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[Steam] Sunset Overdrive - £11.47 - Razer Store (Plus £10 Razer Store Voucher)
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Cracking price for the game alone, plus it comes with a £10 Razer Store voucher, which IIRC can be used on a £20+ spend. Sunset Overdrive transforms an open-world apocalypse… Read more

Thanks. Always wanted this since i sold my Xbox (y) .


Awesome! Was hoping to see it on the humble store at some point so that I could get a discount and use some credit, but this will do nicely. Cheers :)


What are people buying with the code?


Thanks :)


My apologies... Vouchers will be emailed within 48 hours to your registered Razer ID account used on Razer Game Store.Each voucher is for a one-time use only for the specified store (Razer Game Store or Razerstore.com).No refunds or cashback will be made for any transactions below the voucher value.Razer Game Store discount vouchers have a 12-day expiration term and must be utilised within this period as at issuance date. Any request to reinstate expired vouchers will not be entertained.Razer Game Store vouchers require a £20 minimum spend with at least one game priced at £10.01 minimum before the discount code can be applied

Get a Razer DeathAdder Essential and free game - £43.99 @ Razer Gamestore
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Razer is selling its DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse for a slight discount, but what makes the deal noteworthy is that it's also bundling in a free game. You can choose between F… Read more
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Decided to give this a go, despite Razer not having the best rep. FC5 is worth £25+ so you're getting the mouse for under £20. You get FC5 straight away btw (you don't get a code, you sign in to a website with your uplay account).


I had a Deathadder 2013, I actually liked it quite a lot, nice, comfy & precise. However it simply stopped working after about 6 months of fairly light use and their CS didn't want to know. I've had a Roccat Kone XTD since which is a decent mouse, I also absolutely loved my Corsair M60 but it was slightly too small for my large hands. Still, this is a fairly decent deal as presumably they will have to honour a warranty if you buy it from them directly...


Did anyone else buy this with farcry 5 but also not get the deluxe edition as after installing it and running it i have non of the bonus content and says just the normal farcry 5 on uplay ?


IMO Razer gets too much hate - I've bought the Deathadder and Blackwidow both in 2014, and they're still perfectly working, and I bet they'll work for four years more. They're very sturdy, the cables are tough and overall they look great. Sure there are better choices out there, but Razer isn't close to being the most expensive brand out there, so it's a perfect mid-budget combo.


Yep same, I REALLY wish some clever soul would come up with a way of integrating non-steam games into steam properly, so they actually act like Steam games. I know Valve themselves wouldn't as they just want you to buy everything on Steam to begin with but you would think that someone would have tried to come up with something by now since there are a lot of other quality of life type improvements for Steam like enhanced steam and trading card farmers etc...

[Steam] Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (Plus £10 discount voucher) - £11.99 - Razer Store
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
[Steam] Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (Plus £10 discount voucher) - £11.99 - Razer Store
Crikey, that's a title and a half :o Great price for this, 12p more than the recent Fanatical historical, but comes with the £10 Razer store voucher. Here's the important term f… Read more
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One of my favourite games this gen, so much fun. Can't wait for DL2.


sweet find buzz hot from me (y)

Refurbished Razer Blade Stealth Laptop - £719.99 @ Razer
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Reduced by £380 and with 1 year warranty. Been looking for a Razer laptop myself and came across this. Not bad for it’s spec Full list of specs: https://www.razer.com/gb-en/c/… Read more

Very nice ultrabook, got great reviews all around. Hot for the price!


You are right, but anyone who knows Razer knows the brand stands for Gaming essentially and not overpriced low spec computers


It's unlikely you would leave scaling at 100% :D 1440/1800/2160p resolutions are beneficial even on a 12.5" laptop.


Well nowhere does it say its a gaming laptop, its marketed as an ultra book which it, quite clearly says on every page. But yes, very pricey especially for a crippled i7 7th gen that's dual core.


Intel graphics? What a joke for a 'Gaming' laptop - expected better from Razer

[Steam] Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition - £12.00 - Razer Store (Plus get £10 Razer Store credit)
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
[Steam] Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition - £12.00 - Razer Store (Plus get £10 Razer Store credit)
Cracking price even without the voucher, add that in and you've got a bit of a sweet deal, and an historical low. :) Enjoy the definitive Dying Light experience with the br… Read more
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Can this deal get any more sweet, should have a cheap weekend because of this :D


£10.80 with code rgsslick10 Bought this the other day!


Not got my voucher yet but looking at the Razer site I think the best thing for the discount is Frostpunk for £11.24 (After £10 off voucher). Frostpunk at Razer


What to spend the voucher on...... ????


Cheapest I have ever seen. I want two copies so I have been looking at some other deals on games to use the voucher in the second copy. To be honest this deal is great but a lot of other games are way over priced. Willl keep looking though :)

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Metro Redux (Steam PC) £5 @ Razer
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Metro Redux (Steam PC) £5 @ Razer
Not quite as cheap as it was on Fanatical a week or 2 back, but still a good price for a couple of highly regarded games!

Fantastic game! (y)

Yooka Laylee [PC-Steam] £8.75 - Razer Game Store
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Yooka Laylee [PC-Steam] £8.75 - Razer Game Store
This seems to be quite good price? beats fantical's price from the other day. Hope this helps someone out. ------------------------------- YOOKA-LAYLEE IS AN ALL-NEW OPEN-WORLD… Read more

Tempted to get for the vr mod!


£14.00 for x box one at Asda this


Supports Linux/SteamOS, Mac OSX and MS Windows. Great price, very tempted.


Was just looking to buy the game this morning - cheapest I could find was £12.75; decided to wait until it was available for under £10... didn't have to wait long!

Skyrim VR [PC/Steam] - £28.89 @ Razer Game Store
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Should it have been released as DLC? Perhaps, but for now this is the lowest price around for Skyrim VR on PC. Activates on Steam and currently rated as very positive. Apply cod… Read more

They work but not great, the default setting are just terrible, trying to aim the bow makes it feel and act like a kango hammer is straped to it. lol


Played through skyrim twice before I bought the VR version for 40 quid and it was worth every penny. You'll spend most of your time modding but it's in a different league. 🔥


One can indeed, the Touch controllers work in-game with no workarounds required. (it even works on the DK2 though you're limited to a control pad and head aiming).


Can one play on oculus rift? Best way to?


Not played skyrim (although I have the game on steam from somewhere, not got round to installing it). How does it compare to say, witcher 3? Fancy another VR game to get in to after star trek and doom, was going to be this or fall out 4, which I haven't played either

Rockstar Sale on Razer Game Store - includes GTA V (PC) for £16
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Rockstar Sale on Razer Game Store - includes GTA V (PC) for £16
Razer sale on Rockstar games - GTA V base game on sale for £16, along with the various shark card packs. Quite a few other Rockstar games on sale - Bully, LA Noire, Max Payne and m… Read more

Because they are extremely clever and keep releasing new content :D :D


This game is so old and still holds its price lol


Hadn't realized that, had gotten a steam key for Wolfenstein from the earlier deal - have removed from the deal description


You say Razer sends steam keys after ordering, but these are actually Rockstar Social Club games


For PC apparently

Project CARS 2 [PC/Steam] - £13.01 @ Razer Game Store
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Project CARS 2 [PC/Steam] - £13.01 @ Razer Game Store
Great price for Project CARS 2, activates on Steam and has VR support for Oculus and Vive. Apply code: RGSLAUNCH15
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Intriguing! Yours truly was 'involved' in the original, possibly appearing twice in the credits. Ahh fond memories... ;)


While this is a good deal all thing considered, if you are new to the Project Cars (PC) you may want to stay away from this one. PC (1) is known to be a better than Project Cars 2, I am taking sound, graphics, gameplay smoothes and a bit more foregiving handling. If you hate yourself and have got PC (1) already, go for it and get the second one :)


Very good game but also quite annoying at times. Still a little bit buggy on PS4 in places. Recommend at that price


PCARS 2 is such a good upgrade from PCARS1. They've really listened to the community here and if you're worried about not being able to compete without having a wheel you needn't worry. They've really fixed the controller input on PCARS2, its actually enjoyable now to play with a controller as theyve improved it 1000% over the first game.


Good point! Not used to games having demos these days...

WOLFENSTEIN II: THE NEW COLOSSUS (PC) + £10 voucher for use at Razer Gamestore
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
WOLFENSTEIN II: THE NEW COLOSSUS (PC) + £10 voucher for use at Razer Gamestore
Use code RGSLAUNCH15 to reduce the price to £13.60 Steam Key found on the new Razer Game Store. Thanks to EmperorRosk for adding the details.

Did they sneakily change the T&C? It now states £30 minimum spend for the game store voucher. Still not bad but a bit cheesy.


Code works on preorders. Got Battletech for £21.


Has anyone received their Game Store voucher yet? If so, how long did it take? I know it says 'within 24 hours' but I'm coming up to that and nothing yet...


if anyone has a £10 voucher that will be going un-used, PM me it and i will make good use of it! (cheeky)


That's really weird. I don't have access to their T&Cs so I can't check but since they've just launched the website it might be a mistake. Otherwise that's a really awkward voucher, for no reason.