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It's back, free £12.50 credit for Rakuten via Metcalfe's popcorn
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
You might remember awhile ago I posted a deal to get £12.50 credit for Rakuten . This didn't last very long though as within a day they pulled the promotion and took away everyone… Read more
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Yeah that's a shame, hopefully the website's just down for the moment but I'll expire the deal for now. Ah well it was good while it lasted, hopefully a few people got to watch some films for free. I know I certainly did, I'm just disappointed it didn't last until Venom was added. I've just had a look and they haven't taken away any content from my accounts yet either.


Looks like promotion has finished


Thanks (highfive)


I will buy and download it to my phone;) .


I would too!

Rakuten : Feel the Force of the Entire Star Wars Saga From Only £6.99
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Rakuten TV deal - Feel the Force of the Entire Space Saga From Only £6.99
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If only eh! :) Quite sneaky how they word these things.


yeah thats what i thought when i posted, apologies


Even worse some are much more than 6.99


Yep, and 'from' £6.99 so some of them are more. I initially read this and thought it was £6.99 for the lot, which admittedly would have been a bonkers deal.... Not bad, but not that great either.


£7 eaach

Logan UHD @ Rakuten.tv - £3.99
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
4k logan from Rakuten. £3.99 I bought HD version from Amazon for £2.99. Would of went for this had I known earlier. Just a shame rakuten still have not increased their UHD support… Read more

Love Marvel!! (popcorn) (y)


Great film, but wish they didn't cast Steve Merchant in it. He's one of them people I can't see as anything other than himself. I kept expecting Ricky Gervais to pop up at some point. Only a small criticism though as the film was really good.


You're in the minority on this excellent film.


Better getting a US itunes code for about £3.


Yeah they have no Sony 4k tv support either.

Mission impossible fallout 4k - £7.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
On a dangerous assignment to recover stolen plutonium, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) chooses to save his team over completing the mission, allowing nuclear weapons to fall into the hands… Read more
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I know I found it after I submitted lol ..... and delete... damn it I can't 😪


Think this was already posted chum.

The Negotiator to buy HD £2.49 or 249 points  Rakuten - use your Wuntu points.
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
What can you get for your 250 Rakuten Wuntu points? Not a lot --- or buy a HD movie with Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike ! Use the mobile app as it appears you cant use the points on th… Read more
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Same thing happening to me? Got most 300 and won't let me use them? (mad)


Better than Sharknado


Only 6.4 on imdb


I've never had a problem buying films if you have enough points


Wuntu points are only for rental not for purchases. Cold from me!

Roku Express + Movie Rental Only £17.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Offer is back again, will go live tomorrow. It is through Wuntu but link will work for everyone hence the seperate post. Only £17.99 for this, with a free movie rental also includ… Read more



Bonus... :D (highfive) :p


They take forever to reply, but usually once they do they sort the issue out. Did you get the refund then?


Third class company , I had to claim for refund when no delivery even when after 29 days, I done many phone calls and emails but no replay and blunder about not stock left & blah blah blah kind of vague reply. Unprofessional company


Brilliant! (y)

Mission Impossible: Fallout from 5.99(sd) to 7.99 (UHD) Rakuten
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Winning in the price stakes at least for the latest Mission Impossible Film released today to own on digital is Rakuten. The firm we all love to hate after "that" incident a few w… Read more

It's a £6 saving on the iTunes version. The one advantage of iTunes is that it's DV.


I'm not aware of any incident ;)


Heat added, good price. And yeah, what incident?


What incident?


Any idea how long this will be at this price for? Hoping to hold out till Wednesday and stack Wuntu codes..... 😁😁

Roku Express + Movie Rental Only £17.99 @ Rakuten TV
Refreshed 17th Oct 2018Refreshed 17th Oct 2018
Bargain from Rakuten! Offer is from Wuntu but the link is generic so it will work for anyone! Only £17.99 for this, with a free movie rental also included, is an absolute bargain … Read more
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That's a shame, CS is very slow but they do sort things out. Not trying to make a joke out of this but I found whorehouse to be funny (lol)


I ordered mine on 31st October and it never showed up, it took about a week of sending emails back and forth for it to get told anything about what was happening with my order, and then they told me it had been returned to the warehouse (except they actually typed whorehouse in the e-mail) and they could send me out one but it could take another 10 days, or they could refund me, so I asked for a refund because at this point I thought the chances of actually getting sent one are slim. Now I've been kept waiting another week with no further replies to my request for a refund. All in all it's been a nightmare and it's still not been sorted yet.


Received today. Unsure of courier. Ordered 22nd Oct.


That's probably the name of someone, glad you got yours finally!


Finally received mine today. Ordered 26th Oct. Was not asked to sign anything when recieved! Carrier was “Doctor Trueta” whatever the hell that is!

Jurassic Park Films - UHD -Rakuten £4.99 each
Found 12th Oct 2018Found 12th Oct 2018
UHD Jurassic Park films £4.99 each at Rakuten. Shame they dont have many 4k platforms but support told me Panasonic and Hisense update coming in the coming months

Total rubbish. When they support consoles amd streaming devices then I will vote hot.


https://help.rakuten.tv/hc/en-gb/articles/360000035129 At this moment we're compatible with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 on the following devices: - Samsung Tizen Smart TV (Models J6xxxx and over from 2015, and newer) - LG Web OS Smart TV (Models from 2016 and newer. Only for movies in UHD) To know if a movie has Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 available, you have to go to the information page of the movie and look for the Dolby icon


True, I won’t use them anymore.


Do they still have their films in stereo only? That was shocking when I saw recent film purchases without surround.


I hope your not talking about them taking back films after abusing the popcorn codes. I lost Dead Pool 2 in uhd but i totally understand why.

Mary and the witch's flower at Rakuten - buy for £4.99
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
50% off this week so great price in my opinion and looks like a fantastic movie.

It's yaoi


We all enjoyed this last night. Thanks.


Yeah absolutely but still within theme I guess.


Should be noted that this isn't actually a studio Ghibli film, it just has a former Ghibli character designer


Think my hp mad daughter will enjoy this. Great

£1.99 UHD Movies to own using code @ Rakuten TV - 14 Movies to choose from / Max 5 per user
Found 26th Sep 2018Found 26th Sep 2018
A few UHD movies can be had to own for £1.99 each with code ezs3gzpcp You need to add the code, select payment method and you'll see the £1.99 price. Not a massive list of movi… Read more

Seems as if it is back up! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-500-credit-for-rakuten-to-purchaserent-movies-5-or-less-eg-ready-player-one-for-449-3067457 Quick, I've claimed multiple codes using 87111 again!


I just thought every rakuten tv member receives a unique code for the 5 movies at £1.99, will use the code in the deal then


You quoted a comment about a completely different deal. The deal in the OP is for up to five UHD films for £1.99, that deal uses the same code for all users. I had a message with the same code from Rakuten myself. The issue of points being removed from accounts was due to a glitched promotion for free points from bags of popcorn. That glitch has now ended and points been removed, they were unique Rakuten codes each time it was redeemed. So the question is which promotion are you trying to redeem? If you are trying to get the free points to then use for this OP deal, that no longer works and everyone who did it had them removed anyway. If you are just trying to get the films for £1.99 each then it should work fine as per the OPs instructions.


Rakuten members should be sent a personal voucher code for this offer... im waiting for mine, the one in the post has already been used so i need a new one if someone has one... that'd be great


What are you talking about? All details including the code are in the OP.

Free Movie Rental (250 Rakuten Points) When Purchasing Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn £1 @ Tesco (Read Description)
Found 23rd Sep 2018Found 23rd Sep 2018
Free movie rental through Rakuten (250 points) when purchasing Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn...which are reduced down to £1 from £1.50. TIP: the code is actually on the outside of the… Read more
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So I'll try to answer my own question seeing as no-one else has :-p I bought a pack today, there was a 5 digit code underneath the barcode. I entered it here and immediately received an email with another code, I entered that code here and it's given me 250 points valid until 26/10. So looks like it is 250 points to use on anything you like, I'll be buying more popcorn tomorrow to see if the codes do stack and I'll let everyone know. Hopefully that means for £4 I'll be able to get Infinity Wars to own and 4 packs of popcorn to enjoy while watching it, very good deal. (Also if anyone's wondering I tried a random 5 digit number and it didn't work, so looks like it has to actually be a number from the back of a pack) Edit: You can actually reuse the same code, I've made a thread here


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/199-uhd-movies-to-own-using-code-rakuten-tv-14-movies-to-choose-from-max-5-per-user-3060331 not sure if stackable etc but i'm sure someone will tell us


So is this definitely £2.50 of points and is it stackackable does anyone know? I've read the t&c and frankly I'm still none the wiser. From the t&c's: "Maximum 5 film rentals per email address with a maximum of 20 unique codes issued by Rakuten per IP address throughout the Promotional Period." It says a maximum of 5 rentals per email address, I assume that means you can add 5 codes to up to 4 accounts so £12.50 credit on each. They also have a list of movies though, so is it only those movies or can the credit be used for any purchase?


Damn i voted cold before i read your comment. Soz


looks like its expired - was on xperia lounge

First 4k movie free on Smart TV with Rakuten
Found 18th Sep 2018Found 18th Sep 2018
If you have a smart tv and have a rekuten app installed and never been registered then you can have first movie free. It says 4k but I'm watching tomb raider right now and free. If… Read more

Not sure I've always watched straight away


once purchased, when does the 48hour kick in?


Yes ur card details must be genuine But u wont be charged


Then do you need to enter valid card details?


Don't exist! A series of numbers/letters then hotmail or Googlemail.com along with a random password

Deadpool 2 Movie In Ultra HD (Same Price As HD) £11.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
Just bought this, and plan on watching it very soon. The ultra HD is the same price as the HD version. After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (W… Read more

Fab movie, (y) Sadly i’ll be getting it on good old fashioned dvd


Didn’t like the first one so the thought of wasting 2 hours on a repeat doesn’t appeal


0.000001% will be able to see in uhd because rakuten uhd support is next to non existent


Only film you've seen, by the sound of it. ;)


Love deadpool too... but dp2 was easily the worst film I've seen this year.... (poo)

£6.99 Life of the Party (new Melissa McCarthy film) - HD & UHD @ Rakuten TV
Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
Just £6.99 for Life of the Party in HD and UHD. Can't comment on the quality of the film but it's a new release at a cheap price - might be worth using your 350 Wuntu points towar… Read more
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Any films you can buy for 350 points?


Happy to give mine away for kids now tv pass worth around the same


A quiet place was quite good and only 345 points.


Looks like I can only get frozen fever lol


Anyone know any films I can purchase with my 350 rakuten points this week. Doesn't seem to be any :(

Blade Runner 2049 @ Rakuten
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
Blade Runner 2049 @ Rakuten
Buy (not rent) the movie Blade Runner 2049 for only £3.49. If you can get free Rakuten points via Wuntu (Three customers only), then you can use these points to purchase too.

If you want a code,send a PM.


I don't suppose anyone has a spare Rakuten code please?


£7 for HD.


Only problem is there’s now less and less ways to stream or cast uv films to TV. Some title only let you watch on a phone/tablet.


Honestly not worth watching in SD, get HD or if you can the UHD version, awesome movie

ROKU Express + Flatliners in HD £23.99 Delivered @ Rakuten TV
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
ROKU Express + Flatliners in HD £23.99 Delivered @ Rakuten TV
New Roku offer from Rakuten, giving you Flatliners in HD, along with your very own Roku Express. Roku Express lets you stream movies from Netflix, Rakuten, Now TV, Amazon, catchup… Read more

Does anyone know if the roku express is able to play hevc/h265? I asked the roku support a while back but they were pretty useless. I know that the more expensive roku 4k supports hevc, and apparently the 2 models have the same chip.


If your tv has a usb port, you can plug the bundled cable into the back of the tv. The tv provides sufficient power to the Express module


I have a Roku Express and the older Roku sticks. Very user friendly, support most if not all subscription services and can also be controlled by your smartphone via the app.


The youtube app is still available on my firestick - since they stopped officially supporting Youtube it doesn't open up immediately, it just asks if you want to open the silk browser (or Firefox) to watch youtube videos. Hardly any different imo


These are £29.99 on Amazon, so this is a good price. I have a Roku that looks like a Now TV box, and it's pretty good, even if it does reset randomly. I wonder if these are as powerful...I ask because I find the Firestick takes all day to work.

ROKU express + Select a movie to rent for £23.99 - Including Home Alone 1 or 2, X-Men origins, Snoopy & more  @ Rakuten TV
Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018
now dropped to £23.99, you can now choose from various move rentals Full List Here Good offer, good for streaming Movies, Netflix, Now TV, Amazon, Catch up and more Top fe… Read more
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It was the wuntu promotion that you used?


Mine arrived out of the blue today, about an hour after they finally replied to emails and offered a refund. I cancelled that, and they did then give me a new code for a movie rental


Same, they just grab your email and payment details in their database, and then kick you in the @&&...


help@rakuten.tv was the address I emailed a d they drag their heels a bit to be honest but a couple of days later they replied.heres the reply.... Note the name at the bottom ;) ........ Thank you very much for your patience.  We are very sorry you have not yet received the Roku Devise.  The warehouse got in contact with us and informed that your delivery go delayed because of lack of inventory.  If you would like us to issue a refund for you please let us know. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience while the delivery company sorts our the situation with the inventory.  Thank you very much for your understanding.  Kind regards, Bruce Wayne, Rakuten TV team


Ok, thanks for letting me know. Out of interest how did you get hold of them in the end? Was it a reply from an email sent to help-uk@rakuten.tv? How long did that take?

JUMANJI (UHD) - £6.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 15th Aug 2018Found 15th Aug 2018
JUMANJI (UHD) - £6.99 @ Rakuten TV
Jumanji (UHD) £6.99 on Rakuten

The UHD version is £13.99, I think the £6.99 UHD is for new customers only, standard version is £4.99, HD version is £6.99 and UHD is £13.99 when I login in.


Is this Dolby Vision?


Yeah at least it is the new one. People overrate the old one cos poor Robin Williams has died and also because they were young when they first watched it. P.s. voted hot even though right now rakuten aint great at letting us watch uhd


Agreed. It was good I think


I found the remake to be much funnier. Voted hot