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Wii U Console, 8GB Basic Pack (Pre-owned) - £68 / £70 Unboxed - CEX
Found 21 h, 38 m agoFound 21 h, 38 m ago
Seems another price drop on the Wii U. These will be hitting Wii prices soon :) Unboxed listing - £70 Games consoles are graded as one of the following: Boxed … Read more
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I have a wii u pro controller as well, and a wii classic Pro controller, not sure if it has analogue triggers on mine, I'll check at the weekend. 3rd party wii u pro controllers are under £10 on Aliexpress.


i enjoy off-tv play too, infact i don't even have my wii u connected to a tv anymore. i've actually used the wii u injection app to make Mario Kart Wii playable on the gamepad with gamepad controls. im considering a wii u pro controller, but think its quite pricey at £25 for a 2nd hand one. have you tried the wiimote and classic controller combo, that has analog triggers.


I have an adapter as well but haven't had much time to use it yet, also annoyingly you need a wiimote to be able to use another controller, I have one but again haven't got round to it yet. On Sunday I'll try use the GC controller adapter and also a 360 controller (unlikely I'll ever use this but science). Controls are OK, but no analogue triggers is a pain (sunshine more than most other games), but they built in a half press method. Probs better with the GC controller but I love been able to watch TV and play in the gamepad.


how do you find the controls (button mapping)?? not just for mario sunshine but other gamecube games. im considering buying a gamecube adapter for it. i was playing mario strikers and found the controls quite awkward


Awesome! I've not read loads on it yet but I take it you put Wii games in some kind of bubble and transfer them via SD, as you have to for Wii U games then?

4K UHD Film Collection (Assassin's Creed, The Martian, Kingsman & Prometheus) £25 @ CEX (£1.50 p&p)
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Good price, Makes it about £6.62 per movie if delievred, even cheaper if you can find it instore :) Prometheus alone is about £15 on eBay Info: Assassin’s Creed - Oscar nominee… Read more
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In simple terms what he’s saying is it’s not true UHD 4K and it’s not true HDR and I agree we probably shouldn’t be condoning this, It’s not that i think it’s wrong as such it’s that they aren’t clear about it same as LG with its RGBW TV’s they claim they are UHD 4k but they actually aren’t Companies are well and truly milking the 4k UHD marketing by claiming they are what people should expect them to be


I think we’re talking about two very different things. Never mind. Good chat.


If you buy the Bluray (2K) then a UHD player will upscale it. However HDR is not available on BluRay "Viewing high dynamic range movies requires that the source material be mastered for HDR playback, and that means it’s presently limited to the Ultra HD disc format" So unless they have done some very impressive work around (and given that they couldn't even manage true 4K it's unlikely) then these discs are also unlikely to be true HDR also and you'd be better buying the Bluray and letting the player do what the makers have done.


I don’t understand your remark on a UHD player will upscale the HDR if taken from a 2K source. HDR is HDR wether it’s from a 2K source or 4K. Some films will be finished at 2K due to being very effects heavy and thus costly to do at 4K. Again though, this means nothing as I own some films finished at 2K that look stunning.


Most UHD players will upscale so you might as well allow the player to do it. HDR does make a huge difference, but again, if its taken from the 2K source it will just be the same as if your player upscales it. The point is that there are now site dedicated to stopping the movie industry ripping people off over UHD content which isn't what it appears to be. If you want to invest in this media then buy the real thing, and avoid the fakes.

Martian, The (12) 2015 4K UHD only £6.00 (£1.50 p&p) + others @ CEX
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Not a bad price for a 4K title, still good for £7.50 delivered or even better if you can find it instore :) Found a few more at the same price: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out… Read more
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Any live action scenes are 4k. Scenes with CGI in are not




The oddity with this movie is some is true 4K and some isn’t.


It's OK. Just the comment you made will usually start the "it's not 4k" discussions while not understanding that unless you have a massive screen the difference between a good upscale and a "proper" 4k is minimal at best. Oh and: (party) Heat


Not quite sure what you’re getting at ? It’s true. My daughter bought me this and a few others for father’s day.

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(Used) AMD Radeon RX 560 2GB DX12 Graphics Card (£1.50pp) £58 @ CEX
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Looks to be a bit of a bargain for latest budget AMD card. Not going to blow every game out of the water but things like Fortnite, perfect.

I picked up a GTX760 2gb for my sons pc from them for £65 on Sunday......seems they have put them up £5 since then?. Traded my old AMD 7950 as I have got myself a 1060 3gb to replace it. :)


Not bad! Orrrrr, you could buy a faster R9 270x for £50 https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail/?id=sgraatir9270x2ga Or an even faster GTX 760 for £55: https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=sgranvigtx76015ga Lose dx12 (not that any of these are fast enough to make much of the extra shinies) and a few pence of electricity, but decent, console thrashing 1080p gaming all round.


I’m not sure how that qualifies it! I still don’t think they price relative to other items just the going rate because many items are priced irregularly including grade C sometimes more than B. I also don’t get how you have survived 5 years - I’m guessing a corporate store or management? As they actually run those much better. The franchisee stores, I literally wonder how or why they even opened, the lack of business acumen is astounding - a laptop packed in a Jiffy bag I’ve seen a few times, stick of RAM in a paper envelope...




Says out of stock!

Overlord 1 or 2  - now Xbox One BC - £3/£3.50 del respectively @CEX (Used)
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Classic games :D Not that 'freemium' crap they released recently, this is the good stuff. 1.50 or £2 in store Overlord is £2.99 delivered @ Game too
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These are both only 8 quid digitally on XBox store if you prefer the convenience... Use the money you would have spent on a pint and a half in the pub watching the final on sunday...


Yeah I got Future Soldier ;)


Pleased it stayed down in price for you bud! Good buys there my friend, enjoy. Also when next nearby they have TC Fiture Soldier for £1.00 I believe! They are good for this purpose. Yeah postage is annoying. Pretty sure they are profiteering on P&P, as despite having to ship from different store, they should have a postage contract


The postage could cap at £5 or so. Or call it 50p for each additional item. £1.50 per item is a bit ridiculous. Instore prices remain unchanged as of this morning. I just went in and picked up GRAW, Future Soldier, Overlord 1 + 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction for £8 (y) Call it a tenner after fuel & parking. Not bad.


I get you. £1.50 per item is annoying. Better when you could pay one charge and get as many things as you wanted. £3.00 still cheap for the first one though.

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Wii U Pro Controller Black + USB Cable £25 @ CEX
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
This one is for all the Retro gamers looking for a wireless controller to use on their RetroPie. This is a good price for a Wii U Pro controller as they are gold dust brand new… Read more

Can anyone that got one confirm if the rumble on there's is seriously weak? On mine I could barely feel it had to place on a hard surface to check it was working


Got one of these a few months back for the same price. Great condition and price.


If you install the official Nintendo high capacity battery for the Wii U it makes the gamepads battery life excellent. Its still a big ‘controller’ though (lol) The pro controller is great, I also paid full price and apart from the Xbox One Elite controller its the best I’ve ever owned. One thing to take into consideration is the controllers piano black finish... its a scratch magnet, just wiping it causes scratches so anything from Cex will more that likely look like its been rubbed with sandpaper (strong)


Funnily enough was looking for one myself today. Brand new over 100 quid on amazon 🤪


It’s a good controller, definitely better than just the gamepad. I really like the idea of the gamepad but it’s just too clunky and the battery sucks. Plus there are a good amount of games that don’t use the screen for anything other than streaming what’s on the TV already. I bought it for full price and never regretted my purchase.

[Wii U] Bayonetta 2 Preowned £5.00 @ CeX instore
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
I thought £6 was good price, now it’s even better. Totally worth it’s money...:D

Original can be found for £4 in-store in a few locations. Great games at dirt cheap prices. Worthy of heat 🔥


Agreed, no one forces you to buy a printed cover. Ha Ha


I've never had either of those issues. I have seen the occasional printed cover in store but in which case if not happy to, just don't buy it?


Obligatory warning to look out for CeX's "reproduction" covers. Be vigilant!


Hard to find in store (at least it was for me in SW London), but worth some extra effort. Great game and at that price is a steal. Some stores also have the combo box B1+B2 if you have not played the previous one.

Wii U Console 32GB Premium Black Pre Owned £80 delivered + 2 Year Warranty @ CeX
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Similar deal to Game but you also get a 2 year warranty Online and instore - free delivery
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I bought a 32gb 'discounted' Wii u a month or so ago, it was in mint condition and had Mariokart 8 on it. The only thing 'missing' were the little stands that came with them new. I also bought a Finepix X-S1 camera last year, grade A and boxed and I think it was pretty much brand new. Not a mark on it and knowing how the files are stored I think it had taken less than 100 photos. You just have to look at each individual thing, generalising that it is all rubbish is just daft.


So yes there is another plus to getting this system. Use the dolphin emulator and have fun


From USB (or internal memory). Being able to play on the gamepad screen and controls is great too.


The disc version or usb?


I was playing Super Mario Sunshine quite happily on my Wii U last night...

Nintendo Wii Console White Pre Owned £15.00 (£1.50 delivery) + 2 Year Warranty @ CeX
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Further £3 price drop on the pre owned Wii console - now £15 2 year warranty from CeX £15 instore or add £1.50 for delivery
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I got this too. Got a wii remote and nunchuck with it. Decent condition, clean enough. No batteries with the remote. Not sure if I need to buy recharable batteries or not.


Got this offer - I was surprised at how good quality it was. After reading some of the (hilarious) posts on here, I was expecting a half-battered yoke with beer stains and Lord knows-what-else ground into it. But, no, it came nice and clean (no bits hanging off), very well wrapped and boxed with fully-working wiimote & nunchuk. We have a Wii, but this is as a backup. Still love the old standard games.


This actually makes way too much sense.. Have a like.


Buy 2 Wii's? I need another controller and will probably get one of these rather than spend £14.50 on wiimote + nunchuck from cex too.


Can anyone recommend after market remotes. Paying 15 for this and then 40 for remotes hurts

Nokia Lumia 950 black O2 b grade £95 plus Microsoft Display Dock £18 at CeX
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
I never realised how well these phones where made until I got one. Quality wise it knocks spots off my 130 Xiaomi note 4 which has a plastic back. This is metal sides OIS on the ca… Read more

I've got the dock working with films on the phone, is there a recommended file manager app that helps you play films off the nas.


950XL betetr to look for


I've still got my Lumia 640 which I'm holding onto for a bit of nostalgia. I tested the 950 as part of Microsoft's UK user test program and thought that it was ok, but not worth the premium compared to my 640. Shortly after that, Microsoft killed off much of their UK base and that was when I realised that the writing was on the wall for Windows Phone. It's a shame, because the platform was stable, but got progressively worse and I dread to think how I'd manage using my 640 as a daily driver these days.


Every update made mine worse, as time went on it basically turned itself into purely a camera. All the apps stopped supporting win10 one by one and it was basically a brick with a lense at the end. If they gave me £95 I wouldn't have another one. Fantastic on day one utterly ruined 18months later by Microsoft.


Im still using Windows 8.1 on my phone and gutted that it will eventually die. I use Android and iOS as well, but Android isnt as stable and Apple isnt worth the premium and how quickly it dates. I'd buy this 950 if it was half the price, but can't justify this price.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) now XBone BC - 50p in store / £2 delivered @ CEX
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
50p in store This is a superb game, still have this and its sequel from my 360 days. Bargain at this price
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It's down to the developer, some make their games BC due to fan service. The vote is just for them to have an idea if it's gonna be worth it. If u think about it MW2 is in the top 5 and still not BC. Check here : https://xboxideas.uservoice.com/


Nope. There goes that talk without common sense (lol) I stock up on games I've played on the 360 that 'I' like and games that 'I' missed out on that had good reviews that 'I' can still play on the 360 even if it doesn't become BC. What i gave was the tip that has helped me saved money on BC games on the Xbox one. (y) For example as it stands GRAW 2 is currently £1.00 at CEX, once it becomes BC (pretty much all Ubisoft games are becoming BC), the price will go up - this we all know (i meant price going up btw) (skeptical)


Where do you find which games are becoming BC soon? I looked at the xbox official list a couple of days ago and it never said anything about ghost recon :sad:


Looking forward to receiving your 'common sense'. Please send asap so I can purchase games with future knowledge and hopefully as an added bonus elevate my grammar to your godly levels 😏 By your logic people should stock up on the popular games in the hopes that they will be backwards compatible at some point all the while sitting on a pile of unplayable games. Genius. Like it or not this doesn't change my initial comment which states that CEX are parasitic scum. This is a fact. Hiking prices after the game has become BC is proof of their scummy practices even if you think furtune telling is a valid counter to it.

Amazon Echo Dot white B grade - £25 instore @ CEX
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Got this in-store for £25.00 and think it's a great price for a gadget that can do anything from telling the time to controlling your Hive heating system. Bluetooth connection to g… Read more

Alexa, pause Alexa, pause Alexa, shut the **** up


I don't understand the hate towards a used one of these. What are you going to do with it? Hold it? Eat off it? Once it's set up it just sits there in the corner and never gets touched due to it being voice activated. I have 2 of these and have never touched them once set up. 25 beans is a great price for people that don't have prime. Heat.


they normally take an hour to test it and if its broke give you a replacement or a refund.


Alexa - is it still coming home?


Trial ;)

Huawei P20 Pro Single Sim 128GB Black, EE Grade A £495 - Grade B £455 @ CEX: Webuy
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Good prices for these for a Grade A at £495 And a grade B at £455 here £580 for Grade A Twilight here T hese are great phones, with good reviews, never used one before, but… Read more

One reason that this could be cold is because of the seller. Cex would have given perhaps £300 maybe for this phone at someone else's loss. I personally won't buy from them or sell to them. I have this phone and yes it's very nice and prefer it the the Samsung S9 but Hauwei need to look at the competition closely if they want to corner the market at the high end. There is nothing wrong with the hardware with amazing screen, camera, speed etc but some basic things are missing from their software that would be so simple to incorporate so thinking about changing my launcher to the Microsoft one. Here is what niggles me when comparing to my LG G4. Defaults to world clock when wanting to set an alarm. Real annoying Alarm is quiet. You set the volume and then it's a lot lower when it goes off Battery life not as good as G4 yet is 1000ma bigger. It is ok though, just not as good as LG No facility to hide apps If you don't register with Hauwei it gives you a reminder every day or so. I think I have now sorted this in developer options Software doesnt allow for a still photo to be taken from a video Back and home buttons are quite small for older eyes and fatter fingers Unable to add short cuts to the lock screen for quick access These are just really small niggles some of which could easily be fixed by different apps. Overall I prefer LG's overlay of android. However after trying the latest Samsung I prefer Hauwei's version. The phone is extremely nice and scores 78% on which review compared to the Samsung S9 at 84%. Just goes to show what good technical reviews are because I prefer the P20 pro.


If you want unlocked you're definitely better with the mobiles.co.uk deal which is similar price with addition of 2 years airtime included


Yeah, or £50 more for an unlocked one.


so its locked to EE?


Heat given... Recommended this phone to my GF for her upgrade and she loves it. This is a great phone phone with amazing camera and battery life. Steal at those prices, exp Grade A. Doubt you'd find cheaper or anywhere near that on eBay etc.

Nintendo Wii Console, Black, Discounted - £20 @ cex (Delivery is £1.50)
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Great for the price (y) . Can order online or collect in store. Delivery is £1.50
Get dealGet deal

I got one of these today. The white version is a fiver cheaper at £15 but like the black better and it was in better condition than the white ones available in my local. Its just trade ins they receive from public so not refurbished as such. I asked to see the consoles before I bought to check condition and would advise that you do the same if you are buying as it’s a bit of a lottery. The one I got had an official black wimote and one official nunchuck, power cable/plug and av cable red/yellow/white. Sensor bar was missing but they threw one in from another console. The only other thing missing was the av red/yellow/white scart adapter but I have a pile of those anyway so no big deal. If I had noticed at time I might have said but no worries really. A quick 5 minute clean up when I got home and tested the console and all good. The wimote is in really good nick and the console itself though a few light scratches isn’t bad at all. All the wee covering doors intact too which is nice. (As a lot of old Wii’s are missing a few of the doors, which doesn’t look that great) Great value (even more so for the white one) especially as unlike gumtree you can return if faulty. Just make sure to inspect a few yourself beforehand and happy days. I got mine to attempt to mod it as didn’t want to risk bricking my own Wii. There are a lot of great games for the Wii that can be picked up cheap even if you don’t hack.


What a low price! Can't believe that. As the summer vacation is coming, I am finding video console for my kids. Wii is a good choice as Nintendo offer great games for kids there. Just wondering if this console is refurbished or anything else? Also, what is in the package if I buy it? Only the console and one controller? Need more details. Thanks for sharing.


I am after a mint boxed Wii at the moment. They are few and far between on eBay.


It's at cex... cold


legend thanks

Wii Console, White (No Game), Discounted £18 @ CEX: Webuy
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Great price eh? DESIGN Featuring a compact design that makes it a natural addition to any television setup, the Wii console is white in color and can be displayed either verticall… Read more

Keyboard warrior


That’s no way to talk about your wife now is i


Snes9x GX


Can you give the name of the software used? Like the SNES and nes mini both work with hackchi2.


Anyway to play n64 games on this? Mainly golden eye?

(Pre owned) Shawshank Redemption DVD £0.50 instore @ CeX (+ £1.50 if delivered)
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Crazy cheap price and a must own film in my opinion! Removed from Netflix but still remains on Amazon Prime if thats your thing. Postage a killer as per usual so probably only dec… Read more
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Yeah, you're right, I think Lord of the Dance was the other, kept me Mum happy!


I learnt the word "institutionalised" because of this movie.


Yeah right.


Oh no (horror) we haven’t seen this film for some months being posted.... That said 50p for a film is cheap


Here are nearly 1000 better better movies; metacritic.com/browse/movies/score/metascore/all/filtered?page=0 And 100 on Rotten Tomatoes; https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/

Xbox one X with 2 year Warranty at CEX - £330
Shipping from ADShipping from AndorraFound 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Just spotted this one too Xbox one X with 2 year Warranty at CEX. If your struggling for local store pickup, Also an unboxed version for £340:- https://uk.webuy.com/product-de… Read more

So basically its the guarantee you'd get if it was new.


It’s not a proper two year warranty either. I can’t remember the exact details, but after 6 months I think they’ll only offer a repair, replacement or refund at the current or purchase price, whichever is less.


Haha, I was being serious and very stupid. I still hadn't had my morning coffee.... Thanks for humouring me anyways!


Can't work out if serious. Means it comes without a box.


Unboxed, as in unopened? That's what that means, right?

Xbox one X with 2 year warranty from CEX - £360
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Xbox one X with 2 year warranty from CEX. Doesn't state if any games are included so maybe better to go to store and see.

It’s only £29 more for a brand new one from the MS store in Switzerland...


Unfortunately this machine proves unquestionably it's the games that matter,it is without question the better machine but ms just doesn't have enough to warrant my purchase of another .


I've had some bad experiences with CEX resently an Nvidia shield Pro that came with no harddrive etc


LOL at the mark up


360 🙃

Google pixel 2 Grade B refurbished - £335 @ CEX
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Great deal on a great phone, the CEX grading means this is likely to come as like new, as grade b on a new phone will likely not have scratches.
Get dealGet deal

(lol) I said, and I quote: you seem like a nice guy so please try not to act like a little child getting into arguments with everyone


Got bored of trolling your own thread so thought you do it by PM instead :/




Hypocrite? 'Grade B is basically like new' (this is an 'educated opinion' is it) (lol) 'Oh, I'll also neglect to mention it's locked to EE anywhere in the post' which makes it an even worse deal. On the subject of education, 'so each to there own i guess'; I think you mean 'their'. People in glass houses and all that... I better go, don't want to freeze to death in here.


(lol) Yeah mate don't spread uneducated opinions around please