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Independence Day ID4 in UHD £1.99 / 199 points from Rakuten TV
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
This is probably a price match with Google Play store and iTunes, but I thought this was worth its own post for a couple of reasons: you might have some points sitting around expir… Read more
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Had an issue with no Dolby 5.1 with Rakuten


Best of the smart TV apps? With Rakuten not supporting UHD on my flagship Sony TV I'm not so sure about that!

Assassin's Creed 4k HDR - £3.99 Rakuten TV
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
£3.99 for the UHD version

Not bad. Thanks


I'm only hoping Apple/LG bring the app to my B8 OLED. They definitely have the most 4K Dolby Vision content. If the app doesn't come I'll get an Apple TV 4K box.


There are so many services out there now for buying films digitally. This is a good price, but I opted to buy all my purchases on Apple TV (plays on my Samsung tv). It would annoy me now if my films were across multiple services.


Forgot this existed


Yeah I agree, I've only bought a couple of HDR films from Rakuten so far but very impressed with the quality.

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The Martian 4k HDR - £2.99 Rakuten TV
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
£2.99 bargain price for a great film On Rakuten TV

I bought a movie on my phone that said UHD but when I played it back on my Panasonic smart TV I noticed the sound was only stereo 2.0. Complained and they told me I only purchased the HD version (not 5.1 what the!!!!) They refunded me but I will very sceptical about any further offers from them :(


They should rename this film 'Potatoes in space'. Great film.


Bought it on my phone in 4k in the eventuality they do support Sony devices in the future. Voted hot.


All that tells me is Rakuten don't support certain Sony products :o Have a check https://help.rakuten.tv/hc/en-gb/articles/201547311-Devices-Compatible-with-Rakuten-TV?mobile_site=true


Showing only hd on my Sony 4k player too 😣

Life Of Pi 4k HDR - £2.99 Rakuten TV
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Good offer On Rakuten TV for Life Of Pi £2.99 for the 4k HDR version

Already have on 3D bluray, not sure it's worth it for me on UHD I do have a 4K tv. Great movie IMO


I wouldn't hang around with these offers because they've been up for a month as part of a "May Madness" offer. They'll probably go back up tomorrow.


Rakuten need to expand their uhd support. Then I would buy and rent from them. Hello....xbox one s


Ooh nice. Already have it but pretty tempted, can imagine it looking quite stunning in HDR.

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Open a new Rakuten TV account on smart TV app to rent a free film in UHD
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Open a new rakuten TV account on your smart TV app to rent a free film in UHD.
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No, what I meant was have you used this particular TV with Rakuten at all in the past? (HD or UDH wouldn't matter here) Like what fizzlewizzle was referring to here: "Most likely use the TV mac address as unique identifier if its the built in TV app"


No when I first bought the TV it was get your first film in HD for 99p l. I believe they have only just added support for 4k UHD streaming


Am I right in assuming you've never used this particular TV with Rakuten before? If yes, then you should add it to the post's title - as it is an important aspect to getting this offer.


Very few TVs support 4k on their app


I did it on the app on my lg tv

The Greatest Showman UHD £5.99 @ Rakuten TV
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Step right up... and into the spellbinding imagination of a man who set out to reveal that life itself can be the most thrilling show of all. Inspired by the legend and ambitions o… Read more

Good price but you can get the 4k version from Chili for £5 at the moment (until tomorrow) using this deal.


Great price I paid £25 'for mine few months ago!


It might, but the Blu-ray audio data will still be peaking at around 25Mbps while Rakuten, Netflix et al will be at <1Mbps. If you have a half decent audio setup the difference is enormous.


Why? Doesn't the 4k include Atmos?


Great price, but if you’ve got a decent audio system I’d stick to the Blu-ray.

[FREE] Check your emails for voucher code to rent a film in HD for FREE - choice of 42 films @ Rakuten TV
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
"Have you heard? Our world-class content is now available across Europe, and we’d like to celebrate by giving you a movie rental on us." "Simply enter the code to receive Rakuten … Read more

Mine had been sitting in the Junk folder for the past 2 days (shock) Thanks OP (y)


I, too, just got the email. About two hours ago. (y) The subject was Happy Weekend: A movie on us!


Ha, that's the one I got. Only received this evening though so perhaps they are sending them out in batches


If anyone does not want theirs, I would really appreciate it if you could PM me your code. Thanks :)


Sorry to hear, ladies & gents, perhaps make a secondary account using a different email address (& payment method if necessary) & you may get it with at least the one account. I also know the codes work on other accounts (I've shared discount codes on here before with others & they worked fine), so if you're logged into devices on one account, no need to logout & login with the secondary account to use the code (i.e. if you get it on the 'secondary' account that's not already logged-in, if you know what I'm mean).

Rakuten £10 Super points voucher with purchase - check your emails
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Got an email saying that I have a free £10 voucher as I haven't shopped with them for years. So may be worth checking. But for the life of me I can't find it anywhere on my account… Read more
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@SteelRat cheers for the heads up buddy. I haven't got the app but did check the web version and no £10 to be found. Seems like I have to chat to customer service to get the freebie lol


I’ve purchased through Rakuten twice now with one of these offers. Once on a PC, once on a phone. Neither tracked the purchase and I was not awarded the points. It took months to get a response from Rakuten customer service, but they did eventually reward the points. I’m pretty sure this is customer specific. If you have this offer, just be mindful it may not track and to get your points you will wait a very long time and have to chase Rakuten for them

DC Heroes Movies Sale UHD - £4.99 @ Rakuten
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Quite a few DC movies on sale, a number in UHD.

Awesome picked up the dark Knight


It's not the extended version.


Voted hot for UHD 4k


Does anyone know if Suicide Squad is the extended version?


Same on itunes with DV/Atmos

99p Movie Rental @ RakutenTV (New Customers) on ROKU devices
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th AprLocalLocal
If you haven't used the rakuten tv app on your ROKU device, if you sign up you receive a welcome gift of any movie for 99p. Worth it if you're looking for a movie that's not on oth… Read more
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Harry potter collection UHD £4.99 each to own Rakuten
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Harry potter collection UHD £4.99 each to own Rakuten
All harry potter's 4k 1-8 £4.99 On rakuten video streaming site to own
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UHD not supported on Sony TVs... Now that's just lazy.


Just seen this, was about to post.


Same price for complete collection on iTunes (£40) if anyone would prefer to buy from there.

99p UHD movie rental @ Rakuten with Hisense TV (New customers)
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
99p UHD movie rental @ Rakuten with Hisense TV (New customers)
Rakuten are offering 99p movie rentals at high resolution on my Hisense TV (maybe on other brands). Worth a check. You can be a new customer by using different email addresses.

Just to add if anyone is still visiting here. If you have a friend with this deal, you can rent the movie on the TV, and log in to the account elsewhere. Just make sure to log out before you leave just in case ;)


There is no code. I don’t think it works on the website directly. Only if your smart TV has Rakuten app and you’ll see the offer as per the picture above. You select your film and it will show as 99p for the rental.


do you need a code? i can't see anything mentioning this on the site, or do you have to join first? thanks


Ok thanks


All movies

Check your emails for voucher code to rent a film in HD for only 20p - choice of 20 latest films @ Rakuten TV
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Check your emails for voucher code to rent a film in HD for only 20p - choice of 20 latest films @ Rakuten TV
The main deal link takes you to the choice of 20 films (or view them in pic below)... First 1500 redemptions only, so be quick! Added a little later: They will be unique… Read more

Anyone got a spare code hanging around?


Any spare codes? :)


Any spare codes doing the rounds?


I miss the days of Wuaki and their ridiculous “buy 10 films for a pound” offers


They are possibly sent to accounts which are not used much/are dormant. I very rarely pay full price to rent, but make use of such offers. Usually get 99p offers, this is the best one ever.

Rakuten Movies From £2.99 Including UHD 4k Titles
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
I know its been mentioned on google play tho no uhd im aware and iTunes but accessed the rakuten app from the tv and there's loads of uhd 4k titles available to buy from £2.99 defi… Read more

Smart tv options for playback are very limited too. "At this moment our UHD/4k content is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen OS (year of manufacture 2015, models higher than J6000, and newer) and UHD resolution, and LG Smart TV's with Web OS (year of manufacture 2016 and newer) and UHD resolution. Our UHD/4k content is also available in Panasonic Smart TV (starting from year of manufacture 2018)."


Not if you can buy the UHD version for the same price on Prime. Even if you don't have a 4k TV now, if you're purchasing, you might as well buy the UHD version


HD is good enough quality one would think, no?


Such a shame as they would have been a good alternative to an apple tv uhd movies.


Damn your right guys that is sneaky jumps up by couple £ for uhd.

It's back, free £12.50 credit for Rakuten via Metcalfe's popcorn
Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
You might remember awhile ago I posted a deal to get £12.50 credit for Rakuten . This didn't last very long though as within a day they pulled the promotion and took away everyone… Read more
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So I tried to make a new post last night to say how this still works, but it got rejected as apparently "the merchant (Metcalfe's Movies) isn't suitable for HotUKDeals" despite the fact I've already posted this deal twice now. I just wanted to mention it one last time though as the offer finishes at the end of this month, and I thought people might want to watch a new movie over the Easter weekend. Hopefully people are still subscribed to this thread, and will find it useful. It still works mostly the same as in my original post, although they have added a couple of restrictions since. As you can only add one popcorn code every 48 hours per email address, you need to use 5 different emails to get the full 1,250 points in one go (you can add them all to the same Rakuten account though) Also I think they may be stopping too many claims from the same IP address, so I used incognito mode when filling out the page. Remember though they may take away credit/films at any time, so just think of this as a free rental service. I have been using it since it started though, I now have about 8 accounts with them, lol. None of my content has been taken away (apart from the very first time when they temporarily removed the promotion) Also I highly recommend creating a new Rakuten account (it literally takes less than a minute) as last time some people reported Rakuten taking away content they had purchased before this promotion. I hope this helps some people, it's a great way to watch the latest releases for free (Mary Poppins might be a good choice for an Easter Sunday family film, personally I'm planning to watch Into the spiderverse later) (y)


Yeah that's a shame, hopefully the website's just down for the moment but I'll expire the deal for now. Ah well it was good while it lasted, hopefully a few people got to watch some films for free. I know I certainly did, I'm just disappointed it didn't last until Venom was added. I've just had a look and they haven't taken away any content from my accounts yet either.


Looks like promotion has finished


Thanks (highfive)


I will buy and download it to my phone;) .

Rakuten : Feel the Force of the Entire Star Wars Saga From Only £6.99
Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Rakuten : Feel the Force of the Entire Star Wars Saga From Only £6.99
Rakuten TV deal - Feel the Force of the Entire Space Saga From Only £6.99
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If only eh! :) Quite sneaky how they word these things.


yeah thats what i thought when i posted, apologies


Even worse some are much more than 6.99


Yep, and 'from' £6.99 so some of them are more. I initially read this and thought it was £6.99 for the lot, which admittedly would have been a bonkers deal.... Not bad, but not that great either.


£7 eaach

Logan UHD @ Rakuten.tv - £3.99
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Logan UHD @ Rakuten.tv - £3.99
4k logan from Rakuten. £3.99 I bought HD version from Amazon for £2.99. Would of went for this had I known earlier. Just a shame rakuten still have not increased their UHD support… Read more

Love Marvel!! (popcorn) (y)


Great film, but wish they didn't cast Steve Merchant in it. He's one of them people I can't see as anything other than himself. I kept expecting Ricky Gervais to pop up at some point. Only a small criticism though as the film was really good.


You're in the minority on this excellent film.


Better getting a US itunes code for about £3.


Yeah they have no Sony 4k tv support either.

Mission impossible fallout 4k - £7.99 @ Rakuten TV
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Mission impossible fallout 4k - £7.99 @ Rakuten TV
On a dangerous assignment to recover stolen plutonium, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) chooses to save his team over completing the mission, allowing nuclear weapons to fall into the hands… Read more
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I know I found it after I submitted lol ..... and delete... damn it I can't 😪


Think this was already posted chum.

The Negotiator to buy HD £2.49 or 249 points  Rakuten - use your Wuntu points.
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
The Negotiator to buy HD £2.49 or 249 points Rakuten - use your Wuntu points.
What can you get for your 250 Rakuten Wuntu points? Not a lot --- or buy a HD movie with Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike ! Use the mobile app as it appears you cant use the points on th… Read more
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Look at the full list of £2.49 films here (or at least, under £3): https://www.justwatch.com/uk/provider/rakuten-tv?max_price=3


Same thing happening to me? Got most 300 and won't let me use them? (mad)


Better than Sharknado


Only 6.4 on imdb


I've never had a problem buying films if you have enough points

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