Ultimate Gangster - Scarface / Carlito's Way/ Casino (4 disc) (special edition) (boxset) (dvd) £7.99 deliverd

Ultimate Gangster - Scarface / Carlito's Way/ Casino (4 disc) (special edition) (boxset) (dvd) £7.99 deliverd

Found 25th Mar 2008
Three films. Carlito's Way - An action drama, Carlito's Way depicts the life of underworld gangster, Carlito Brigante as he tries to go straight after five years in prison. Trying to set up a small business with his girlfriend his corrupt lawyer asks him to do one final favour and Carlito knows that favours can be deadly. Casino - Las Vegas 1973, a time when power was everything and blind ambition and greed were about to topple an empire. Sam (Robert De Niro) is the Mob's front man running a multi-million pound business. The bosses send in his boyhood pal Nicky (Pesci) to protect their investment. With Sam's brain and Nicky's muscle they seem the perfect team but when Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone) turns up, things start to get wildly out of hand. Scarface (Special Edition) - Remake of the 1932 gangster yarn with Tony Montana, a refugee from Castro's Cuba, rising through the ranks of petty hoodlums to become Miami's most powerful drug baron. Unremitting, unglamourised portrait of a vicious thug with delusions of grandeur and a fine line in violent language.
Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci Directed by:
Brain De Palma, Martin Scorsese


HOT! Three great films!! Now just to get rambo quadrilogy (when it is released in about a year) , Godfather Trilogy and any and every Al Pacino Film... Legend!

Voted hot, whicked box set, nice find

Great price.... HOT.
I'd buy it if i didn't have Scarface & Casino already.
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