Ultra-Mini Nano 150Mbps Wireless N USB Network Adapter - £6.91 @ DealExtreme
Ultra-Mini Nano 150Mbps Wireless N USB Network Adapter - £6.91 @ DealExtreme

Ultra-Mini Nano 150Mbps Wireless N USB Network Adapter - £6.91 @ DealExtreme

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Posted over a month back, but now it's a little cheaper...

- Super-small size compact design that fits into your computer's USB port with minimal protrusion making it ideal for use when traveling or in a crowded workspace
- Provides an excellent solution for performing everyday activities such as transferring files, browsing the Internet, and downloading music.
- Complies with wireless 802.11n standards
- Transfer method: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
- Supports 64/128 bit WEP, WPA encryption
- Frequency band: 2.4~2.4835GHz
- Data rate up to 150Mbps
- Effective working distance: 100 meters farthest indoor and 150 meters farthest outdoor (varies due to the environment)
- Support system: Windows Vista/XP/2000/7/MAC/Linux
- Comes with software CD



about same price as full size dongles now?
anyway nice price - anyone get one?


doh! I just paid £20 for an edimax branded one of similar design... - Having said that I couldnt manage the 2-3 week wait this time

Most laptops have wireless built in, at least most within the last 5-6 years. Handy for making desktop PCs wireless capable though.... heat added

Do these really have a decent reception?


Most laptops have wireless built in, at least most within the last 5-6 … Most laptops have wireless built in, at least most within the last 5-6 years. Handy for making desktop PCs wireless capable though.... heat added

Most old wont have wireless N.

Doesn't actually say it supports wpa2, (with AES)
It should (nowadays) as it's more secure

can anyone comment on the range of this adapter?

I bought these no different range wise to already G that i have waste of time...upon further investigation it seems that your are best tp stick to same brand equipment ie belkin router belkin wireless dongle as 99% of the stuff just will not be compatible foe EXTRA RANGE>>


ordered 4 - hot stuff - 2 week free delivery

hkphooey - correct, your wireless router also needs to be on the range that .n uses else you wont get any further range increase. it is a limitation of the .g band.


Sorry mate my router is wireless N its a Belkin but these things did not improve the range, my work collegue also bought new wireless N router and 2 x dongle from 7 day shop but same with those NO INCREASE compared to his G router, things is i got him to buy them lol . He lives in old cottage with very thick walls and the G wasn't reaching his upstairs room not huge house rather small cottage tried this set up and no different, my advice don't expect too much if anything.

These were what was purchased small 7dayshop.com/cat…342


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Might need to set router to n only rather than g+n in order to get better speed and range.

Also to those saying this is redundant because laptops have wifi.. this is Mac and Linux compatible, which more than likely you laptop wifi is not.
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hot, thanks

Potentially a silly noob question - but if i have a wireless N router already (which i do) does the 150 Mbps make a difference. I ask because i've seen quite a few that are 300Mbps - and wasn't sure which would be quicker.

Also - i'm not bothered by the size of these, anyone recommend a good reliable fast normal size one?


Wireless N is a bundle of things , agreed protocol, multiplexing, three aerials


I cannot be arsed reading the specifics , or indeed talking to someone who can regurgitate them verbatim.
But I strongly believe that this little dongle contains only just enough to be described as "N"



You wanted small you got small.
You want signal , buy signal
(the thing above is cheaper - I could find anything with 3 aerials)
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ordered 4 - hot stuff - 2 week free deliveryrgds

Best of luck with that. I'm still waiting for something I ordered on the 13th October. DX used to be 2.5 weeks or so


I ordered one last time and has never arrived. Have chased several times with no reply either.. AVOID

Mine also didnt come for about 3 weeks i always pay via paypal, so lodged no goods received via paypal and Deal extreme refunded.....

2 days later they arrived lol signed for and no come back so got 3 of them FREE!!!! still load of rubbish im afraid i am glad i didnt pay for them mine are off to ebay


Well, if your laptop/pc stays at a ~54mbps then buying a wireless N … Well, if your laptop/pc stays at a ~54mbps then buying a wireless N adapter will have no impact at all on the internet speeds. It's just for sending things around the network. My problem is my ethernet adapter decides to stop working every few hours, and the two wireless g/b adapters I have now (usb and pci) both have really crappy ranges whichc an often go sub 11mbps, even though the router is about 10 metres away Hopefully an N adapter will improve it a little..

Thanks - will probably go for the 300Mbps ones then. Hope this improves it for you too - have you thought of trying homeplugs?

A week today will be 44 days since I ordered, suppose I'll have to dispute it if nothing turns up by then to be 100% sure of being within the 45 days. I paid on a CC via PayPal so I suppose I've got two routes there.

Shame, as I said DX stuff is usually 2.5 - 3 weeks for me (this parcel will be 5 weeks on Monday) but it seems (from that thread) HK Post have f****d up and DX aren't keeping anyone informed about it.

No previous problems with DX, including delivery, returns, replacements, etc.

Caution.. DX are having probs hardly anyone is recieving there orders, look in there forums. But for now I would avoid.

Yeah , I am still waiting for a Sony Gold HDMI cable...............
Since October 10th


amazing its so small.. you could use on a desktop as well..

Avoid shopping with DealExtreme.
I'm still waiting for my order which was dispatched 6 weeks ago.

Does anyone know if these despatch problems are at DX's end or with Hong Kong Post? - I might order somerhing from FocalPrice, but don't want to bother if its going to take forever.

I've ordered some stuff from an eBay seller in HK since my DX order and it promptly showed up, I can't remember if they sent it via China Post or HK Post though.

DX have really gone down hill over the past year or so, my past 2 orders were never despatched and I had to raise a paypay dispute to even hear anything from them (my previous messages via their site went unanswered) over a month after placing both orders, all I heard back was along the lines of "please cancel the dispute and we'll refund" so I raised it to a claim and got my money back. It really is a shame because I've placed about 100 orders with them over the years and never had any serious issues, but after my last 2 orders I think I'll avoid them from now on

My previous order from August this year was fine, I've never had anything go missing (yet).

I've got some stuff on my wish list, I'm going to try them again in the new year when (hopefully) everything will be back to normal, as long as my current parcel turns up.

DX has always been fine for me, but my last order hasn't arrived despite being placed almost 6 weeks ago - given the reports of trouble, I'm not going to order from them again until/unless my last order arrives.
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