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Ultimate Speed Electric Polisher £ 19.99 @Lidl from Sunday
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Ultimate Speed Electric Polisher £ 19.99 @Lidl from Sunday

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Posted 12th Apr 2018Edited by:"RUSSt"
  • Keep your car looking shiny and new with this high-performance device that waxes and polishes varnished surfaces
  • Powerful orbital oscillation
  • With 4 washable polishing bonnets
  • Oscillation rate: 3,500rpm
  • Polishing plate: Ø25cm
  • 120W
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Can anyone recommend this?
It's new to the shop maybe was on sale in other places try Google and look for reviews
There okay ish, but vibrations make your hands tingle after a while. Not voted either way...
grinnaslee8 m ago

Can anyone recommend this?

I bought a slightly different looking one from Lidl a few years ago and it sure is easier than hand axing / polishing.w
I have the Ryobi cordless one - in my opinion the pad is too big.
These really do nothing when it comes to removing polish. Better off using decent microfibres instead.
Had a similar one from Aldi and it wasn't strong enough to polish moderate level of swirl marks on my passat. However, my car was never polished before. I would advice that this product is ideal for new cars under 3 year old with very minor swirl marks + imperfections. Otherwise don't bother buying it and save up for something better. Additionally if you have a car that is under 3 years old you're likely to have enough money to buy a reputable product to use on you vehicle i.e. double action polisher for safer compounding/polishing. I got my self recently a new double action polisher and only use this cheapo for buffing off when in hurry before it rains. Hope this helps
120w won't even shift dried on polish. If your looking to buff out minor scratches or even some major ones, try something like this amazon.co.uk/dp/…753
be very careful though. Practice makes perfect with a little autoglym fine abrasive paste.
If in in any doubt don't even try it.
Edited by: "pjuk14" 12th Apr 2018
When someone mentioned swirl marks it made me think this machine must have caused them, by the previous owner
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