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Draper 15395 Coloured Metric Spanner 13 Piece Set - £21.50 + £4.95 p&p @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Draper 15395 Coloured Metric Spanner 13 Piece Set - £21.50 + £4.95 p&p @ UK Tool Centre
Draper 13 piece metric spanner set, consisting of easily identifiable coloured spanners. Each spanner has a 15 degrees offset pattern, providing the operator with greater comfort a… Read more
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Can't wait to buy my imperial size tools for 3 shillings and a tuppence, while smoking inside a shop...


It would be good if all spanners and sockets were to be colour coded to a standard set of colours agreed by all tool makers. I would suggest that 10mm should be the most striking colour and none should be black.


I only ever hear friends in the south of England mix brought and bought up.


Nicely considered answer. Cheers.


18mm is one of the biggest in those size sets so dropping it would make a big difference in production costs(more than say, dropping the 11mm even though 11mm is pretty useless). It is also probably one of the least used in that range from a work shop point of view. European cars use 8,10,13,15,17 and 19. 16 and 18 are used but more so when there's serious work to be done(hence serious sets have them). Asian cars use mostly the even numbers so a set like this would suit most light garage work, cover most basis. 18 is used but it would be the one I'd cut if I was marketing this set. Just my opinion of course (y)

Draper 34334 Expert 1/2 Inch Sq. Dr. 640mm Flexible Handle Breaker Bar - £8.99 + £3.49 P&P @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 27th Oct 2018Posted 27th Oct 2018
I think it's a good price for this. Good to have in the boot of your car in those emergency situations either for changing flat tyres or self defense XD . Thanks for looking!

Great deal


nearly broke mine the other day trying to remove a bolt off a focus that the underneath looks like its been sat next to the titanic...


cheers bought one heat added




LED Lenser LL1025 Twin Pack With H3 Head Torch & K2 Key Light £17.95 (+£3.49 P&P) UK Tool Centre
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Posted 22nd Aug 2018Posted 22nd Aug 2018
LED Lenser LL1025 Twin Pack With H3 Head Torch & K2 Key Light £17.95 (+£3.49 P&P) UK Tool Centre
Just found this little set while looking for a new headlamp for fishing, thought it was a decent price. Add £3.49 for delivery LED Lenser H3 Power: 60 lumens max. Run Time… Read more

Brilliant headlamps for fishing. I have the led lenser h7r.2 , holds easily enough charge for a session. Good price , I'll order one as a spare.

Karcher WB60 car brush £12.67 inc p&p @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 24th Jul 2018Posted 24th Jul 2018
Karcher WB60 car brush £12.67 inc p&p @ UK Tool Centre
Was looking for a car brush after ordering from this deal and found this. Website has good reviews on tr… Read more
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I must admit I'm not someone who lives just to polish the car. If there are any marks which have resulted from the brush use on my car I can't see them.


Thats why theres a thing called snow foam that coats and takes off the dirt.


Did you like that one haaha


Impossible. Put it under a sun gun or sunlight and it'll be swirled to hell, 100% guarantee it. This is a brand new car I detailed that the dealer washed prior to delivery.


Used one for years and never left a mark. Think your just as likely, or possibly more so, to damage your paintwork with a washmitt if you inadvertently pick up some grit. However product is no longer available on the site.

NILFISK ALTO C110.7-5 PC X-TRA PRESSURE WASHER WITH PATIO CLEANER 110 BAR 240V - £84.94 delivered @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 22nd Apr 2018Posted 22nd Apr 2018
NILFISK ALTO C110.7-5 PC X-TRA PRESSURE WASHER WITH PATIO CLEANER 110 BAR 240V - £84.94 delivered @ UK Tool Centre
Wanted a Nilfisk with all the extras, this seems to be the best price going.

Maybe I just got a bad one. After being able to compare it to the Lavor and the Spear and Jackson it's just poor in comparison. It's very light in weight as well when compared so not sure what's inside it. The spec says it has an aluminium pump. I did look at the C125 but one thing I didn't like on the Nilfisk and Bosch was the detergent gun as I prefer an onboard tank. Horses for courses as with a tank you have to drain the detergent out if you want to swap detergent. Also the on board tanks only operate detergent at low pressure. The Spear and Jackson has performed quite well so far.


I read a lot of reviews on Amazon that said the same about the C120 machine I bought last week from them but I just can't understand it, unless it's something to do with water pressure. :/ Granted mine is the C120 so 5psi more pressure, but I don't think that would make a difference. I used mine last weekend to clean our decking and paths that had 5 years worth of green sludge, mud, moss and algae and it was perfect, cleaned them all up to like new and just went on and on even when I was using it for hours none stop. It even took the green paint off the rear decking rails that we painted about 4 years ago - took the paint clean off down to bare wood, which previously only sandpaper would touch!! Much to my wife's annoyance though as she liked it painted!! :D There's no way I would clean my car with the C120 as it would probably take the paint off that also!!


Actually only 80 bar operating pressure. The 110 bar is the maximum pump pressure like when you first turn it on. I have this model and don't rate it at all. Nowhere near as good as my dad's Lavor machine purchased from Lidl and not as good as my Spear and Jackson 1800 watt washer. Conflicting spec on the litres per hour depending on where you look. For the record mine was £54.99 from Argos a while back with all the extras and certainly not a model I would buy again. If anyone lives in Hull you can have my nilfisk for £15, used twice. Cleans the car well but no good for green algae on patios.


Brilliant quality item! :)

chrismc20050 Avoid below K4 KArchers, they are air cooled pumps and dont last. Higher models are water cooled and last longer. i had the original K4 from 2004, but the hose on it sprung a leak due to wear and tear, i couldnt source alternative because the fittings have changed over 14 years. Purchased a K7 for £300. Makes life soo much easier with 180 bar pressure :D

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2X2AH XR LI-ION BRUSHLESS COMBI/IMPACT TWIN KIT. 187.20 delivered @ UK tool centre
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
2X2AH XR LI-ION BRUSHLESS COMBI/IMPACT TWIN KIT. 187.20 delivered @ UK tool centre
DCD777 brushless drill driver DCF787 brushless impact driver 2 x DCB183 2.0ah batteries DCB113 charger TSTAK II kit box

That’s the basic version with plastic chuck etc. You really want metal - hence the price difference. Brushless just means the batteries will last longer really.


That looks like an excellent deal. I got the the previous £150 brushed set, but this looks like a better deal to me.


£10 cashback from voucherbox


That's a bit cheap for brushless right..?

5mtr and 8mtr Stanley Tylon Tape twin pack £7.50 + £2.50 del on orders under £75 @UK toolbox
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
5mtr and 8mtr Stanley Tylon Tape twin pack £7.50 + £2.50 del on orders under £75 @UK toolbox
Twin pack of tape measures 5+8mtr Stanley Tylon. Best of all its not screwfix lucky dip!!. Delivery is £2.50 on orders under £75
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Screwfix "Not available for delivery" also no stock in the nearest stores to me hence 'lucky dip'


Screwfix lucky dip? Same price at screwfix if you click and collect. But x2 8m instead.

MAKITA DLX6068PT 18V 6PC COMBO KIT 3 X 5AH, half price £649 @ UKToolCentre
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Posted 17th Sep 2017Posted 17th Sep 2017
MAKITA DLX6068PT 18V 6PC COMBO KIT 3 X 5AH, half price £649 @ UKToolCentre
It says more than half price discount. I mean i vould. Find similar prices but do you think this 6 pieces kit from makita is any good value. To be honest i am suprised it comes wit… Read more
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Cheaper to buy separate from different venders. Batteries are £65 each or £100 for 2 (refurbished) I only use Makita tools now but will always buy Brushless.


Any alternative suggestions or best to wait till black Friday?


the best kit you can buy imo if your in the trade


This is not "half price" but still a good deal - heat


Looks good

STANLEY FATMAX TOOL BACKPACK £34.80 - uktoolcentre
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Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
STANLEY FATMAX TOOL BACKPACK £34.80 - uktoolcentre
lowest price i've seen this at in a while - canny seem to find it cheaper anywhere else. Shopped here before and always been a half decent service, P&P is a bit steep tho also… Read more
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when i checked i couldn't find the product on Amazon or Ebay - thanks for highlighting! bit late now because i've already purchased but with only £2 in it - not the end of the world i suppose :(


OP = £37.50 delivered. Consider same STA195611 is £34.90 dlvd next day or £32.95 dlvd fulfilled Amazon 1-2 months Possibly prudent to defer the not so credible prices from new sellers using the Amazon / ebay platform.

MILWAUKEE M18 BJS JIGSAW (No Battery) - Free delivery £132 - UKToolCentre
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Posted 5th Aug 2017Posted 5th Aug 2017
MILWAUKEE M18 BJS JIGSAW (No Battery) - Free delivery £132 - UKToolCentre
Seems to be £30 cheaper than the nearest reseller according to Google shopping. Good deal if you're into the Milwaukee echosystem. The Milwaukee M18 BJS Jigsaw is fitted with a … Read more

Your find that most users here are the kind of person who is happy to pay £10 for a tool from say Aldi and use it once or twice a year, those few professional users who use these tools day in day out at work will know the difference between the brands, this is an excellent price so voted hot


Heat from me but people expect things like this for £50 with a battery! - unfortunately there are lots of fly-by cold voters, they seem to take great pleasure in voting cold unless they specifically want that product.


why cold ? , I've been after one of these for awhile and this is a good price, I've got all milwaukee anyway = Hot from me

Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer 145 Bar 240 Volt £296 @ Uk tool center
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Posted 17th May 2017Posted 17th May 2017
Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer 145 Bar 240 Volt £296 @ Uk tool center
Also found this whist looking around the site, saw one similar on another site recently and this is about £60 cheaper so could be a decent deal for anyone looking to get a new pres… Read more
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This is an old model...they now have the 'plus' model with a better lance and control with no need to change them just to get a different jet as they are built into it (3-in-1) and seems much better than having stacks of tools to lug around. You can get a refurbished 'plus' unit for about £20 less, alas without the patio cleaner attchmnt


is that one yellow though... could you pretend it's karcher




to be honest the new full control range have had a poor right up. I got a k7 compact with the same attachments from Homebase for £259. 160bar and Flo rate of 600 ltrs per min. it's a fantastic machine.


At this price u might as well give the aldi workzone one a try. Check my post history n u'll see. £79.99 for 150 bar,2.2kw. N this is £296 for 145 bar,2.1kw

DeWalt Premium Combi Drill & Impact Driver Kit 18 Volt - £329.95 @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 17th May 2017Posted 17th May 2017
DeWalt Premium Combi Drill & Impact Driver Kit 18 Volt - £329.95 @ UK Tool Centre
found this deal on UK Tool Centre for DeWalt DCK290M2 XRP Premium Combi Drill & Impact Driver Kit 18 Volt - £329.95 inc VAT with free delivery- RRP £915.60. had a quick look a… Read more
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not a great price for Non Brushless 18v Dewalt's. You could price these up individually for quitre a bit less... Screwfix recently had a brushless version similar to this one for £250 (it's out of stock now), 3 x 2ah batteries, but with what you'd of saved you could of bought yourself an extra 5ah battery and still of had some change.


Also UK Tool Centre deals has the Hammer Deal whilst Screwfix is the Combi Drill


i think the only difference is the batteries, UK Tool Centre have the same kit you mentioned but it's more expensive


What's the difference with this to that?

Kew Nilfisk Alto C110.7-5 PCA X-TRA Pressure Washer With Patio & Drain Cleaner 110 Bar - £69.95 @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 14th Apr 2017Posted 14th Apr 2017
Kew Nilfisk Alto C110.7-5 PCA X-TRA Pressure Washer With Patio & Drain Cleaner 110 Bar - £69.95 @ UK Tool Centre
I got a marketing email this morning from the people who were doing a decent deal on Leathermans a few weeks ago, this seems like a good deal and looking around I haven't been able… Read more

4.04% TCB

Leatherman Wingman £34.49 @ uk Tool Center
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Posted 28th Feb 2017Posted 28th Feb 2017LocalLocal
Leatherman Wingman £34.49 @ uk Tool Center
usually £69.95 on Amazon, currently £46.70! great multi-tool that gets great reviews got mine from UK TOOL STATION today for £36.99 including delivery! Key Features Lightweight P… Read more
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Couldn't make my mind up between the Wingman and this one. So bought both.


Useful to know, thanks. When I eventually lose my Flair I might consider one of those.


The Leatherman Juice range have non locking blades. I've carried my CS4 daily since 2008. The Juice S2 has everything this has minus the file and pick but gains a smaller flat head screw driver.


Big demonstration in Manchester City Center this weekend. What if...


Do you still get a lifetime guarentee on these?

DeWalt DCD785M1 XR 2 Speed Combi Drill 18 Volt 1 x 4.0Ah Li Ion £129 @ UK Tool center
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Posted 4th Jan 2017Posted 4th Jan 2017
DeWalt DCD785M1 XR 2 Speed Combi Drill 18 Volt 1 x 4.0Ah Li Ion £129 @ UK Tool center
This looks like a good deal with the 4.0ah battery.
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Agree but needed to do about 2,500 hidden screws and over 1000 bracket screws vs 50 coach screws....two standard drills was the choice!


​try and impact driver for these types of jobs. so much better


Great price, Greta quality battery lasts ages


Is the one in the link in this message not the same drill and battery for just under a tenner less?


Good drill for the money and great battery capacity. Out torques my Ryobi One with 5AH battery significantly. I used one of these to build a couple of huge multi level decks with hidden screws, didn't skip a beat, even getting 80mm long x 10mm coach screws in

Wera Advent Calendar 2016 was £78 now £39.95 @ UK Tool Centre
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Posted 15th Oct 2016Posted 15th Oct 2016
Wera Advent Calendar 2016 was £78 now £39.95 @ UK Tool Centre
The Advent Caldendar by Wera is perfect for the professional and DIY enthusiast, included in this unique gift idea are 24 professional quality screwdriving tools so you can build y… Read more
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I've seen it all!


Decent pics on Amazon, Now to convince the Mrs I need this!


loved it


Awesome. Simply awesome. :{

Yale Easy Fit Standard Alarm with Smoke Detector + Key Fob at UKToolCentre for £89.99
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Posted 23rd Jul 2016Posted 23rd Jul 2016
Yale Easy Fit Standard Alarm with Smoke Detector + Key Fob at UKToolCentre for £89.99
Thats right. 2 PIR detectors, 2 Door contacts, keypad, smoke detector and keyfob for £89.99. If you are looking to add to your existing system or starting from scratch this is wor… Read more

I haven't set it up yet but according to the instructions everything is pre linked except the smoke detector and keyfob which are additions that are not standard to the alarm kit. the instructions say it is pretty easy to link them though. If you want the full spec google "Standard Alarm Kit - EF-KIT1" and the top link to the yale site will take you to a page that will allow you to download the PDF instructions.


just found it does cheers again ordered ​does this come pre linked or do you have to link yourself and is the bell do a siren just checking the full spec thanks


​perfect thank you worth buying it then


it says 868mhz on the box


can anyone tell me what frequency this uses please is it 433 or 868 thanks

LED Lenser SEO7-R Rechargeable Head Torch from UK Tool Centre for £47.75
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Posted 4th Jul 2016Posted 4th Jul 2016
LED Lenser SEO7-R Rechargeable Head Torch from UK Tool Centre for £47.75
This is an excellent head torch that I have had for a couple of years now. It is very bright and comes with a Lithium Ion battery that can be charged using a micro USB (mobile pho… Read more
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What LED chip is in the SE07? Subjectively I reckon I get 600 lumens from my T6, certainly in a dark room my photographic light meter reads the same as a Philips 650 lumen spot lamp moved to give the same beam radius. So maybe the Chinese lamps aren't so far from running the Crees at their maximum output, which considering the ease of driving an LED, it's not hard to achieve, I'm not entirely sure why we'd expect the Chinese lamps to be 50% down on power output. Regardless of anything else for 1/4 the price I get 2-3x the quoted output of the SE07. As for being bright, that's surely the whole point of a light? A car headlamp is going to output in 1000s of lumens, so long as a bike light is used correctly and points down at the road, what's the problem, yeah there are those that cycle with them pointing to blind oncoming traffic, but equally well plenty of cars do the same, as a cyclist, I seem not to count as a road user where car users care about dipping. I'm sure this is a lovely headlight and produces plenty of light, but you're paying a hefty premium for the name. mike


Not many road users up the side of a mountain where I use mine ;) I think battery life is far more valuable to a user than brightness. Also having that extra brightness spread over a wider area, so in effect it is the same brightness giving a wider field of view, might be useful in some circumstances. If brighter isn't better Tesco sell head torches for £5 and Poundland probably have some.


Only 1 of your links work. As you say dont believe the lumens advertised, but your wrong on the max it could deliver. An xml t6 can only deliver a max of 1020lm driven at full power, most of the cheap chinese is only about 50%. So a 1800lm t6 will be more like 500lm (if your lucky). The 5000lm dual XML U2, can only be driven at a max of about 1000lm and having 2 does gives twice the light either, so you are looking at about 800 emitter lumens max. AS for newer tech, T6 has been out for a good 5 years now, so very old in led terms. As for brighter is better, yeah other road users really love to have those lights blinding them.


Thrunite TH20 on Amazon would be my choice for a high quality headlight ;)


Quality isn't that bad is what I said, I've got around 6 bike lights that all convert to head torches, my original set were bought around 6 years ago and have probably done 1000s of miles in atrocious conditions in Manchester, still running fine on the original battery. The only reason I upgrade is to get brighter newer LEDs, at the end of the day, being seen or being able to see is the most important reason behind a light like these, 220lm is frankly insulting at that price. Of the ones I have these are some examples, although I can't vouch for the seller, but they give you an idea Very, very bright, I use these on trails or areas without street lighting, battery isn't well waterproofed, so best to put a bag round them. I have one set of these I use throughout the summer (which usually means rain) at night to hunt for slugs in the garden, so around 1 hr per day for 2 or 3 months. These are probably the least reliable, I've had one battery fail (out of 5), 2 lights have failed, one of which shorted, got very hot and now no longer allows variation of the light output, but still works fine on full beam. The remaining lights still work. If buying these for cycling, buy two, so you've got a backup. Treat as an annual expense and you won't be disappointed, I'd estimate the lumens at more like 2000-3000 but not shoddy at all. My oldest LED light is like this one, not as bright as the earlier ones, but nevertheless completely outstrips pretty much anything from a UK based company under £100. Mine has an older LED but the design seems good. Perhaps my favourite lights are similar to these, I couldn't find the listing I bought mine from These have the same spec and run off a USB battery pack, which is useful because you can use your own. My particular set cost around £6 without batteries, but came with a bulb cover, which turns the LED from a spot to a bulb, dead handy for camping. These are just examples of cheap and cheerful LEDs that can be used as headlamps. I would say follow these rules and you'll be happy, in most cases they are pretty reliable and much better. 1) Never leave the battery pack charging unattended. When you feel the weight of the charger, you realise there's not much protection. If I can't find an alternative charger and have to use the supplied one, I charge in the kitchen next to the kettle so it's never unattended for long, I never charge overnight, just in case. The USB varieties of course don't have this problem. 2) On a bicycle I always carry a spare, some have a habit of dying without warning rather than getting dim, though I've found this is 50:50. I always carry a standard AA powered UK light for emergencies. 3) Don't believe the lumens advertised. Chinese sellers seem pretty lax when it comes to the truth, the lumens figure quoted is usually the max. the LED could deliver in ideal conditions, with a power supply way in excess of that supplied. 4) These are not lifetime purchases, if you get 2 or 3 years out of them be happy (if you're paying 1/4 the price for 10x the brightness, don't expect longevity), but with the way technology is moving, you might want to replace with newer brighter lights at that point anyway. mike

advent calendar 2015 - wera-tools (via uk tool centre) - £49.95
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Posted 1st Dec 2015Posted 1st Dec 2015
advent calendar 2015 - wera-tools (via uk tool centre) - £49.95
get tooled up for advent! Jesus was a tradesman so i'm sure he'd appreciate the christmas context. saving £55.05 on usual price - £105

What a silly product



interesting bazwaz - take it up with toolcentre and ask why amazon are selling it cheaper.


Amazons rrp was £43.99 uk tool centre are trying to fall you :)


Heat begging = COLD