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Battlefield 1 Beta Confirmed; Here's How to Get in Early
Found 7th May 2016Found 7th May 2016
A beta for Battlefield 1 is on the way sometime later this year, Electronic Arts has confirmed. Although the beta test wasn't mentioned during today's reveal event, it is referenc… Read more
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Bf1 is just 4 with a ww1 skin. Literally the same animations and shooting. Only reason it even has the hype it has because people want more reasons to hate on COD.


Halo did space, double jump and all that shiz way before titanfall and COD. And BF1 will rip all fps asses.


Did you just accuse a video game of not being "realistic"? Because CoD is incredibly realistic right? Because FPS blockbusters are realistic right? Dice even said that BF1 is being set in an alternate WW1 scenario, not exactly historically accurate to allow for more creativity. There were lots of theatres of WW1 over the 4 years it spanned and the fact it occured over the entire WORLD, not just the trench warfare such as the Battle of the Somme. Are you just trolling now?


WW1 was pretty much just trench fighting. If they try to bend the rules it won't be realistic.


Where have you seen it is going to be mostly trench fighting?

GTA 5 Hands Out Bonus Cash, XP This Weekend - Xbox/Ps
Found 10th Jul 2015Found 10th Jul 2015
As promised, a special Grand Theft Auto Online event has kicked off to celebrate the launch of the game's latest update, allowing players to earn extra in-game cash and experience … Read more
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Maybe your PC is showing it's age as the load times aren't that bad at all. Comparing them to the Xbox 360 load times it's about 4/5 times quicker. Haven't played X1/PS4 versions but I can guarantee PC will be faster. I'm not even running the game on a SSD so load times would likely be even faster if I was. For a second remember how huge this game is. After the initial loading, there's only tiny load times when joining a mission, so 20-30 seconds to load on start-up isn't bad at all. I really don't know what people expect? Call of Duty/Counter Strike load times in GTA? Never going to happen. This game is huge. And there's always been cheats (even on Xbox 360). But it isn't every server, in fact it's pretty uncommon. I haven't encountered any cheating on PC servers, only issue I've had was lag/losing connection with the session but that was within the first few weeks of release where thousands of people were playing the game, so it's hardly surprising. Best way to enjoy online? Grab a couple of friends and just play in a private server. Do some missions, do some heists, mess about. Playing on public servers always just ends in killing each other, which can be fun, but gets old quick. There is plenty of fun to have in GTAO, but you can't just join a public match and expect it to immediately be fun. Private server is where it's at. And you say desperate like Rockstar are worried if people stop playing Online they will be in money troubles? Well they won't. They made over a $billion just from the release on last generation. Add PC sales and current gen sales to that and you have a huge figure. Rockstar don't need money. If Online dies that won't effect anything (as the only money they make from Online is if people buy Shark Cards, and I really don't imagine they sell many of those).



Well there you go, this wasn't an automatic update


This was a weekend only event


I posted GTA v heists in freebies section and admins moved to misc as it was an automatic update

Free New Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Revealed for May 5th
Found 3rd May 2015Found 3rd May 2015
Electronic Arts has revealed two new pieces of downloadable content that are coming for free to Dragon Age: Inquisition next week. The first of these is called The Black Emporium.… Read more
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EU is 9am Today, rest of the world got it yesterday.


Got both , now finally my ugly elf can have a new look, but is still ugly! Should've gone human lol


Free EA DLC......what sorcery is this????? "/


Excellent, thanks Have just started this and its already drawing me in


On the PS4 I found the 'Destruction Multiplayer Expansion' but not the second one...

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Free Fable: The Journey In-Game item: Mini-Shard from Gamespot
Found 24th Sep 2012Found 24th Sep 2012
Sign in/sign up at this gamespot page and you'll get an xbox live code to download this in-game item for Fable: The Journey.
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Confirmed, it works fine :)


worked for me, heat added


I've got the code okay but can't log in to Xbox Live at the moment to see if I can redeem the code. I'm guessing it should work if its worked for others here though. Thanks for posting


worked for me and I'm from UK


I'm a UK member and it worked fine for me, so ta and heat added.

Ezio's Turkish Assassin Armor DLC Giveaway @ GameSpot (XBOX 360 and PS3)
Found 7th Dec 2011Found 7th Dec 2011
Free DLC for Assasins Creed Revelations. It's Turkish armour for Ezio. Registration at GameSpot is required

Yeh I got the correct code - maybe it only works for 360? Anyone got a PS3 one working? Greatest666 was ures xbox or ps3 pal? Really want this armour!


Thank you.Works :) I need to check the freebies more often, that's 2 things I've got tonight!


Did you click the PS3 section to get the code for that format?


You sure pal? Still not working for me on PS3


Thanks very much Heat added

"Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" Early Access Offer [PS3 / PC] from GameSpot (UK)
Found 25th Sep 2010Found 25th Sep 2010
Taken from [ ]: --- Releasing on the PS3™ and PC on Sept 28th, sign up for a chance to get early access to the PS3™ and PC tri… Read more

It's the breast way. BFN, fp.


Erm... I meant Do you mean the titles in the "Tomb Raider" franchise where you play in a third-person view compared to the isometric viewpoint of this "Lara Croft" (series debut)? You lot thinking dodgy stuff always, eh? :D


Good find FP! Heat added... Downloading now. Suprised not getting hotter! Pics are very nice...maybe you should change the pic in the deal! [within forum rules of course] ;)


Nathalie Cook, "Lara" from 1996 until the appointment of Rhona Mitra in 1997: BFN, fp.


Of course, some of us may believe there has only ever been one personification of Lara... ...and, I suspect, it isn't this model: ...Apart from Rhona Mitra ("Lara" at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 1997, & still one of my favourites)... There is more than a passing resemblance between Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox... BFN, fp.

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Beta code for Blur & FREE 48 hr gold subscription (Xbox 360)
Found 3rd Mar 2010Found 3rd Mar 2010
Hey Guys, I just recieved an e-mail from GameSpot regarding the upcoming Beta for Blur. Activision are giving away exculsive access to their upcoming game, in addition to, a 48hr … Read more

why has someone expired this?


All the hype, all the social experience, all the new genre....its not......It's Mario Kart......with grown up vehicles....... ] Give me a red 'shroom than a nitro power up any day lol.

Guitar Hero: Metallica (Guitar Bundle)  £45.58 @ Game uk
Found 7th Jul 2009Found 7th Jul 2009
Cheapest i found was £57 plus to get 9% off the £49.99 so comes out to £45.58 plus free delivery (ps3)… Read more

GH:M is 40 so guitar for a tenner really


Already posted.


The price is kind of misleading, should really read £49.99, with quidco is £45.58 as the price you have listed is not the price that will charged to a credit/debit card


ok kwl kwl cheerz :0D might have to take advantage of this :0D is a v.good deal I got my GH world tour bundle for £49 in the argos deal a long time ago, so this is a bit better than that


I believe he is talking about 9% back through Quidco

Wireless Entertainment Pack- Lego IJ, KungFu Panda and Wireless Controller £25 at Gamestop
Found 13th Feb 2009Found 13th Feb 2009
After a long time of searching for this product in Asda, Game, Zavvi and the like, I innocently walked into Gamestop and there it was. Gamestop Belfast, Northern Ireland at Arthur … Read more

Nope, all at the pay desk 24.99 :)


I'll maybe call in tomorrow morning Not part of buying the console?


Didn't know there were any gamestops in the UK, thought it was an american company. Good to know, heat added.

Gamestop - Trade in any 2 PS3 games for a new game (in store)
Found 12th Feb 2008Found 12th Feb 2008
Just got back from Game Stop in Brum, they have a deal on at present that allows you to trade 2 PS3 games in for a new one (i.e Burnout, Turok, Conflict, etc) Traded Beowulf (yes I… Read more

hmm bit limited, so a cold offer really.


Two in Uk Gamestop #8102 Warren Street, Stockport Unit 2 Cheshire UK, SK1 1UD GB Cheshire Gamestop #8101 Birmingham Bull Ring Unit L7 Birmingham UK, B5 4BS GB


def not one in london not sure about leeds tho, i only know the one in birmingham bullring


Voted hot!!!! Wish there was a Gamestop in Leeds or London.. is there..!? Haven't even see one in the UK!


i meant the in store offer is on going for ages :) maybe because there aint alot of gamestop stores around the UK so this offer aint widely spread i voted HOT btw :)

Nintendo Wii in stock Bundle with 4 games
Found 2nd Dec 2007Found 2nd Dec 2007
Wii Console Metroid Prime Mario Party 8 Super Paper Mario Big Brain Academy £75 in discount vouchers for instore use. In store at the Bangor branch- N.Ireland now. Not sure if i… Read more

We cannot move deals into another already existing thread...


Cuold Admin please move this to the Wii Alert thread please. :thumbsup:

Xbox 360 Premium + Halo3, Forza, Crackdown, PGR4 + extra controller £270 in-store @ GameSpot!
Found 13th Oct 2007Found 13th Oct 2007
My cousin informed me today that Gamestop are selling this bundle instore so I went on ahead and bought it. Great value I thought. I also decided to trade both Crackdown & Forz… Read more

At least when you vote cold you give a reason which is fair enough :thumbsup: however I think voting a deal cold because you personally cannot access the store is harsh. It hardly makes the deal any worse does it? There are plenty of deals on here that, being from n.ireland, I and many others cannot able take advantage of but I wouldn't vote them cold! If it does not apply to me I just have to ignore it. If you vote cold, someone from n.ire or ROI will likely miss out.


this deal is only on for a week, im waiting to buy this deal (trading in my elite),however my local gamestop has run out of crackdown copies so are unable to process any of these deals until crackdown comes back into stock! hopefully before offer runs out!


Bah, would of bought it if there was a store near me!


voted hot :)


So 25% coverage in the UK? Hmm ... not really a cold deal then IMO. 2 stores is better than no stores! Good deal if they've got the English stock. edit: There are loads of Irish stores, lol. So not 25%! Silly me. Anyhow. Still a good deal.

Xbox 360 - The Big Deal
Found 19th Jul 2007Found 19th Jul 2007
Xbox 360 Premium Console from only £129.99 when you trade-in a console and 6 games. Ask staff for details. Min trade-in values apply. This only includes PS2, PSP, DS. A minimum tr… Read more

belfast store wont accept ps2 without warranty seal but bangor one will got mine for £117 with a few unusable ps2 games thrown in


the vouchers are like £2 off this £1 off that so on think they accept the ds look at the very small print at bottom of add


They should accept an old style DS if they accepted an original PS2. Its a booklet of vouchers btw, like 2pound or something off such and such. :-(


so does the deal come with 100 euros worth of vouchers to buy games with instore? surely that would get you at least 2 games even if their games were overpriced. sounds like a tempting deal, i have a old style ds that id want to get rid of, do you think they'll accept it?


lol, gamestop seem good. Wish there was one near me.

XBOX 360 Premium Console bundle 3 Games
Found 11th Apr 2007Found 11th Apr 2007

got mine today instore, Bangor Co.Down. Cant find it online though.


Apparently they do a 5% student discount too. Is this an instore deal then?


Store in Stockport.