Ultimate Edition: James Bond - 12 dvd: Box Set £12.99 @ HMV
 Ultimate Edition: James Bond - 12 dvd: Box Set £12.99 @ HMV

Ultimate Edition: James Bond - 12 dvd: Box Set £12.99 @ HMV

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Ultimate Edition: 12 dvd: Box Set £12.99 @ HMV

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Includes the James Bond films starring Sean Connery; DR. NO, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, GOLDFINGER, THUNDERBALL, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. In DR. NO, James Bond, a secret agent investigates the strange goings-on in Jamaica and uncovers a plot to conquer the world. Master criminal Doctor No becomes the chief suspect. In FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, James Bond battles against the international crime syndicate S.P.E.C.T.R.E, who intend to turn the cold war into a nuclear war. In GOLDFINGER, James Bond attempts to foil Auric Goldfinger's plan to contaminate Fort Knox's gold with atomic radiation, thus increasing the value of Goldfinger's own hoard of gold. THUNDERBALL finds super spy James Bond battling a powerful organisation named S.P.E.C.T.R.E, which has threatened to destroy Miami with an atomic weapon unless a huge ransom is paid. YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE sees the Soviet Union and the United States blaming each other for mysteriously missing space capsules and nuclear warfare between the two superpowers seems imminent. However, Her Majesty's Secret Service suspects the rockets are being held in the Sea of Japan and assigns James Bond to fake his death in order to go undercover. In DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, James Bond gets entangled in the world of international diamond smuggling. While on the trail of jewel thieves, he discovers plans for unleashing a nuclear armageddon on Earth



was as low at £10 earlier in the year, as were the Brosnan and Moore sets, and very nice sets they are :-)

Nice find but i'll point out that its 14p cheaper on The Hut before some other nerd does

Good, but I'd prefer single disc editions to all the Sean movies AND Roger Moore movies for that.
Timothy Dalton, and Piers Remington Steele are by products nothing more.
Daniel Craig is more like Sean the great, thankfully.

now 45£ LOL
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