Ultra HID Xenon Conversion Kit - H7 (477) - 8000k £27.99 @ Eurocarparts

Ultra HID Xenon Conversion Kit - H7 (477) - 8000k £27.99 @ Eurocarparts

Found 23rd Mar 2014
Ultra HID Xenon Conversion Kit - H7 (477) - 8000k
Update your lights with this simple to fit upgrade kit.

List Price £77.99
Eurocarparts price £39.99

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What car does it fit? Is it legal?
Anyone upgraded? Worth it?
They fit any cars that take a H7 bulb and yes they are legal.

I have HID's on my car as standard and have just ordered these for my wife's car as she always says my lights are better when driving.

Stuntgut Nothing chav about them as it's all about lighting up the road not making the car look modded.
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To be legal for MOTs etc. you car must have `projector` type headlamp lenses so you dont blind oncoming traffic and headlamp powerwash fitted if I recall correctly...
These are also 8000k which gives a blue light that is not strictly legal, white light it approx 4300k, but upto 6000k will do.
The headlamps or suspension must also be self levelling, strictly speaking lamps must be replaced like for like. If you did fit this kit I would suggest you inform your insurer as even if your car has washers and levelling I'm sure they would class it as a modification just to worm their way out of paying up in the event of an accident. Then your in all sorts of pain, invalid insurance etc.
8000k will be quite blue.

Cheap kits are not always great either.
Ultra is a good make and eurocarparts wouldn't sell the cheap ones.
Also doesn't state bi-xenon which means you would lose your high beam and ability to flash your lights. Headlights should only be white light to be strictly legal around 6000k.
I dont think that 8000k will help you see the road better at night to be honest, you might find that your normal halogen bulbs are better.
Eurocarparts sell plenty of cheap poor quality parts, but you can always take them back so thats better than Ebay...
This seems a fair price if you want this product. Not voted hot or cold...

Also doesn't state bi-xenon which means you would lose your high beam and … Also doesn't state bi-xenon which means you would lose your high beam and ability to flash your lights. Headlights should only be white light to be strictly legal around 6000k.

They are H4 not H7
Bi-Xenon simply means replacing the high beam and low beam with one unit hence bi xenon. It moves a shutter to let the high beam pass through the same projector as the norm light.

sorry I think it's the low beam it's called.
If u haven't got the proper set up on your car please don't use these because you blind oncoming drivers. If you get hit by them I'm pretty sure they'll win because your dazzling them with an incorrect setup and non declared.
I've passed MOT with non self-leveling headlights! As long as u our headlights are projector type it's fine!
H7R bulbs are available for reflector type headlamps. Headlamp washers and self levelling lights are not an MOT requirement but if fitted they must work.
Awesome, blind other road users for under £30. Utter ****.

Ultra is a good make and eurocarparts wouldn't sell the cheap ones.

Eco sell nothing but cheap

Awesome, blind other road users for under £30. Utter ****.

You just read my mind.
good price so hot for that, but don't fit 8000k it will be really blue and all you will be doing is drawing attention from the plod every time you pass them. also the more blue light the less visibility you'll have. 4300k I think is standard on cars with xenons. not an not failure yet but going down the same route as the dpf it will be in it soon enough
6K is the best for looks and lighting. 8K is just chavy.
From Hids4u web site (who are a long standing seller of these type of kits:

Is HID xenon Legal?
Unfortunately no aftermarket HID kit is strictly road legal as you are changing the lighting system (from halogen to gas discharge) in your car and for this reason the bulbs can't be E marked which is a legal requirement. You also won't have the self leveling and washer systems installed which is also a legal requirement for HID and without these installed the kit would be an MOT failure. HID kits are plug and play so they are easy to remove and replace with standard bulbs come MOT time.

Ive had them before. Yes, you light up the road ahead of you so its like daylight. But its not very good for the traffic coming towards you.

Reflector headlight units are designed around the location and type of bulb so any light from that bulb is coming from a set place. The 'mirrors' in the unit can then reflect the light onto the road into a set place that is tested. Notice how sometimes oncoming headlights are slightly out of line? Possibly caused by the bulb not been inserted correctly, just 1 or 2mm out can cause the beam pattern to be several meters out when it hits the road. Putting a HID bulb in there has a much more adverse effect as a/ the bulb is not a filament and b/ the main area of light from that 'bulb' is in a different place to what the headlamp reflector is designed to reflect.

Even with projector headlights, HIDS don't work as well as you would think, yes, the beam pattern will be close to a normal bulb but still not there. It will 'focus' the light from the HID into a different area of the road than a normal bulb and can distract the driver as your eyes will focus more on that light.

They won't fail the MOT (at the moment) but do fall foul of vehicle lighting regs as they cannot be 'E' Marked. Have a bump, car gets inspected and your insurance, could void your policy as its an undeclared and technically non road approved modification.

Im getting very good results at night with Philips Extreme halogen bulbs, they are 'E' Marked and so fully road legal
I have just had my car MOT'd yesterday actually. And I have passed it with HID's installed. I wanted to actually test the theory and purposefully left them in to see if I would fail it. And fortunately I didn't, I do have projector lenses, however I don't have self levelling or washer jets. So there goes that.
Also I do agree they are very chavtastic if they are an obvious blue fitted to a Citroen saxo or vauxhall corsa. But using 4300k or 6000k at most, as states by some users already, is not at all chavtastic and lights up the road far better than your standard halogen bulbs
If your car passed the MOT with these fitted then you're very lucky. Either the tester doesn't read updates to the test or he's at risk of losing the ability to do the tests as he's not doing them correctly. There is no ambiguity about HIDs the only thing I'm unsure about is the legality of them fitted to motorbikes.
yes these are illegal and my mates just got 3 points on his licence for having these fitted..you want 3 points go ahead and buy them..
What's ironic is that the people that have these fitted try to flash me that I've got my high beams on.

I've got the Bi xenon factory set up.
Stick to your candles is what I always say.
Get a decent car in first place, factory bi-xenons are 10x better and legal!
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