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Mistake - 16.88 for a single pack of 4
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Thanks to the comments but this is actually the price for a single pack of 4

Yep. Delivered and single pack of 4. Returning mine today.


States “parcel weight 126g”. One battery weighs 30g. So it should state a bit more than 480g.


Despatch email already. Confirms 4 packs of 4 AA


i dont know is the honest answer and i can return and order more if wrong. only needed for xmas so no big rush yet. just like the post above my last one shows AA4 pack qty 4 to me this suggests 4 packs. i guess cross fingers and hope for the best. if one pack return or complain i guess.


Ordered will be handy for around the house and camera flash

RS componants -  PRO Alkaline AAA Battery - BOGOF 40 for £8.64 at RS Components  with free delivery
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Came across this deal today. Seems like a good price of 0.215£ per battery in this deal with free delivery. They seem to have quite a lot of stock too. The listing says "These batt… Read more

code no longer works


any good?


The search box!


Got a link?


At CPC for their ultra capacity ones it was £10.94 deld for 80 batteries of 40 2.6Ah AA and 40 1.1Ah AAA

3M Duct Tape Massive 50m roll with free next day delivery - £2.86 @ RS Components
Found 4th Aug 2018Found 4th Aug 2018
3M Duct Tape Massive 50m roll with free next day delivery - £2.86 @ RS Components
Constructed of polyethylene film laminated to cloth with a rubber adhesive, this value tape resists curling and tears off the roll cleanly for simple applications in MRO/constructi… Read more

Well I googled and watched the first YouTube vid that came up. 3M didn't come come bottom in any of the tests that guy done and in fact came out top in one.


I never said Gorilla or T-Rex tape was cheap, I was comparing my own experience with an inferior brand of tape against the 3M tape. Anyway, it did the job for me.


Gorilla tape is not cheap duct tape. No comparison. Any Google search will bring up a you tube comparison of the best tape. 3m comes bottom, and yes I have used it and wouldn't again. Gorilla or T Rex are miles better for their intended purpose.


You should post that on HUSAD


Cheers flower

Raspberry pi 3 b+ £34.07 @ RS - online
Found 15th Apr 2018Found 15th Apr 2018
Raspberry pi 3 b+ £34.07 @ RS - online
£34.07£353%RS Components Deals
Cheapest raspberry pi ive found on the internet. It's the newest model the 3 b+ (2018). Great price for a small pc. £35 rrp
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shows as Units Per unit 1 - 9 € 1,83 why as cheap? :/


This would have been hotter with a price displaying the including VAT as I've looked at one ones available in China and they don't have this one ie 1.4 cpu extra IO pins


Pi hut ftw


Same price at CPC Farnell.


Still cheaper than amazon even with the VAT on and RS are really good to deal with.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model b+ - £34.07 @ RS Components
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Raspberry Pi 3 Model b+ - £34.07 @ RS Components
Seems slightly cheaper than I can find elsewhere with free next day delivery. The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has a faster 64-bit 1.4GHz quad core processor, 1GB of RAM, faste… Read more
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Disappointing update, still no X265 support. Pi 4 will not be out till 2020


True but with those spikes in power, a crap PSU or usb cable on your system could be...."interesting". This all raises the price because you have to go out of your way seeking an expensive power plug and cable instead of plugging into your telly like the zero and 3 can.


Its arrived and is called the Tinkerboard


The power consumption is still tiny of you are powering by mains, but agree this needs to be a factor if you are using batteries or rely on battery backup


I was kinda annoyed because I *just* bought a Pi 3 and didn't even open it when this came out, but then I saw the power consumption. It seems to use about twice as much power for just a tiny performance boost. Think I'll stick with the Pi 3

48pc Stanley Tools set with bag £16.99 @ RS - online (£20.39 inc VAT and next day Delivery)
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
48pc Stanley Tools set with bag £16.99 @ RS - online (£20.39 inc VAT and next day Delivery)
Stanley 48pc kit with screwdrivers,sockets, screwdriver bits. Nice kit for the money: Product Details Stanley 48 Piece Screwdriver, Sockets and Bits SetStanley 48 Piece Screwdri… Read more
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Oh right, I'm with you now. Was obviously a slow on the uptake day for me!

billyboyjones Purchased this for my son via Amazon. What do you reckon Jeffsmaw? (highfive)


Haha, I know that chief (y) Only Tim Beech thought he'd seen them in Morrisons :p


You can't compare this set with the Stanley one. The contents are different and the difference in quality is ridiculous.


I bought this from Morrison for 15

48pc Stanley Tools set with bag £16.99 @ RS - online (£20.39 inc VAT and next day Delivery)
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
48pc Stanley Tools set with bag £16.99 @ RS - online (£20.39 inc VAT and next day Delivery)
Stanley 48pc kit with screwdrivers,sockets, screwdriver bits. Nice kit for the money: Product Details Stanley 48 Piece Screwdriver, Sockets and Bits SetStanley 48 Piece Screwdri… Read more
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They sell to anybody and includes next working day. Used in past very good service. Will put VAT price in description. Sorry new to posting


Plus £3.40 VAT, brings it to £20.39. I'm also not sure if RS trade with the general public.

4Tb Maxtor External HDD £55.60 on BACKORDER! RS Online MISPRICE!
Found 13th Dec 2016Found 13th Dec 2016
4Tb Maxtor External HDD £55.60 on BACKORDER! RS Online MISPRICE!
Ok, worth a punt, technically out of stock but price has just changed. So cheap its worth the risk - I'm having a go. 4Tb for £55.60 someones fudged that up. Wanted to risk posting… Read more
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Oh alright, then I take what I said back. Note that I never made an order myself, but I thought that money was taken and the price might be honoured based on some of the comments here. Non-honoured misprice is a waste of everyone's time though.


As far as I'm aware they never took any money from anyone, they say they only take money on despatch and as no one got one you can only assume no money was taken, I certainly never had money taken


So instead of refunding everyone ASAP after they realised it was an error, they held on people's money like a hostage for weeks for no apparent reason... That's one company I wouldn't trust my money with.


Just got the cancellation email ..


Only one of my two orders using different email addresses got cancelled... but no payment has been taken and I have not received anything in the post.

RS Pro 20W Monocrystalline solar panel £8.46 - £50.76 delivered  (Back Orders Only Now)
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
RS Pro 20W Monocrystalline solar panel £8.46 - £50.76 delivered (Back Orders Only Now)
Ideal for putting on Shed, Log-Cabin etc. These come in pack of 5 so £42.80 plus VAT. Not sure if these are Miss-priced, though 30w are £55.59 each on RS Website... Product Deta… Read more

Yes they are back upto £50 each now...


Also picked up my pack of 5 today - I'd all but given up on them... Cheers OP! :)


And they finally shipped the 15 panels I ordered!! Cheers OP!


Yes Freakstyler easy to set up with a bit of research... Could power the Shed, Garden Lights everything you said with just one of these, can attach a 12v Battery as well to store the Energy. Only Available on Back-Order now... Might be worth the Wait though


I have a couple of cheap eBay charge controllers, go for one with an lcd screen rather than led's as they use less power plus you can monitor voltage and load easier. A 20w panel will maintain a fully charged battery with a few hours direct sunlight per day with occasion use of the battery at low loads, I have a 20w panel in the garden maintaining a 75ah battery and use it to recharge powerbanks, other batteries, phones, iPads etc and voltage never drops below 13v.

Battery Charger Extension Cable (TM73) 2.5m only £3.28 delivered @ RS Components
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
Battery Charger Extension Cable (TM73) 2.5m only £3.28 delivered @ RS Components
Something of a niché deal but an excellent price for anyone after an extension cable or two (like myself) for an Optimate III, Accumate 612, Optimate Pro, Oxford Oximiser 900 etc t… Read more

just to say this is still available but its £3.41 delivered now :) pleased I checked here before paying normal price!


That's an awkward question to answer without knowing your bike battery and whether you intend using the charger for other uses such as a car as well. Also depends on what fly lead you have connected to your battery, you have not said which type and if you are willing to swap the leads connected to your battery for TM or used a converter to TM if you intended on using this extension lead. Sorry, you really are going to have to be more forthcoming with details for an answer.


Ah ok. Thanks. Do you know where I can get a suitable charger?


Just to clarify the cable connected to your battery is not an Optimate cable, there is no such may have an Optimate branded cable of either an SAE or TM connector but that fly lead can be changed or converted to any battery charger that you wish to use.


Does anyone know where I can get the Optimate charger for a decent price? I just bough a bike that has the Optimate cable connected to the battery and hence just need the charger bit now.

Schuko Euro converter mains plug 13A £2.23 @ RS
Found 11th Mar 2016Found 11th Mar 2016
Schuko Euro converter mains plug 13A £2.23 @ RS
This adapter will convert a Euro Schuko 2 pin continental plug including those that have an earth requirement to a UK three pin plug. I've bought a few of these for appliances bou… Read more

roll safe is selling these ?


2-pin continental and UK shaver plugs are different.


LOL....where are you getting that rubbish from ? Shop Warranties are a crock ......YOU are covered by the 'UK Consumer Right Act' only.......which says nothing about changing a plug !!


It voided the warranty on my electric toothbrush charger !!


If it's hardwired into the appliance you'll no doubt void the warranty!

11 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set - Was £1,213 Now £9.01 @ RS
Found 7th Mar 2016Found 7th Mar 2016
11 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set - Was £1,213 Now £9.01 @ RS
Huge saving!!! What more can I say?! Must be made from high quality steel! Cased 11-piece Combination Set - Quality miniature precision jewellers screwdrivers set with nickel-pla… Read more

I bought one last week at £1213 and also waited for the scs sale to end so I could buy a sofa aswell


If only you'd have been more patient you could have saved over 2 grand :(


HOT. The bargain of all bargains.


damn! bought 2 last week!


Neither want or need, but can't turn down such a deal. Cheers OP.

Raspberry Pi 3 model b SBC £26.75 free next day delivery at RS
Found 3rd Mar 2016Found 3rd Mar 2016
Raspberry Pi 3 model b SBC £26.75 free next day delivery at RS
My first deal post so feel free to correct it if it doesn't come up to scratch. I was looking for the new Pi and came across this deal, which seems cheaper than any other I can fi… Read more
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one of these will happily run as a I.C.E system with sat nav, etc


Nice product regardless of deal.


Despite the cold, I'm encouraged by the comments. I've used HDUK a lot and bagged some great deals, which would not have been possible without the willingness of others to share. I just wanted to try to give something back, you live and learn, I'll try harder next time. :D


Honest mistake, thanks still.


Thanks for posting. Don't be off by the cold

Raspberry Pi Model B+ - £19.20 delivered at RS
Found 11th Feb 2016Found 11th Feb 2016
Raspberry Pi Model B+ - £19.20 delivered at RS
Back in stock at £19.20 Cheapest around


​Try looking at the or pi hut websites there's a notify when in stock on the first at least. you have to be quick they go fast. I'm sure they'll be more readily available soonish


​could it be something else, like yurr aftershave ?


​Yeah. I need 1 to make my wife strip whenever I feel horny without having to beg/plead with her. Could it also make her shut up whenever she nags or is that asking for too much?


​totally agree, I have both and they are night and day in performance.

Raspberry Pi 2 B £23.09 excl vat /  £27.71  with vat @ RS
Found 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
Raspberry Pi 2 B £23.09 excl vat / £27.71 with vat @ RS
Raspberry Pi 2 B SBC The Raspberry Pi 2 B single computer board is the latest upgrade from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and can help you learn about programming and computing or cre… Read more
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Bought it for £22.21 on Flubit and it was delivered next day


Just get it for £25.99 from amazon:


thing is about the pi.. it's intended use isn't for any one purpose... it's uses are only limited to your imagination.. there are plenty of blogs and forums with guides and ideas for its use. I suspect if you are bothered about having Android, then perhaps you just need to buy an android box


Correct! Media centres need to be hard wired Wi-Fi is terrible at streaming. A Pi2 is great at running kodi especially if you overclock it, it's smooth and stable. I haven't found anything else that is small enough to go behind our wall mounted kitchen TV that uses the TV's remote via HDMI CEC. People that expect the world for £30 quid annoy me, for what they are the Pi2 is excellent.


If u you replace the cable with a non-Apple one then maybe it would yeah...

Raspberry Pi 2 B - £30.78 delivered @ RS components
Found 28th Dec 2015Found 28th Dec 2015
Raspberry Pi 2 B - £30.78 delivered @ RS components
Buy 5+ for £24.20 each Buy with confidence. A British company that pays VAT and corporation tax. History of RS From a lock-up garage in North-West London in 1937, J H Waring and P … Read more
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You can edit the deal page and set end date to yesterday to auto-expire it....


No I posted it with the wrong price on it. I wouldn't have posted it if I had realised the price was what it is. It has nothing to do with people voting it cold.


Still doesn't mean it's expired You posted it thinking it was a good price and turns out it wasn't. AFAIK it can only be expired when offer is finished or no stock.


No it's because it's not a deal sadly.


Why expired ? There's plenty of stock Or is it because OP doesn't like cold votes?

Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply (micro USB 2A 5V 10W) £3.90 Delivered! @ RS Components
Found 22nd Dec 2015Found 22nd Dec 2015
Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply (micro USB 2A 5V 10W) £3.90 Delivered! @ RS Components
Bargain for a official power supply! could also be handy for other devices. credit to rkl for pointing this out! Product Details Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply Unit The recomm… Read more
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Better late than never (?): usually just have to short the USB data connections to remove the current-limit.


I ordered a couple of these which got delivered quickly to work (I'll pick them up in the New Year). In the meantime, I'm powering my Pi 2 with a 2A adapter that came with my Samsung Tab S 10.5" with no problems (and all 4 USB ports occupied with a USB 3.0 stick, a USB Freeview HD tuner, a keyboard and a mouse) - no sign of the rainbow square indicating under-voltage. As a fun experiment, I just ordered a 10000 mAh Xiaomi Power Bank from GearBest for 7.95 quid (that price only holds for 4 more hours after this posting though!), but it's coming from China so probably will turn up in 1-2 weeks. Yes, there'll be a scratch-off code with it to confirm it's genuine (no way am I using it without confirming it's not fake - this power bank in particular is known to have many fakes). If it makes my Pi 2 portable for several hours, I'll be happy, otherwise I'll just use it on the phones/tablets I already have.


Massive Kudos to RS.. service is unbelieveable!


Ok, I ordered this at 19:54 last night, and it came to me at 7:35 this morning, parcel force 24, I mean how the frik did they do that!!?? Even if it caught last pickup (which I doubt) I mean... I'm shocked, all for less than 4£! The postage would have cost more!!!


I did that too. :)

Clear Raspberry Pi 2 B, Raspberry Pi B+ Case £1.84 Delivered! @ RS Components
Found 19th Dec 2015Found 19th Dec 2015
Clear Raspberry Pi 2 B, Raspberry Pi B+ Case £1.84 Delivered! @ RS Components
Brilliant case for anyone who has a Raspberry Pi or is getting one from Santa! White also available but OOS until 9/2/16 Product… Read more
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back in stock now but only 23 of them! same price.. get em quick!


Looks like the case is now temporarily out of stock - I wonder what price it will be when they get it back in? If it goes back to 4.62+VAT, then the 1.53+VAT price was one zinger of a deal.


also done a thread on power supply.. credit to RKL


mine has just been delivered :)


Smoking hot! You should post this as a separate thread

Raspberry Pi Camera Board Video Module @ RS Supplies
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Raspberry Pi Camera Board Video Module @ RS Supplies
Haven't really saw this for less than around £15, so I thought this was great for £7.99+VAT and free delivery from RS Supplies. Pi Noir also cheap @ £9.89 (£8.24+VAT and free deli… Read more

Is this still the case with the new v2 camera board?


Sorry - must have missed this request. MotionPie is now MotionEyeOS


Maybe - but that has slightly wrong colours in daytime, and only a little bit better low light (It isn't an IR camera)


Wouldn't the pi noir be better for cctv?


I have the Xiaomi and and cannot recommend it. They have it locked down so that it can be used only with their buggy app which is largely in Chinese. They have also disabled RTSP which kind of misses the whole point of an IP camera. A Russian forum is working on a hack for the 2.1 hardware version but it's far from done.

RS-ONLINE, Pi NOIR camera, £10.45 inc free delivery
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
RS-ONLINE, Pi NOIR camera, £10.45 inc free delivery
Was looking for an interesting project for my new pi zero, and saw this pi noir camera on rs-online for £10.45 including free delivery. This is the cheapest I have found as everyw… Read more

Hi, Good price. RS are also selling Raspberry Pi Camera Cases for much cheaper than elsewhere from what I've gathered too.|acc|acc Voted hot.


Thank you OP I ordered this yesterday as it's on my sons Christmas list and it arrived today. It was much cheaper in price than any we had looked at.