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Usn ultralean 2kg £20.79 with code @ USN
Found 31st Oct 2016Found 31st Oct 2016
Usn ultralean 2kg £20.79 with code @ USN
£20.79USN Deals
DIET FUEL ULTRALEAN MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE £51.99 use code treat60 to get it for £20.79. Quidco gives a further 11% cashback. For Anyone who's interested in losing weight ....

I use this stuff....It works and tastes lovely.....good deal as I normally buy from the world of amazon. Recently 3 tubs from Argos eBay for 8.99 each, unfortunately the tubs expire in Nov 2016 and we're all bad. To Argos's credit, they refunded straight away and told not to bother sending them back. Binned the lot.


Or just get your meal cut it in half and save for tomorrow or just throw it away SIMPLES......(_;)

USN 100% Whey - 4.5kg £45.55
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
USN 100% Whey - 4.5kg £45.55
£45.55USN Deals
USN to have a deal on their 100% Whey Protein. Advertising it as £9.99 a kilo (have to buy 2 x 2.28kg tubs) but still seems a better price than My Protein / Bulk Powders and comes … Read more
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Sorry mate, that was 2 weeks ago. The price I paid had 15% subscribe & save on top of that offer. The price goes up and down like a yo-yo! [img]〈=en[/img]


this offer still on? link?


Just had a look and it seems like ON shout out about their protein being 100% as well but it has 24g protein in a 30g serving. Guessing it's just a marketing tool that companies use and if you want Whey that is 100% protein you will have to get an Isolate which look to be at least £20 a per kilo.


Thanks for post OP. Good deal imo


100%?! Actually it just seems like marketing - "100% Premium Whey Protein" OP you should change your title as this is not 100% Whey protein and seems to be causing some confusion. Edit: MyoMatrix™ whey protein isolate and concentrate blend

USN Pure Protein GF-1 3.28kg for £31.99 Pistachio flavour @ USN
Found 16th Feb 2014Found 16th Feb 2014
USN Pure Protein GF-1 3.28kg for £31.99 Pistachio flavour @ USN
£31.99USN Deals
As the title says, 3.28kg of USN Pure Protein delivered for £31.99 using code FREEGF1 Simply add 1kg to your basket (can add any flavour, but pistachio is the cheapest) and you'll… Read more
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Ordered mine yesterday morning and it's arrived already, don't care for what the flavour will be like as I have unflavoured protein so am sure it will taste ok to me. I'll be having this once/twice a day has I use other proteins as well. Excellent value, high protein product.


90+ had its recipe changed and it's now worse. Much worse.


rather just get a 5kg tub of 90+ tastes like absolute dogshi. .... but cheapest way to get quality protein in.


with 3 servings per day lasts 3 weeks. Would prefer it to last a month but it does have high protein content.


This is a great price let's hope it tastes okay

USN Body Makeover Starter Pack - £42.24 delivered w/ 35% off code "A35FG2WP"
Found 17th Jan 2014Found 17th Jan 2014
USN Body Makeover Starter Pack - £42.24 delivered w/ 35% off code "A35FG2WP"
£42.24USN Deals
BLURB BELOW: This is THE starter pack for you, if you are either new to training and supplements or if you have set your sights on dramatic weight loss in a short time Perfect fo… Read more

I'm actually using diet fuel to lose weight through cardio alone.. I'm not looking to tone up or fain muscle particularly, though I understand that I inevitably I will. Using Diet Fuel as a meal replacement rather than a gym supplement brings my daily macros to a decent level.


The sugars bit, is actually how ALL "Diet" foods can legally call themselves "Diet" versions. Sorry about the other stuff. I thought I would get a rant about it as I didn't want to give a massive explanation. But Xedra, I personally hate cas I love coffee but ANY caffeine supplement totally screws me up, shaky hands, headache…the works. I've never used CLA, I use BSN Amino X. Any amino acid is that's intended for muscle will also aid fat loss when used after cardio. The other thing is You need sugar if you want muscle, just not too much. I meant to say that I usually mix the Met rx whey with the Mass gainer to give 50/50 ratio of carbs and proteins as it is the ration you're meant to eat carbs to proteins and more of the sugar can be converted to muscle instead of fat. Yeah I forgot about postage. I'm used to ordering over £100 at a time or I just drive over during lunch as it's round the corner from work.


I was ABOUT to rant and rave about how MetRX Mass Gainer is NOTHING like Diet Fuel.. but looking at 100g nutritional info: Diet Fuel (100g): 364kcal 46.1g protein 31.4g carbs 4.7g sugars 4.2g fat 1.3g saturates 6.2g fibre MetRX Mass Gainer 374 kcal 29g protein 60g carbs 46.9g sugars 1.5g fat 0.8g saturates 2.6g fibre. Very interesting that comparison.. Basically looks like USN can call their product "diet" by massively reducing sugars, adding a bit more fibre, and using a typical seving of 55g instead of 85g. I thought they'd be a much larger calorific difference, but I guess the calories all come from the protein. I've seen very good results from Diet Fuel.. and to call the other products rubbish seems a bit harsh. CLA is highly rated, and xedra cut is a thermogenic which helps with calorie burn.. how much? Well, that's open to argument. And the dessert is a high protein treat which will be used for the inevitable cravings I sometimes get. So I don't think it's as bad a deal as you make out, though I do apprieciate you pointing it out, as it's made me realize there's not a massive difference between a "mass gainer" and a "diet fuel".. just a smaller serving and less sugars. You also didn't factor postage into your equation. (£4.99)


Sorry but horrifically bad deal. Hope you haven't ordered OP. Please cancel if have. SSHealthfoods have MetRx Mass Gainer similar to Diet Fuel ultra lean for £15 and MetRx Whey for £32 £5 more but you're getting 4 times as much in weight. The rest of the stuff is a waste of money.


Not for me but have some heat! Great deal!

USN Muscle Fuel STS 1kg - £14.99 (reduced from £29.99) - use code A35FG2WP for further 35% off
Found 4th Dec 2012Found 4th Dec 2012
USN Muscle Fuel STS 1kg - £14.99 (reduced from £29.99) - use code A35FG2WP for further 35% off
£14.99USN Deals
Use code A35FG2WP for 35% off a £50 spend Or buy 3 products and get 20% off - automatically does it when you add 3 products to basket - i.e. 3 x 1kg for £35.98 (£8.99 saving) If … Read more
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Can you give me some tips? Im training everyday at the gym but working for all round fitness and muscle growth Ive been taking absolute protein but it has run out so im looking at my next purchase. I just take the protein to repair but would be helpful to get a bit of a push as my upper body is a bit weak, I seem to have done something to my right shoulder also it hurts doing weights. im waiting to see a fizzyo but its been months Im a bit scared to do more training. Im not entirely sure what upper body work out I can do that wont put a heavy load on the shoulder joint? any tips?


Nothing called bulk powder, it's a myth. You eat good, clean, and you eat 200 calories over your maintaining cals for the day maximum, you'll see the same growth as if you were dirty bulking. Best thing is, you don't have to cut for 4 months at the end. 4 months cutting a year. Over 3 years you lose a whole year's worth of maintaining and bulking Unless you are on roids, it's pointless. Get your carbs from anything, it's cheap as fk, protein, either buy food or powder.


whattt :o its almost like a bulk powder if the carbs are the decent stuff which usn it would be but yes well done for pointing out its not whey protein no one would be able to buy usn whey protein for £7.50 a kg


To above posters THIS ISN'T WHEY PROTEIN FFS - IT'S NOT CHEAP. Jeez, it's crap, it's basically a tub of 500g protein and 500g junk.


tempted (_;) just ordered 7 for £52.47 using the . XMAS4VE code out at at just under £7.50 a tub delivered

Muscle Fuel Anabolic (4kg) + 12 x 75g protien bars £65.99 @ USN (RRP 81.99 just for protien)
Found 2nd Jul 2012Found 2nd Jul 2012
Muscle Fuel Anabolic (4kg) + 12 x 75g protien bars £65.99 @ USN (RRP 81.99 just for protien)
£65.99USN Deals



Can get the Muscle Fuel Anabolic for around £45 most places so deal isn't really that good -try Dolphin Fitness they normally have decent prices

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Free - USN Tri-Pack
Found 4th Sep 2010Found 4th Sep 2010
Free - USN Tri-Pack
Just enter details and will be sent out . Easy (: Simply fill in the details below, press submit and we'll send you your FREE TRI-PACK containing x1 Xedra Cut Slim Pack Sachet, … Read more

NO longer available


The fat burner is just a thermogenic, probably loaded with caffeine. I've used a range of these products and they do work if you use them before exercise, preferably before breakfast. The idea is that these products increase metabolism, increase the rate at which your body burns calories for heat and make it so your body uses fat for energy. As I said, if you use them right you can get some really good results, but if the diet isn't very good and you're not doing exercise then these won't help you. Yeah, these are safe to use. The only unsafe 'fat burner' are ones that contain a drug called Ephedrine which are ilegal in the UK.


so how does the fat burning thing work is it safe?


Good find! Be nice if they come before next weekend as I have 100k charity bike ride. Hope I don't end up looking like some of the people featured on the website!