Ultimate Force Series 1 to 3 DVD £6.99 Delivered @ HMV

Ultimate Force Series 1 to 3 DVD £6.99 Delivered @ HMV

Found 21st May 2008Made hot 21st May 2008
Ultimate Force Series 1 to 3 DVD £6.99 Delivered @ HMV

6 Disc Set
The first three series of the adventures of Sergeant Henno Garvie and the rest of the SAS' Red Troop.

Quidco is 9%


Ordered one for fathers day Heat + Rep added cheers


Fantastic price barneydog :thumbsup: Will make a great fathers day prezzy!

That's a really good price - thanks :thumbsup:

:lol: They must have so many copies of this they've knocked it down three quid.

dropped my banana onto this one!

Amazing deal for the first three series and ithey're fun to watch as well, make a good fathers day present .... !!!

Fathers Day.........Again...........didn't we have one last year???

With 10% student discount and 9% quidco, this is indeed a hot deal

probably lots of stock left over because its not a full series boxset anymore since they've made series 4

The first series was pretty good, with some decent acting from Jamie Draven (Billy Elliot) and good characters & storylines. It all went seriously downhill from series 2 onwards though, and soon became a cliche'-ridden boys own actioner with stereotypical characters and zero plot.

Still, a hot deal for those who like popcorn drama!

Voted HOT!!! Good Series.......

Why are the Blu Ray discs so expensive on that site ?, are they that overpriced everywhere?.

Thats christmas sorted for my mum (don't ask), voted hot! :thumbsup:


Ordered and voted hot. Great deal

my husband got this and series 4 last year and paid alot more for it so great price ,very great program voted hot

thanks, heat added, ordered one myself
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