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31 months balance transfers 0.85% @ Virgin Money
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Virgin money offering 0.85% fee on balance transfers for 31 months as well as a 4% fee for money transfers
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An Anarchy Bank card (skeptical)


New customers only?


Did this 2 years ago at 0.69%


I chose the same design! Good taste! (y) 🏻


The best bit is the credit card design 😁

1.60% interest with Virgin Money Business Banking
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Think this is the first time I’ve seen high interest rate for a business banking account. Virgin Money Business account is offering: 1.60% Interest for fixing for 1 Year 1.75% Int… Read more

I may switch, I don't have a lot happening in my business bank, I get zilch interest at present, although I don't pay any banking fees. Yorkshire Bank


Something is better than nothing I guess but the banks must be pmsl as compared to the interest rates they charge to lend money your basically taking a hit on your money as it devalues due to inflation


Even with a small business you would want a £5k-£10k buffer. Might as well get some interest on it.


I must be thick then as surely inflation erodes the value of any money in the account. Personally if I had a business account I'd simply just put money in just before money was due to go out


Business banks normally pay terribly low interest rates 0.05% Many small businesses keep money in the business account for future plans or sometimes would not withdraw it for tax reasons. So at least with this account the money can gain interest.

Virgin Money credit card 32 months 0% on balance transfers, 0.6% BT fee
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Hey gang. Virgin Money has a couple of credit cards which offers a rare combo: a long 0% balance transfer period and a low BT fee. Option 1: 32 months at 0% on balance trans… Read more
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Applied recently and got accepted almost immediately with full 32 months 0% on BT, and 10K+ limit.... hence would recommend


I did this yesterday. Got 26 months interest free. 0% transfer fee. Very useful.




i went to Money Saving Expert and looked which had the best rates and lowest fees for what i needed, and then did the soft apllication to see what i would most likely be accepted for without it actually affecting my credit file.


I am looking for a balansce transfer card my first time, can someone help me which one is the best?

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Virgin Money Travel credit card – 0% for 12 months on purchases/balance transfers, zero BT fee, no fees on overseas purchases
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Is it me or are things hotting up in the travel credit card market? There seems to be more and more cards offering zero fees abroad. And so they should – charging customers to use … Read more
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It means any purchases you make with the card within however long the term is, (in this case 12 months), it will be free from interest. If you borrow more than you're entitled to, you'll have to pay interest. Same goes if you fail to pay back what you used within the 12 month period. Hope that helps. It's essentially a free loan with some restrictions.


How does 0% purchase work? Does it mean I could get the card tomorrow for example wait a year and buy something and still get 0% for 12 month or is it only 0% from the day you get it for 12 month if you catch my meaning.

Enter the London Marathon Ballot for Free - get in quick
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
You don't pay if you don't get a place (or chose to donate your money to charity and get a running top). The ballot is only open until Friday!
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Just picked up one of these for training. Last time I had an Apple watch and it was invaluable. As my phone is now a Pixel I thought I'd try a more Android friendly watch..


To anyone still waiting. Log in to using your marathon email address and click on the event. If you have not been successful it will tell you. If you have been it won't. Unsuccessful: Successful:


Not heard anything - should get a reply by 15th


You and me both..


Been a few years since my last marathon. Better get training!

Virgin Money just increased its all round card to 30 months @ 0% apr. The good thing is if you're accepted you'll get the full 30 months
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
This Virgin Money* card offers the longest 0% spending period, and if you're accepted you'll definitely get the full 30 interest-free months. It's an all round card so you get 3… Read more

Yes very strange, why would they give you a card and then reject the money transfer? very bizzare.


Bcoz I went to check my credit history when they rejected the transfer, I dnt knw what was the point they accepted the application sent me card with 2700 limit, and then refuse to transfer the money.


Can I ask how do you know they did a credit check again when you asked for a money transfer? I applied and got accepted straight away with 10K limit. I see their reviews are not great.


Is it not the case...with any company you will always find people who have had a bad experience (and good experiences hopefully) however ‘the people who have had a bad experience are more likely to voice that frustration by posting a negative review’. Maybe? It’s just a thought. Any views anyone? (I do however accept the fact that some companies are worse than others for Customer Service/product ease of use)


bad credit card company waste of time and my credit score, i got accepted and they sent me card with limit 2700, had offer to transfer money into my bank account i tried and got rejected bcoz my credit score went down from excellent to good wen i applied for credit card why the fck they did credit search again went i applied for bank transfer? i had very good score b4 anyway i canceled the new virgin card just after month getting it thank God my score r bank to excellent, i warn you dont go with this shhit company, there are some uneducated idiots sitting in office who dnt know nothing

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Virgin Money all-round credit card: 27 months 0% interest on balance transfers, purchases and money transfers
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Virgin Money has re-vamped its all-round credit card. It now offers: 27 months 0% on purchases 27 months 0% on balance transfers (2.9% BT fee) 27 months 0% on money transfers … Read more
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Hi, unfortunately I wouldn't qualify for that card and I'm searching for money transfer card. Can you recommend any other I may check? I'd like to get a card which will allow me to lend around min. £5k. Thanks for suggestions


Thanks! Signed up and got enough to cover half of our honeymoon... I tried to sign up for the Barclaycard one yesterday but the site kept crashing...


What unhappy bunny says above, If you have a high interest savings account, put it there. If you have an offset mortgage, put it in one of the offsetting accounts. You have to be disciplined not to spend it then after 27 months, transfer it back to Virgin.


Sounds dodge (annoyed)


Good Tip If you want CASH £££££££££s in hard ready cash, but the cash rate is too high or your card won't allow it... Then you have a second credit card, regular CC which you have £0 balance on... On the one with free/low balance transfer rate to another CC, call them up and transfer say a grand to the other long standing CC with zero balance. After the bal transfer completed and you get your next statement from the other CC which will now show as being £1k in CREDIT.... call them up and say "hello, I seem to be in credit, please can you arrange my credit balance to my current account".. They will transfer the credit balance of £1k to your current acc, or send you a cheque... Go to the Bank/ATM and withdraw the cash, and you have £1k in your hands !! Lovely

Free complimentary refreshments - wifi - newspapers - magazines - watch Tv - iPad usage - free events @ Virgin Money Lounges
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Just a reminder of this freebie - if you are a Virgin money customer e.g. bank account, ISA, credit card you have access to their city centre lounges Get complimentary refresh… Read more
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What's the dress code like?


london one looks like a ruddy PLANE simulator ..wot no pool table, darts board? bowling alley . Thats it mate , I'm moving to sheffield! XD


I don't have Virgin bank account but if I use their products can I still get in ?? :/


Just signed up so will try and use when I goto London next month. I'm intrigued!



Virgin Money 24-month 0% balance transfer credit card, no BT fee
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Hey… I just found a balance transfer credit card with a decent 0% period and zero fee. Virgin Money’s 24-month balance transfer credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for… Read more
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Thanks for that! :) Appreciated.


Balance transfer is when you transfer the credit balance from one card to another . Money transfer is when you transfer cash into your bank account and it is then reflected on your credit card balance .


Pretty novice question but what is the difference between a balance transfer and a money transfer? I've started paying interest on my current credit card and just want to shift it on to a new one. To clarify will this transfer my credit card debt at 0%? I've never done it before. Thanks in advance.


Is it just me or has anyone else been declined by the soft credit check? I wanted to transfer £5K from the cost of recently buying a property. My credit rating on Experian is over 980. I thought I'd have a good chance. Does anyone else know about Virgin's criteria?


sorry the one i got was actually this one

Virgin Money back £20 cashback treat
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
For those of you with a virgin credit card, use a recognised retailer of Virgin and earn cashback over £0.01 and received £20: Earn cashback when you shop for loved ones this Chri… Read more
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Where does it say about the £20?


Doesn't say you will get £20 cashback.



Link does not work.


Its like there own quidco, but you have to use there credit card. My understanding is that if you track a cashback over £0.01 you will get £20...

0% for 20 Months Money Transfer credit card (transfers cash from credit card to bank account)  -  1.9% fee - lowest fee in the market @ Virgin Money
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
Decent deal, this is the lowest fee you will pay for a money transfer giving 20 months 0% interest. Useful if you want to consolidate non credit card debt e.g. a loan, or need ext… Read more
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Seems like they’ve upped it to 2.7%? Or have I missed something.


Just a heads up if you miss a payment with these guys they will grab you by the neck, I was stupid enough to miss one.


every one that needsto do it should be on it chichi, great rate XD


THE Great (y) Chanchi


not sure but the one you highlighted is 24 months 0% but 4% money transfer fee it has 24 months 0% balance transfer no fee - but that's not a money transfer e.g. is shifting credit card debt to another credit card

5 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA - Paying 2.4% - Virgin Money
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
So this rate is a good step above the low 1.something% that have been on offer for quite some time. Indeed its a better rate than almost all non-ISA interest paying accounts. It's… Read more
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No need to apologise for it being obvious.


Sorry if it's obvious, but do you lose interest if you transfer away before the fixed period ends?


You must be invested in a poor fund to get returns like this might want to change it. However you have gained an average of over 4% p.a from your Stocks and shares ISA far higher than 2.5%


I used to work for these clowns, they've been absolutely convinced of a 'guaranteed' rate rise for years. Never happened, and was never even close to happening. The work that me and others had to do at the drop of a hat to plan for this dead cert rise was all wasted. Every time.


Ah yes. I actually got the 2.5% fix myself but didn't post it here as couldn't get it to come up on their site when I wasn't logged in.

Man Utd E-Isa 1.2% AER and when they win the Premier League and FA Cup this year it gets bumped upto 3.2%. So it's basically a guaranteed 3.2% ;-) @ Virgin Money
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
The Man Utd Double Champions E-ISA offers a standard fixed rate of interest for a year. And if Man Utd win the Premier League and the Emirates FA Cup, we'll increase your savings r… Read more

How do you know this??


Ford Money is run by Newcastle Building Society


Confused on the Newcastle BS part how can they confirm it?


It was an oversight, they never meant to allow people to open more than one. They would have closed the extra accounts, and they did exactly that with the non-ISA version of the saver, but they weren't specific enough with the ISA terms, and it then became closed after a day or two due to heavy demand. The end result, in this case, would have been that 1 person ended up with 7 accounts, rather than 7 people each with 1 account as Ford would have intended. It's a bit meaningless for it to have been brought up at all in this thread, being a clear error by Ford Money.


I think I get it - the max amount you can save each month (to get that rate )is £250 . A bit like the Nationwide flex regular saver 5% but the maximum is £500 per month . Weird that they put a cap on how much you can save a month then let you open multiple accounts .

Virgin 40 months 0% interest free balance transfer with a low 1.7% fee
Found 31st Jul 2017Found 31st Jul 2017
This Virgin Money* card offers more than three years at 0%, with a lower fee than the the highest card at 41 months. This is one of the lowest fees i've seen for 40 months Also i… Read more

I'm not sure what you mean a balance transfer is debt from exisiting cards to another card you cannot balance transfer mortgage debt to a card. You're saying you can move the money to your current account but its debt so you'll have a negative balance and you need to have 3k overdraft with them to be able to do that! They will charge an apr for this Then you could move it to a credit card but it would normally be a money transfer card with a fee of about 3% making it £90 quid to transfer it might work out cheaper than paying 4.5% apr but to be honest you'd be better just paying it off quicker rather than all this hassle


We have a car loan with First Direct (which has about 1 year left @ 4.5% and an O/S balance of about £3k which was done via the equity on our mortgage with them). Should it be possible to get them to move the £3k into our FD current account and then transfer over to this card as a balance transfer ? If so, would it be worth it ?


2years 0% is obviously the best deal


Can they put how long ago a deal was posted and not the date. Why do things have to be changed that don't need changing. Why does it have to say original poster after my name surely that is obvious as it says at the top. I know people don't like change but something that wasn't broken why waste time chagning stuff that doesn't need to be


Its never been so cheap to get sucked into debt. Great deal.. in a way

Virgin Money balance transfer credit card 0% for 38 months interest free!
Found 13th Jul 2017Found 13th Jul 2017
This Virgin Money card offers more than three years at 0%, it's a good option if you're sure you can clear your debt in 38 months. Need-to-knows - You need to transfer a balance… Read more

I managed to miss a payment after taking this out a year ago & got screwed over very nicely -_- my fault I'll never give big companies like this a chance to rob me; you get no second chances be warned guys.


You've been invited to become a member of Virgin Red. Win prizes and get great offers. Sign up using the code QOAJT3 to receive your bonus points.


1.5% fee... Fcuk that much better to get shorter term with no fee and transfer at end if you have debt


It is now optimised. I agree I'm not a fan mind. Took it out of a NIL fee last year and they added 3% so i queried it and they denied offering nil fee so i sent the confirmation email confirming what it said and they ignored it. Also. I made a large purchase on it and paid it off the same month to avoid interest but they applied the payment against the previous months balance and then charged me interest on the purchase. I'm not expert but i thought it was standard practice to apply payment against interest accruing balances first. Would avoid personally.[/quote] If you paid the amount off before your purchase appeared on a statement, the payment would have been applied to the previous months balance. Also, avoid spending on a balance transfer card because unless you have a 0% purchase offer, you'll usually pay interest on the purchase from the purchase date unless you clear the balance in full (including the balance transferred).


It is now optimised. I agree I'm not a fan mind. Took it out of a NIL fee last year and they added 3% so i queried it and they denied offering nil fee so i sent the confirmation email confirming what it said and they ignored it. Also. I made a large purchase on it and paid it off the same month to avoid interest but they applied the payment against the previous months balance and then charged me interest on the purchase. I'm not expert but i thought it was standard practice to apply payment against interest accruing balances first. Would avoid personally.

Virgin balance transfer credit card. 24 months 0% with a 0% transfer fee
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
I just noticed virgin credit cards are doing a 24 month 0% balance transfer card with a 0% transfer fee. I posted their 30 and 32 months deal earlier with a 0.55% and 0.6% fee but … Read more

Yes you can do a money transfer but the fees are high at 3 or 4% so it's not worth it. Much better to just transfer a balance.


Can I transfer money from this card to my current account or just balance transfer to another credit card??


Normally these 0% deals are for new customers transferring a balance


Existing customers?


No contradiction they're just different things. 4% for money transfers to your bank account and 0% for balance transfers.

virgin credit card balance transfer 30 months at 0% with 0.55% fee
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Virgin have a number of balance transfer cards with different terms and fees up to 3% but the best two we found were 30 months 0% on balance transfers with a 0.55% transfer fee 32… Read more

There's no such thing as a stupid question. You normally can't get a balance transfer card if you already have a card with that bank. There are plenty of balance transfer cards out there that you can transfer your current balance. This one is a good deal but there are others you can get if you already have a virgin card. The 0% periods range up to 40 months but you want a low transfer fee to make it worthwhile.


Stupid question... can you get a second card if you already have one and transfer from that?


Money transfers on a new card along with balance transfers cards all temporarily effect your credit rating in the same way that a new credit card application will hurt your credit rating. Even an increase in your credit limit on an existing card will lower your credit rating temporarily.


Cash withdrawals can hurt your credit rating so I use a low rate mule card with no handling fee for money transfers, then BT from that. But .... can money transfers to a current account hurt your credit rating n the same way as cash withdrawals?


Money transfers never seem to go low. Best way is to withdraw funds on your old card and then do a balance transfer

Virgin Single Trip Travel Insurance - £4.54 (possible £9 TCB)
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Going away to the UK for a three-day trip? Virgin's travel insurance is only £4.54 for their Silver policy at the moment, when you choose a £120 excess. Not only that, but TopCash… Read more

No, it gives you 12 months of 2 for 1 cinema tickets, which in most places will be more than £9 benefit after 1 or 2 films!


But does that give you £9 TCB for spending £4.54?


Because the deal above isn't for Europe, it's for the UK ;)


Surely the compare the market deal with 12 months meerkat movies is a better deal? Or has that now finished?


Cold, quoted £19 for single trip in Europe for 1 person. How did you get £4.54

2 year fixed rate bond 1.61% @ Virgin Money and 1.76 at Chartered Savings
Found 30th May 2017Found 30th May 2017
Best rate for quiet some time. Don't know how long it will last. Just came out today @ 2pm. There are some good 1 year fixed as well. These are good deals relative to the interes… Read more

Do let us know how you get on with that business plan.


​you stated Tax threshold is £1000 per person. Example was for two people so no tax to pay under £2000 so not an issue at all. which is incorrect it is £1000 for people on no tax or 20% and £500 for people in the 40% tax bracket ;)


TSB is just one element. If finances separate than half the amount or learn to trust. :) Tesco Direct Debits to Savings accounts remove the need to do the charity direct debits as they pull the amounts (Internet and regular saver*). *also mentioned earlier. Tax threshold is £1000 per person. Example was for two people so no tax to pay under £2000 so not an issue at all.


Nice calculator and looks super useful. Couple of points. I already have a TSB account on the old rates so wouldn't be eligible. My finances are not mixed with the girlfriends finance. 24 direct debits need to be set up. Charity ones are great but that a £288 a year hit to the interest. This drops the rate down to just over 2%. Next issue is you have now gone over the savings tax threshold by £390 so you will be taxed on all of it and have to claim it back. But it is worth considering maximising the accounts for a high return on a smaller amount and keeping some in a tax free ISA.


I think it's a good deal for what it is. Yes, you can get more interest on a very different type of account and yes this rate is lower than inflation, but this type of account is very popular, and this rate is one of the better ones around.

0% for 41 Months on Money Transfer (Bank Account Transfer) & Balance Transfer Credit Card @ Virgin Money
Found 20th May 2017Found 20th May 2017
0% for 41 Months on Money Transfer (Bank Account Transfer) & Balance Transfer Credit Card Transfer fees Balance transfer fee - 3.00% fee Money transfer fee - 3.80% fee @ Vir… Read more

signed up last month. Just FYI.. Their Online Services are basic for now... and they DO-NOT have an app.... [im looking at changing to another company]


Better than pay day loans plus it is 41 months so more than 3 yrs


this used to be 1.6%. not a great deal at this rate imo, some banks offer sub 3% loans.