Ultimate Hungarian goose down King duvet 13.5 tog (other sizes and seasons available) - £172 @ Duvet and Pillow Warehouse

Ultimate Hungarian goose down King duvet 13.5 tog (other sizes and seasons available) - £172 @ Duvet and Pillow Warehouse

Found 6th Oct 2013
These are the best duvets you can ever have. It might be a bit pricy for some and is not as quiet as fibre ones, but the feeling is unmatchable. Use code OCT20 to get this price
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what do you mean 'not as quiet'?
Do they source their down ethically?

...prefer a mix of feather and down myself, bit heavier on the body.
Good price..
is a hungarian goose louder than a english duck then

there is only one way to find out

This will be the down from the dead geese after they've been force feed by the Hungarians for Fois Gras..... Very ethical NOT
This should not be cold! A goose down duvet in a 400 thread count cover is so hard to beat. Why do folk not want to spend much on their bedding when they spend up to a third of their lives in it?

Tried Loads of different duvets some cheapo, some expensive.... but now it's only a Silk Duvet for me
Luxury, that's light and easy to maintain........just like the wife
Good price for Hungarian goose down. The best!
This company is always offering a varying X % off. Choose the right time and you'll get it cheaper than this. I bought one of these last year for £125
"god, are even hugarian geese trying to smuggle themselves into our country to take advantage of our benefits system... lying on our beds all day when they should be etc. etc. "

from the comments section of the daily mail.
Prefer the lighter Canadian goose down duvets personally. Plus the geese are supposedly better reared.

what do you mean 'not as quiet'?

feather quilts make a bit more noise than synthetic ones when you move about under them
£172.... For that price I think I might want those cosy lil white feathers to sing me a lullaby!!

what do you mean 'not as quiet'?

They don't stop quacking
I can find no assurance of ethically and humane sourcing of the down used by this company...I know a lot of people couldn't care less about animals these days but, d'you really want the result of this to snuggle up to at night?
how anyone can watch this & still buy anthing with down is beyond me
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