Ultimate Matrix Trilogy £14.99 delivered at HMV

Ultimate Matrix Trilogy £14.99 delivered at HMV

Found 19th Mar 2007
As it says in the title, Ultimate Matrix Trilogy is £14.99 delivered at HMV

synopsis: The Matrix trilogy arrives in one of the most extras packed DVD box sets yet seen, featuring the 3 films and an additional 7 discs of extras this set looks likely to set the benchmark for special edition box sets for a while to come.

Set in the 22nd Century, "The Matrix" tells of a computer hacker (Keanu Reeves) who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.


Thanks for the pointer and very good price


Good price, thanks waynestock71

Dupe of Edi's post......

Has it been up in price & now back down or was it this price all along????

[SIZE=2]It has been higher and needed a re-post ;-)[/SIZE]

Yes, it's mostly been around the £24.99 mark of late. Cheapest I've ever seen it was £12.99 in HMV's Deal of the Day up to the run up to Christmas 2006, though it has been £14.99 before.

That's a good price. If you (like me) already have the single release discs, you could easily buy this and sell your existing discs on eBay for a free upgrade to the boxset
Voted hot. Thanks.

ill go for this when i have my £10 voucher from my movie steam :D:D

I notice it's now marked "Offers of the week" on HMV so will no doubt go up shortly.

Plus it's also available on Virgin's website for £15 which would probably be better for Virgin Credit Card holders who I believe get a further 10% off purchases:


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