Ultimate Mortal Kombat on DS @ Choices UK for £4.99

Ultimate Mortal Kombat on DS @ Choices UK for £4.99

Found 27th Dec 2010
"Ah, Mortal Kombat. Remember the days when Midway terrified your parents with the digital actors and all that blood and gore? When Mortal Kombat's 2D fighting was the most brutal thing going in the world of games? Such innocent times... Anyway, Midway's 2D beat 'em up extravaganza has come to Nintendo's DS. Now you'll be able to enjoy the furious action on the bus, train, aeroplane...you get the picture. Essentially, you're getting Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 from all the way back in 1995, all shrinked (sic) down for the DS's little screen. One of the things that's always held beat 'em ups back on handhelds is the inability of developers to include a two player mode. It's just as well, then, that the game's developer, Other Ocean, has made use of the DS's wi-fi functionality to include the chance to beat the snot out of your mates. Also thrown in is the fan favourite, Puzzle Kombat. In a nutshell, you make deformed versions of the game's characters fight by getting stuck into a block-stacking game. It was about time someone made the DS a bit less cute..."


I've tried adding things to the basket and it ends up adding other things, Mortal Kombat was ok, but it's put me off ordering that as well. For instance added a £5 game and it added Star Trek Season 2 for £69.99!!!

same problem i think it tends to do it on the item which are out of stock even when it says they have stock

we need street fighter turbo on the DS

Voted HOT, wife loves this game - ordered.

Yep put some other crap in my basket, but if you type Mortal Kombat in the search box and re-select it on the DS it will be added to your basket

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