Ultimate Gangster Collection Box Set (5 Discs) £4.99 at Play

Ultimate Gangster Collection Box Set (5 Discs) £4.99 at Play

Found 7th Dec 2008
Shown as out f stock, but my experience with Play is that they will supply at this price when it becomes available.

Next cheapest is Amason at £17.57

The Ultimate Gangster DVD: He pulls their teeth out with pliers and chops them up with an axe! 'Mad' Frankie Fraser gives it to you straight.

The Ultimate Gangster DVD 2: Relive the end of a gangland era as the UK's biggest crime legends reveal all!

The Krays' Geordie Connection: One man's relationship with Britain's most notorious criminals Ron and Reg!

Dave Courtney's Dodgy DVD: Gangsters! Girls! Fights and Funerals! Only in the life of Dave Courtney...

Roy Shaw - Brute Force: Armed Robbery! Murder! Bare Knuckle Fights!


No stock = COLD

We should not be glorifying thugs. Cold.

I ordered this about six weeks ago - I don't think they are getting it back in stock

Same here - already ordered last time - no stock - still waiting:cry:
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