Ultima VIII - Gold Edition £1.39 @ GOG

Ultima VIII - Gold Edition £1.39 @ GOG

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  • Dark, engrossing story with a moral dilemma: will you accept evil for the sake of the greater good?
  • Much more action-oriented than previous instalments with fluent and responsive combat mechanics and new ways to explore the unknown.
  • Living world: each inhabitant has his or her own schedule, going about ordinary business in Pagan.
  • Includes the speech pack: some of the major game characters are fully voiced.

Back in the day the game was released with the option to buy a speech pack with it.

As a result I bought both the game and speech pack... and I'm glad I did as realistic sound was a novelty at the time and made it far more immersive.

For anyone curious there is a lot of game here for the money.

Cue the Intro from 1994:
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It was a great deal, but its over now folks. Expired
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