Ultimate Fighter DVD's @ HMV

Ultimate Fighter DVD's @ HMV

Found 11th May 2009
Saw that HMV have dropped the prices of the Ultimate Fighter series.
Only series 1-5 have been reduced.

For those who don't know, Ultimate Fighter is a sort of reality series that sees 16 fighters all competing for a 6-figure UFC contract.

Series 1 - hmv.com/hmv…139

Series 2 - hmv.com/hmv…894

Series 3 - hmv.com/hmv…807

Series 4 - hmv.com/hmv…013

Series 5 - hmv.com/hmv…437

PLEASE NOTE: These all say back in stock within 7 days, they will be getting them back in stock since i have emailed them to confirm that they will be getting more stock in and that they will be the prices shown.

Not sure if these are in store as well?!


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Dont forget your mccdonalds vouchers as well! (if you have them)!!
And 10% students discount!

Sorry, cold from me... £9.89 series 1-4 at ]Sendit.Com

Thanks Cuzzy
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