you will need it..


Tried to make a call today,, was a joke, kept cutting out. Cancelled my account :)

Freedom Pop Sim-Only.. Unlimited talk, text and 2gn Data £5.49 p/m
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
Thought this was a good deal for mainly call users and light data usage (2.25gb p/m). Unlimited Calls and Texts. The offer gives you one month to trial run their service who they… Read more
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Don’t even stop to consider this sorry shower of incompetence for a second. They are absolutely useless


Avoid this provider.


Unusable. Astonishingly bad service.


I don't even consider them even the free one. If u wonder why just check the review


Avoid like the plague. Worst mobile company I’ve ever used. Charged me well after I finished and did not respond initially. I had to go into my bank to sort it out.

Freedompop sim deal 1p - Quidco £5
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
Get FREE TALK, TEXT, & DATA. NO CONTRACTS. Why Try FreedomPop? We're the first FREE mobile service provider. Talk, text, & data plans always start at £0.00/mont… Read more

We hope you are enjoying your FreedomPop service and want to inform you of upcoming changes to your plan. Due to an increase in fraud and abuse, the 200 Basic Free plan will be replaced by the upgraded new Essential plan which consists of 5x more data, 1GB per month with the same 200 minutes / 200 sms. The price of the new value Essential plan will be just £3.49 per month. If you don't take any action by July 29th, your will account be enrolled in new Essential plan. If you do not wish to continue with this plan, please change to any other plan or cancel your account by July 29th. Your account can be accessed by logging onto the FreedomPop site.


You reminded me - I must check to see if my SIMs are still active!


And now there is £10 charge if you wanna go to Free Plan......... Oh what a crooks! Wish they were closed ASAP here in the UK.


Nah, not that.. You need CC on file to charge customers, who forgets to cancel additional services, which they even didn't know have been subscribed. You need it to charge 1p maintenance charge(more than 27800 people have complained about that on forum site) You need it to have on file to charge even when account is fully "closed" but charges comes out.... Oh dear, just few samples. Really, FP are legal thieves. I just wonder how they are allowed to operate here in the UK.


Just in case you would like more information on FreedomFriends, please visit this link:

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Freedompop PREMIUM annual payg Unlimited/2.25GB
Found 8th Sep 2017Found 8th Sep 2017
Seems like a good deal for lower data users. 1p for sim & a months free trial then £65.88 for 12 months prepaid service. Coverage by Three.

Here you go


—————FREEDOMPOP———————— Your vision & mission statement is to screw as many people as you can before they shut you down. —————BE CAREFULL ALL WITH THESE CROOKS—————


Does anyone have a link for the FREEDOMPOP app that supports dual SIM phones that lets you use a normal SIM without taking over the standard contacts and messaging apps?


They buy from a Three wholesale provider/reseller that does HP Data Pass, can't recall the company, google... Edit FOGGMOBILE Generic access was available, now its email only


​I'm on 321 PAYG network but not sure their network is as good as Three's own network. Back of my mind tells me it would be slower for data. Is the email generic or only specific accounts only?

Freedompop Sim 1p including delivery (200min/200 texts/200mb+) + 2Gb data +ultd text/talk for 1 month
Found 21st Aug 2017Found 21st Aug 2017
I've used freedompop in a dual sim phone for quite a while now. The 200mb can be easily increased to 400mb with 'friends'. Just need to remember to cancel all of the add ons the p… Read more
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​try calling a mobile or landline on whatsapp, let us know if it's free.


Such a poor company. You have been warned worse then id, and tpo put together. Who does premium voice. Its not premium its been around for years. This is just whatsapp rehashed


This website has enough mods and people who are happy to dig through and check out the facts. What it doesn't need are the companies themselves having representatives on here! If people want your input then surely they have the option of clicking through links on your website? That's just my opinion.


We are sorry for the misunderstanding, it was not our intention to self promote, we just want to make sure that all the information provided is accurate. We are familiar with the the telecom company Three.


I never said anything about using one of your sims overseas! If you're going to jump on this forum for self promotion, at least try and read the posts correctly! I was talking about 3's free data sim. You know "3"? They're a sizeable telecom company owned by a huge telecom company.... I really disagree with having companies being able to post on here regarding their products.

FreedomPop 3GB £7.49 per month unlimited minutes and texts
Found 15th Aug 2017Found 15th Aug 2017
Great offer from FreedomPop 30 day contract 3GB data 1GB data bonus for first month (So 4GB) Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts £7.49 per month Uses three's network Broadban… Read more

FreedomPop Just to correct my post above... The 2.25 GB date allowance is per MONTH, not per YEAR. Their website remains ambiguous, and this does not explain why they shut off the data allowance of my friend who also signed up to their service (because he'd used a lot of it). My other comments above still stand. If you can live with all the glitches then it is still a really cheap service. But as I decided not to pay extra for voicemail it is problematic on the occasions when their software (otherwise fine, as it now integrates well with existing on-phone software) does not function and I do not know the identity of the caller. So, probably not for business use, but it could be useful for one of your teenage kids, for example.


Avoid this company like the plague! Days after I (and a friend) signed up for 12 months they decided to close down their UK customer telephone support forever (29/9/17). The signal is rubbish (worse than Three Mobile, which they piggy back on, used by my friend), and their software has lots of glitches in it for my new Google Android phone and my friends iPhone 6, which means folk often can't hear me when I call, or vice versa, or the on-screen "answer" buttons completely disappear when someone calls me. They say they'll respond to support Ticket requests within 48 hours, but in my experience they can take weeks. Also, their advertising needs to be referred to Advertising Standards Authority. Their Unlimited calls and texts deal (£6.99 pm, or £5.49 if you pay 12 months in advance) states 2.25GB of data, written in such a way that one assumes this is a monthly allocation, but actually it is for the entire year. What a load of ****** !! Which other provider would offer so little data for an Unlimited deal? Also, they charge extra for voicemail, which I did not pay for. Nonetheless, when you open an account they set up your voicemail whether you request/ pay for it or not. So, folk were leaving me voicemails which I could not access, and wondering why I had ignored them. It was quite a polava to switch voicemail off. What a shame, it seemed like a great offer.


Lucky lucky, god help you if you ever have a problem or one morning you wake up to your number having been "lost" and they throw their hands up and can do nothing, even try to blame you for it happening. I don't think there is even any course for complaint as it's hard to identify who they really are. The temporary number they gave me to replace my personal number of 14 years they "lost" was quite memorable but I made the mistake of attempting an authorised port out of the service. I now have an EE sim where I can call out from my ported FreedomPop "temporary" number just can't receive calls or texts on it. EE have now spent 10 days trying to get the porting problem resolved with freedompop to no avail, they say they have never had this difficulty porting a number before. So if your willing to take the gamble on Freedompop, treat it as it deserves to be treated, in the same category as Vectone, a burner SIM which you can live without the moment something goes wrong and don't make the mistake of treating them like a legitimate alternative to even the TPO's or ID mobiles out there.


Dreadful network, if you can even call it a 'network'...


Thanks ordered this

Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 2.25GB 4G Data (Three network) First Month FREE with NO contract and NO APP needed! £5.99PM @ FreedomPop
Found 7th Jul 2017Found 7th Jul 2017
I know the hate for FreedomPop is real, I get it I really do. However, they are listening to users complaints and making positive changes and are offering a deal that I think is wo… Read more

Please keep in mind that this part of our terms and conditions is applicable to other type of plans. In this specific promotion, if you wish to cancel before the time, the specific sim holder would need to contact s directly to evaluate the situation and determine how much we can refund, if possible, but it always depends on the specific case.


They do not refund you if you cancel in the middle of the 3 months as it says here.... "Following your voluntary termination of the Services, you will not be entitled to receive any refund of prepaid fees, although you will be able to continue using the Services until the end of the monthly (or other periodic) subscription period for which you have paid."


The app needs to be downloaded however, for this sim, you do not need to make the call from the app and can use the native dialer instead in most devices. If you would like more information, feel free to a new message on this site's inbox with us.


We are very sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. Please feel free to open a new message on this site's inbox with us, for us to help you check your system is set up correctly or what we can do to make sure you have a steady service.


Misleading Post!!! I was thinking of joining them, so I've decided to give a call to FreedomPop customer services, and they have just confirmed to me that you need their FreedomPop App to use their services, Rubbish! So please change your title..... Super Cold for this deal and FreedomPop.

FreedomPop SIM Mobile phone service FREE 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB each month (99p activation fee)
Found 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
Hello all, Free mobile phone service with '100% Free Basic Plan: 200 mins, 200 texts, & 200MB every month' No Contract • No Commitment • Cancel Anytime Free unlimited c… Read more
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I have had this for over a year and it can go off, annoying if you want reliability. The inbuilt calling app isn't as good as csipsimple and you have to choose between the 2 or you get error 500 installing the second whichever way you install them. Just a thought though if you insert the sim in all your phones and install the app will it still work if you swap the sim over your wifi. Would like to straddle the 200 mins over multiple phones


I have had a problem with not being able to receive OTP SMS from my bank.


FreedomPop advertise 200MB free data allowance, but that's pretty misleading/deceptive. Unless you have auto-topup enabled, they block your data after once you reach 180MB. So you only get 180MB free each month, not 200MB. I do use a FreedomPop SIM (because calls are free), but there are some disadvantages: - Call quality is generally poor, often a call connects and one person can't hear the other, or sound is choppy/delayed. - Sometimes I have to retry calling two or three times before it connects. If you keep in mind the disadvantages and carry another phone with a normal SIM in (to make or receive calls when the FreedomPop one doesn't work), it's OK.


I believe the service as improved recently with new software.The problem I had was people were ringing me and the calls were not being received.I understand if you pay for premium service voice you can make calls without having a data connection connected already.Freedom usage and reception may be good.


Doesn't show a 99p sim for me but is in their 4g coverage area. Only from £4.99 up. Basic 200 \x09FREE Activation Fee\x09£0.99 Trio sim card £4.99 Shipping: Standard 2 to 5 days\x09£1.99 Due Today (VAT Included): £7.97 A bit different to 99p.

Freedom pop 1p activation + Free shipping 1 month premium trial, free service after that
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Freedom pop sim card activation only 1p Use link provided Worth a try for a penny After 1 month simply cancel and switch to the free plan Free p&p Premium 2250 Pric… Read more

great for data so so for everything else. People on here seem to expect to much from free.


agree with you


Not again FreedomPop.....This is not a deal and be cold as ice! Been with them. Worst company I have seen! Paid £4.99 to transfer my number, took 17 days. Call qality was goog as long as Premium Voice was for first month, then they asked £1.99 a month for it. Cancelled. Voice calls then- mission impossible: lag of few seconds, delays and even on wifi. The further , the "better". Get charged £5 3 times for absolutely no reason. My account was in credit by £15, but for what??? Next week I just dialed my GP down the street and hear: "You are out of international minutes...." What??? OK, emailing FreedomPop for help(as no phone to call.Aparently phone number is for Premium users only....What the f+++?) Takes 11 days to get reply, which says to restart phone, as this might help.Ha ha doesnt.. Anyway, after 23 days, problem with "Out of international minutes" disapears by some sort of magic. But another problem aperas: nobody can reach me....Enough! Asking for PAC, which takes 4 emails and 19 days to get. After transfering number to Three, no one from FreedomPop can reach me. And only from FreedomPop numbers; is this revenge??? or incopetence??? Dear people, just dont bother with this company


are they a dodgy company


Just avoid these crooks unless you wanna trouble!

Freedom Pop 1250 mins 1250 text 1.25Gb 1 month contract
Found 30th Mar 2017Found 30th Mar 2017
I was looking for something for my teenager Seems like a good deal if you don't want to be tied to a 12..18 or 24 month contract First month 'free' you pay .99p for sim....... 12… Read more
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Please feel free to PM me, so I may assist with the issue at hand.


Even WITH Premium Voice, every time that I tried to make a phone call (with 3-4 bars of signal), it wouldn't connect. Pay your fiver a month to a proper network that works if you want a mobile service.


I also have a problem with this company (bad signal and can't even connect to 3G) don't bother with this company


Absolutely useless, got it for my son, he hardly uses it to call anyone because he never gets connected to any calls! I tried ringing him holding his phone on my other hand, goes straight to answering machine but then gets a missed call notification after like a minute, ridiculous!


Do not use this is just whatsapp and not real voice calls! You have to pay extra for premium voice! All other networks normal voice calks are standard! You have been warned

The FreedomPop V7 £59 @ Freedom Pop
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
Budget Phone. Probably go cold*.... FreedomPop's first exclusive phone features cutting-edge technology oriented to a wifi-first world, including seamless wifi-to-cellular switchi… Read more

the only way to fix this is to have the premium voice service switched on normally this would cost you £1.99 a month BUT if you open up the messaging app then in the menu there is usually an option for a free '30 day' premium voice trial What you then have to do is select this & you will suddenly be able to make calls again Next you immediately have to cancel the trial so you dont start to get charged after the end of the trial - note that this is not in 30 days time but instead they apply the first charge at the start of your next billing cycle Cancelling the trial immediately does not stop premium voice - that only happens at the start of the ext billing cycle At the start of the next bill cycle you will lose premium voice & not be able to make calls again HOWEVER the menu option to start another trial should re-appear so you can do the process above again & again If the menu option hasnt re-appeared then try clearing cach/data for the messaging app IMO Freedompop gets a really raw deal on this forum - as just a free data SIM its pretty good AS LONG AS YOU DONT GO OVER YOUR ALLOWANCE & HAVE A 'EMPTY' PREPAID CARD REGISTERED AGAINST YOUR ACCOUNT - you can get 900mb free each month (200mb basic + 200mb from registering 20 friends + 5x 100mb given by 5 friends each month - where those 5 'friends' can be SIMS also owned by yourself) The main issue with the free data allowance is that they can still charge you even if you only have the basic free service selected because the system allows you to go over your allowance if it happens in a single usage session & then charges your registered card for the excess usage at 2p per MB The phone service is bad but as a very low user Ive coped with it Whenever a freedompop thread pops up user 'Rimi' ALWAYS comes on to roast the company so I would bear this in mind when reading his comments as their may be some sort of grudge or vested interest in him doing this - that said he does usually make factually correct criticisms about the service


Yes it's unlocked.


Can I use the handset with a different network SIM cards? or it is mandate requirement that it only works on FreedomPop SIM? Thanks


I received my V7 phone today - FP "helpfully" open the sealed packaging and phone and insert the sim card for you.... initial impressions are that it is pretty slow - out of the box it has Android 6.0.1 and there is a software update available (September 2016 security update). The screen bezels are quite large and for some reason the back hard button is on the right instead of the left - the website picture is actually wrong - they seem to have mirrored the body and then superimposed a screenshot. There is quite a gap between the hard buttons and the bottom edge of the screen. Recharging not too bad - took about an hour to fully recharge from 50% battery with a fast QC 3.0 charger (turbo charging is not available). Wifi is 2.4GHz only - no 5GHz support and the charging cable goes into the top of the phone not the bottom. I am considering this as an upgrade for a relative's original Moto G due to the larger 16GB memory and ability to take a microSD card - will use it for a bit before deciding whether to keep it. [img][/img]


Now I have question to FreedomPop here. I came across this post(see below) on FreedomPop Blog and I just was shocked how misleading it is. It says...FreedomPop V7 comes with a free FreedomPop SIM complete with free voice, text and data included, as well as free WhatsApp usage... How it can be true? In prices of ordering, there is no option for FREE services, just free trial. OK, this can lure customers,hoping they will not cancel Premium 2Gb and will be charged, WhatsApp usage-not a word of it on order form. Check screenshots attached. I just hope that FreedomPop Agent will explain this.

Freedompop sim card 200min/200text/200mb free every month with a one off £0.99 @ eBay and Amazon
Found 1st Mar 2017Found 1st Mar 2017
I have just come across one of these, basically you get a simcard with 200 min, 200 texts, 200 mb with no monthly charge at all. *You have to pay a one off charge of £7.97 which … Read more
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Try googling "Meem Mobile"... They had £1 per month going on and it runs on the EE network. I tried posting it last year but mods kept on deleting it... I wonder why!! Anyway not bad for £12 per year in spare/emergency mobiles.


I need a similar simply card for text only for burglar alarm cannot be 3 network though anyone got any ideas ?


I have to second that, they have some sneaky ways to trick the unaware. the service has improved since they started but the is some big bugs.


WARNING WARNING WARNING I've just got a couple, they work ok, just you have to real tly try to turn off all the extras you will be charged for each month. If you google it there are posts showing you how to turn the stuff off. One of them took me ages to find on my own, a page full of big writing that you had to scroll down for 2 screens and there was the tiniest link hidden in the wording at the bottom of the screen in what looked like the footnote.


2nd that... watch for wee add on charges. You have to leave a card on file there or they will switch the sim off, I found, after three months, even though I was using the free data/voip. Works very well to give the kids fee mobile service... and some pokehunting.... even with small data amounts.

Freedom pop sim only one month contract deal 2.25GB data unlimited minutes and texts £6.99 first month free, plus quidco.
Found 25th Feb 2017Found 25th Feb 2017
Freedom pop's premium deal now is 2.25 GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts, on a month to month contract for only £6.99. The first month is free, so you can try before you … Read more
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i have used this and still do, it is very good ib my opinion. the big flaw is you must use the app in order to send and receive text messages but you can receive and make calls as normal if you have the sim card in the phone so i dont know why people are saying you have to use the app to make phone calls, the internet speeds are quite good and another good thing about freedompop is on the iphone app you dont need to have the sim in the phone, you can just login and make calls/texts off the app and have another sim in the phone and essentially have a dual sim phone


was temped into this a few months ago because the price seemed really good but save your time and stay far far away. This is a cancer of a company and what you think you're saving on paper will be washed away with hassle and hidden charges.


How can you say it's "excellent value" and then go on to say the service is basically $hite? It isn't good value if your paying for something that doesn't work.


I've been using freedompop for three months, excellent value, but lots of texts don't send, you'll miss texts sent to you by others, call quality is very poor, and I haven't been able to make any calls for 36 hours. Have asked for my PAC :-( some things aaren't worth saving a couple of quid a month!


​are you using the FP messaging app or the free calls and text app?

Freedom POP UK free 200 minutes 200 MB data unlimited texts (£5 activation fee)
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Freedom POP UK special offer free 200 minutes, 200mb data and unlimited texts. Completely free 30 days rolling contract. Data roll over also available.
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Users are always more than welcome to downgrade their plans whenever desired. Now regarding another form of payment, we certainly accept PayPal. I have provided a link which will explain how to downgrade your account along with another which will elaborate more on PayPal. Please take a look at your convenience.


"Feel free to send me a Private Message should you need any assistance." Thanks for the offer. I think to regain confidence to convince people that there is not any sneaky way why not use the method where you could not charge people, unless they really mean it. At the moment people will need to supply their full credit card detail and you could charge them anytime without the owner of credit cards realizing it. Or if they realize it is already too late as it happens a long time ago and fighting to get it back will just wasting their valuable time. A few comes to mine: - Payment through PayPal - Payment using BACS (e.g Bank transfer) - Or use like PAYG system, limit the basics service, people need to top it up when they need further services. I have thrown mine to the bin I might want to get one again if I am sure there is no sneaky way of charging me. Please explain the method used to convince customer there is no sneaky way of charging them.


Feel free to PM me should you have any questions or need any assistance.


to be fair the voice is shoddy but the data is ok also they charged me but after I asked for a refund they gave it back no problem. customer service is ok. there was no activation charge if you got it on the fb offer so I got 2 for free but 1st was 5 quid


We offer Premium Voice which works off cellular network as opposed to VOIP and is offered for free with paid plans. I have provided a link which helps explains it's functions. Please feel free to take a look. The activation fee is a one-time fee, however, the plan itself is free. Also, users may use the native dialer with Premium Voice service. I have provided a link which provides the plans we offer and another explaining how Premium Voice works. Feel free to have a look. Feel free to send me a Private Message should you need any assistance.

Freedompop 16GB £9.99
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017 This is 4x data valid for the first 3 months. Thereafter, it is £9.99 p/m for 4GB of data.… Read more

I'm glad to know you're enjoying your FreedomPop experience! Feel free to PM me should you ever need some assistance.


I use it for data and some phone calls and works OK. I don't know what you lot are complaining about. It's a free service, treat it like that. Data always works, with calls sometimes have to try a couple of times as the may be poor quality the first time, so just dial again. What's the big deal?


Our Premium Voice service which runs off Cellular network is included for free on paid plans. I have added a link which can elaborate more on the service. Also, we now have a WhatsApp SIM that includes Free Roaming. Feel free to take a look at the link I've provided.


Freedom pop is **** untick this and that etc etc... Then its voip i can use whatsapp for that! Just pay a few pounds extra and get a normal phone service! This is such a waste of time! Nearly signed up last year glad i didn't when i read closely!


That is fair, Three has a few MVNO's, FP should go that route

SIM Only - Free Double Data Offer. 6GB for 6 months £7.99 @ Freedom pop
Found 6th Dec 2016Found 6th Dec 2016
I have used FreedomPop for about 3 months with no problems. This latest offer gives you twice the data for the first 6 months, best deal on USwitch is £6.99 for 2.25GB. Possible … Read more
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Thank you for choosing FreedomPop. Feel free to message me should you have any questions.


Just ordered one, waiting to test ..


Please check your inbox, as I've sent you a PM.


Asked a question regarding my FreedomPop account by PM, no answer till now. This FreedomPop is a scammer. As all FreedomPop network. JUST AVOID THIS SERVICE AT ALL COSTS!


This is not real network, more likely like Skype. But Skype has quality, Freedompop -NOT!

Free calls/texts/data 99p activation fee £5 p/m  £7.97 including shipping @ Freedom pop
Found 1st Nov 2016Found 1st Nov 2016
So I was looking for a sim that my son could use and I came across FreedomPop- they offer 1250 minutes, 1250 texts and 1.25GB for a 99p activation fee. If you're happy with this pa… Read more

We do offer VOIP operating services. However, we offer a new value added service called Premium Voice which allows you to use a cellular network connection for calls in weak signal areas. Ensures high-quality voice calls even when network connection is poor by switching seamlessly between FreedomPop voice and cellular voice. The link provided will help elaborate on how the service works. I'm sorry to read about the inconvenience this has caused on your end. Feel free to send a Private Message (PM) and I will gladly assist you. Feel free to PM me and I will gladly assist you should you have any questions or issues with your account.


Not only data, but you must use FreedomPop messaging application to be able to send/receive texts and make/receive calls.


I was looking at this too but I think I read somewhere that you had to have mobile data to be able to use the call and message funtion


personally I think freedompop gets an unfair amount of abuse on this website if you only need a data SIM for a low usage tablet then freedompop is fine - you can get at least 900mb free a month i.e. 200mb basic + 200mb for 20 friends & then another 500mb if 5 friends give you 100mb each the phone service is a complete pain in the **** though - the only way I have been able to keep voice calls working after the first month is by repeatedly using & then cancelling the 'free premium voice trial' (you can use the trial more than once on the same SIM card) - without the trial the voice calls stop working for me after the first month


So now they do charge: