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McAfee Antivirus Plus -  6 month license free
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
If you're after antivirus and dont want the full secuirty suites (as I know they can be overkill) this one sould do nicely. It will require an USA IP, so use a vpn or Browser plug… Read more
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Then McAfee is run by the American government (NSA).


and run by Russians...


Kaspersky antivirus is free.

70% off McAfee total protection year subscription - £24
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
70% off McAfee total protection year subscription - £24
Protect multiple systems with one subscription

Not just for pc for android devices mobiles etc


McAfee what a guyfyi windows has malware tools built in now so no need to ruin your PC with this junk

70% Off - McAfee Total Protection 2018 Antivirus, 1 year subscription £24 McAfee  Store
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
70% Off - McAfee Total Protection 2018 Antivirus, 1 year subscription £24 McAfee Store
McAfee All in One Antivirus Protection 2018. Trusted anti-virus and identity management for all operating systems. PC & Laptop, Computer, Mobile and Tablet Security.

For me, it's in the over burdening, heavy-handed, intrusive and resource hungry bracket. However, your bracket mileage may vary.


Defender is resource hungry and not very good AV solution when it comes to detection. However it's OK if you only goto known trusted websites and only download from reputable sites. Check AV-comparative performance benchmarks. M$ can definitely release better version but they will "Not" to avoid regulatory scrutiny. They definitely don't want another "Internet Explorer" saga with EU.


No just no. Gonna get cold in here.


Correct as all you are doing is buying a subscription deal to get the latest definitions, these days while we have defender doing this already you really are only buying Malware defences which this does pretty well, I suspect over the next few years defender will have this covered and these AV companies will have only business use.


For those who dont know McAfee is in the top notch bracket.Hot.

McAfee Total Protection Anti-Virus 75% Off £24
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
McAfee Total Protection Anti-Virus 75% Off £24
I don't know if this is a misprint by McAfee but to me that is an absolute bargain and worth getting while the deals there! When clicking on buy now it still says £24.00 for the fu… Read more

Microsoft defender is free and its


£14.99 at Argos it is 2016 but you have to enter a code when you want to install it and you then get the latest one have used this before and left it 4 months before I used it

McAfee Anti Virus Plus - 6 mths free
Found 10th Jun 2015Found 10th Jun 2015
McAfee Anti Virus Plus - 6 mths free
Your Exclusive Facebook Offer: Complimentary 6-month subscription of McAfee AntiVirus Plus As a Facebook user, you are eligible for an exclusive 6 month subscription of McAfee Ant… Read more

MSE is so poor even Microsoft recommend you use something else. Try taking a look on Google. They don't even submit it for comparative testing any more.


educating bricks is pointless.


Its only educating people if its true. I can tell you from my own experience that the banks (several I have dealt with) do not withold giving money back based on using or not using AV or only if you use a certain AV.


I agree!


Just no point in trying to educate some

McAfee All Access 2015 £24 @ McAfee
Found 29th Nov 2014Found 29th Nov 2014
McAfee All Access 2015 £24 @ McAfee
Are you getting a new computer or Laptop for christmas then you'll need to buy that essential Anti Virus Software. McAfee are currently offering up to 70% discount on a lot of thei… Read more
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If you do buy, TURN OFF auto renew. It's a complete rip off, not unlike car insurance, where loyalty is exploited, not rewarded.


All the independent PC mag tests show that no paid for antivirus/security suite comes out consistently better than Avast or even AVG. No point in buying one - only the people who've bought one will say it's good (to "prove" they've not wasted their money)



Or for home use try Avast it's free.


watch out!!! at the end of it they will recharge your card at the FULL amount. I think you can turn off auto bill.. I got stung with the other virus company but they did give me my £99 back

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McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 1 Year Free
Found 15th May 2014Found 15th May 2014
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 1 Year Free
Link: Click on Buy Now McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 $24.99 Enter coupon code: 2Y3DD584AY6C4F0C Remember to cancel the auto renewal

You have to provide all your personal details to register, including a credit card for auto renew service. However you can cancel the auto renew functionality once registered


After the trouble I have had with McAfee AntiVirus over the years I would not use this product even if I was paid. It caused my quad core pc to run like a 486 and was nearly impossible to get rid of so this is frostily cold from me.

McAfee Mobile Security is now FREE for Android @ McAfee
Found 30th Apr 2014Found 30th Apr 2014
McAfee Mobile Security is now FREE for Android @ McAfee
McAfee says "Explore everything the new mobile world has to offer, and do it safely and confidently with industry-leading McAfee Mobile Security. When you install new apps, shop on… Read more
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I have to agree with you, Norton probably used to be the one of the top antivirus programs, but glad it isn't anymore :) - I always tell people regardless of the antivirus programs they have installed, I always tell them to get McAfee, definitely the best antivirus software out there :D, and the trial version is annoying, don't understand why they can't just have the free trial of McAfee installed on new PC's/laptops :P


Norton isnt one of the top antivirus programs ! Its the worst one out there !!!!!!!! its only popular as its installed (trial version) on most new PCs/laptops , first thing I tell my customers to do is uninstall Norton !


Peegy, its the free version. Take a look here and look at the description:


Yeah Norton isn't that good if I'm honest, but I found that that it was one of the top antivirus software's out there. I'd personally go with McAfee, McAfee have always been first. Their desktop/laptop protection is really good :)


No Peegy, that's the free version... Take a look here: and read the description.

Free McAfee AV Protection - 180 days!
Found 9th Nov 2013Found 9th Nov 2013
Free McAfee AV Protection - 180 days!
No spammy tool bars or adware with McAfee. They make money by charging you for add on features, but for internet security, virus protection, etc this will do the job as good as Sym… Read more
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Yawn. We get it. McAfee = slow machine (except in my case it did nothing of the kind).


McAfee should be paying end users to suffer their shocking bloatware. I've had people in stunned disbelief at how much quicker their PC's were after I'd stripped off McAfee.


I second that! McAfee really slows your computer down. I see others mentioning Avast. This is the worlds most annoying software. I would never use it again. I'll stick with the best, Microsoft Anti Virus.


I see nowhere that Microsoft state this. I do see saying this, but with no documentary evidence.


Even Microsoft state you should not rely on MSE, you best bet for free is Avast.

McAfee Internet Security 2013 1 Year FREE Direct from McAfee!
Found 16th Aug 2013Found 16th Aug 2013
McAfee Internet Security 2013 1 Year FREE Direct from McAfee!
Grab it before it's gone! They want CC Details because they set it to auto renew but you can turn off the auto renew in the settings no problem Thanks: thaigary
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This is complete crap. I would better use Microsoft Security Essential or Windows Defender. First it slows down you PC/Laptop, because about 13 services will be running in background. It creates all kind of network problems, up to no connection. Not that easy to remove, even using the official removal tool. You will have to manually remove some of the files and services.


And with friends like that... You know the rest. Heheh.


Ditto... But still voted hot as might get the freebie to sell to a friend of friend. Lol...


AVG please! AVG free version = Advertisements AVG Paid verion = Advertisements Still!


Dont know what system you have?! but it fine on mine 8)

McAfee Internet Security 2013 6 Months FREE!
Found 24th May 2013Found 24th May 2013
McAfee Internet Security 2013 6 Months FREE!
1. Visit URL 2. Create a new account (your current existing account might not work) and complete your order. 3. Activate your account using the email you receive. 4. Under produ… Read more

No heat :(


Nice find, have some heat :)

McAfee Internet Security 180days FREE
Found 6th Mar 2013Found 6th Mar 2013
McAfee Internet Security 180days FREE
McAfee Internet Security 2013 is a complete application that intends to help you protect your computer from viruses and malware. The program includes multiple tools that have the m… Read more

In my experience, McAfee is worse than a virus!


Would not touch with a barge pole had to uninstall this from 2 dell computers recently and both went to blue screen when i uninstalled no matter what way i did it after about 10 restores i ended up having to do a full system reinstall to get rid of the damn thing and its not the first time i have had McAfee cause serious problems when uninstalling avoid at all costs


No longer available, doesn't go into my cart when link tab is clicked. Anyone else? Non?


McAfee is maybe better than no protection at all, but when you look at the Virus Bulletin detection reports, it fares worse than some of the free AV products out there. I personally wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, but some protection is still better than none.


downloaded this before, 3 days of it then it was blocked by be carefull

Free Access to McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta
Found 9th Oct 2012Found 9th Oct 2012
Free Access to McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta
I have been on the McAfee Beta program for years and rarely had any issues. While there are excellent free Anti Virus products there aren't really any with the suite of features fo… Read more
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I'll give it a go. Been using Microsoft Security Essentials for a few years now and been happy with it but as i say, I'll give this a whirl.


Mine's never expired. As the email mentions, my software has just been updated each time they have a new version. They seem to be in perpetual beta.


Thanks chandlerweb. I've just registered and installed the McAfee Beta program on my system and it works perfectly without any issues. Would this free Beta subscription expire at some point in time or can I use this Beta program indefinitely?


Does the link not work for you? When I click on it, I get the page (screenshot) which clearly shows a registration button.


Im sorry, I dont know. Im just sharing what i received.

McAfee Virus Scan Plus Free for 6 Months
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
McAfee Virus Scan Plus Free for 6 Months
McAfee Virus Scan Plus Free for 6 Months. Seems good to me. If you have registered before, simply use another email to register. You can keep doing this after your trial ends. This… Read more

I wouldn't even touch AVG, even with a stick nor would I touch McAfee either. Buy Kaspersky, NOD32, use the 6 month with Bitdefender or use Microsoft Security Essentials instead. Cold. Very. Cold.


You're better off with AVG Free or Microsoft Security Essentials...


my apologies, this is the correct link


Sorry, I'm brainless, just found it. Thank you.


Hi, I can't find the free product. The link doesn't take you to a free 6 month subscription.

Free! Mcafee Site Advisor for scanning websites
Found 29th Dec 2011Found 29th Dec 2011
Free! Mcafee Site Advisor for scanning websites
Good freeware to identify Safe sites from Mcafee add-on for browsers

Terrible software, no thanks


It's got the name Mcafee in it therefore I stay well away.


Cheers fella.


I agree with this dude and I agree with Frakker. Although Chrome has the built in protection Site Advisor allows you to see if a site is dangerous before clicking on it. A bit like WOT...


There are dangers other than phishing and this is a browser plug-in, just the same as plug-ins for Firefox or Chrome. SiteAdvisor appears to be exactly that, it will provide you with information and advice about a website. Although I wouldn't feel the need to use this myself, it would be ideal for someone like my mum - ever heard of the sayings 'horses for courses' and 'one mans meat is another mans poison'? By all means vote it Cold, but don't cite Chrome as being the holy grail please. SiteAdvisor for Chrome

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 For Free 6 Months
Found 19th Dec 2011Found 19th Dec 2011
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 For Free 6 Months
This is a great opportunity for users to test the new version 2012 Complete Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware Protection Real time protection on the web Two-way firewall … Read more

Which you might as well download now as you'll remove it once you see how much of a resource hog it is.


Zanderol24 Why not the firewall? Anything people need to know?


Easy to remove just download the removal tool.


Not too sure. You could always use the Freeware "Revo Unistaller" to scan for traces left by McAfee like Registry Entries to folders etc. Anyone comment if McAfee has improved since it's bundle with DELL Systems? Found it annoying when I had the trial. Couldn't install any as I wasn't clued up back then. Just installing it now so will report back... Just to note i have only installed the AV + Spyware protection and not the firewall etc...


Is it still hard to uninstall Mcafee from Windows?

McAfee VirusScan Plus FREE @ HSBC (usually £31.99)
Found 6th Jan 2011Found 6th Jan 2011
McAfee VirusScan Plus FREE @ HSBC (usually £31.99)
McAfee VirusScan Plus, 12 Month Subscription for FREE for HSBC customers with online banking. After logging into online banking there is a link towards the bottom which says "Free… Read more
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I logged into internet banking with HSBC and it worked fine for me. Expiry 07/01/2011. Saved myself £30


I'm with HSBC and installed this. Terrible anti-virus software. Slow and doesn't detect many worms. Uninstalled and went with free ones. Much better


link not working


I have used McAfee for years backed up by spybot search and destroy or malwarebytes never had a problem


After an expensive and stressful fortnight trying to get rid of a nasty that got past McAfee a couple of years ago I wouldn't touch it, free or not. Watching the McAfee "experts" take control of my computer and google for the free trojan removal software (personal use only!) was educational.

Join McAfee on Facebook & get 6 months security FREE
Found 18th Mar 2010Found 18th Mar 2010
Join McAfee on Facebook & get 6 months security FREE
I know this was posted a few months ago, but just to remind people the deal is still on Celebrate our partnership with Facebook. Only fans can download a complimentary 6-month sub… Read more

Depends how old your computer is. And how long ago you last used Norton.


Norton does slow down your computer.


That was probably a few years ago. Norton is now better than Kaspersky, but more expensive.


Kaspersky is good, but not so sure about Norton - the last time I had this my PC slowed down so much.


McAfee gets very bad reviews in magazines, it is worse than many free anti virus programs like MSE and AVG. If you're going to pay for anti virus the best are Norton and Kaspersky.

Free 6 Month Subscription for McAfee Internet Security, worth £24.99
Found 13th Jan 2010Found 13th Jan 2010
Free 6 Month Subscription for McAfee Internet Security, worth £24.99
If you become a fan of McAfee on Facebook, you are able to receive a free 6 month subscription to their Internet Security software package, worth £24.99. Be warned, they require p… Read more

why not just use a free antivirus (avast/avira/avg/essentials/linux) rather than paying for one or using a 6 month one where you have to remember to cancel a subscription...


6 months free worth 24.99? LOL


6month free sounds ok, but card details for auto renewal is a big no no. Last November they were giving away 12month free Internet Security, without the need to submit any payment details. Voted cold

FREE 1 Year: McAfee VirusScan® Plus3-User with SiteAdvisor
Found 12th Nov 2009Found 12th Nov 2009
FREE 1 Year: McAfee VirusScan® Plus3-User with SiteAdvisor Visit the above link ( copy&paste in your browser) To get the free complimentary 1 year McAfee Vi… Read more
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they only sold lots due to tie ups with pcworld who would sell their rubbish at a 'discount' when someone bought a pc


"A true user doesn't need to use an anti-virus" - eh? so you dont surf the net then? AVG is alot better, kapersky is overrated and is a resource hogger


Not working now!


Working now!:thumbsup:


An error occured due to one or more reasons below: - The offer has not started. Please check back later. - The offer is expired. - The offer is not active. For more information, please contact customer support. Looks like expired!