UltraFit Chelsea 9 Berth Tent - now £68.99 delivered @ CyberCheckout! (was £250)

UltraFit Chelsea 9 Berth Tent - now £68.99 delivered @ CyberCheckout! (was £250)

Found 5th Jan 2009
This grand family tent comprises of 3 bedrooms separated by a communal living area. It consists of the outer fly sheet, 3 inner bedrooms with sewn in ground sheets as well as an awning.

* Fly sheet - 70 Denier Polyester (190T Threads per square inch).
* Hydro Static Head (waterproofing) - 2000mm - The polyester is coated with polyurethane.
* Floor - PE (laminated polyethylene) 125 grams per square meter, in all 3 bedrooms and living area. It is abrasion, mildrew and ultraviolet resistant.
* Seams - All seams are taped.
* Ventilation - 4
* Pegs - 51
* Guyropes - 8
* This has a fly sheet as well as inner bedrooms
* Gross weight is 15kg
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Reviews are not good!


Very cheap price but there is a reason for it. Have not voted but would not buy one.
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In order to get the best out of your tent we recommend applying a waterproofing substance at the beginning of each season.
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Due to the nature of this product we offer a 3 month warranty

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Says it all really!

Though rather than go on a long tirade about cheap (nasty) tents just look at a few other Cybercheckout tent threads - you'll soon see what I mean.
Cyber check out allways do big tents at this price, I don't think they have ever been £250, there not worth the money better to spend extra on a good brand that will last, especially on a tent that size.
Not sure in which reality this was ever sold for £250....
Great deal, heat & rep added :thumbsup: - pity about the name though :whistling:
Okay for the kids in the back garden on a warm summer evening.
I wouldn't want to rely on it for anything more arduous than that.
£110.99 am I missing something or is this expired?
yeah its £110...it might have been a mis price and now they have corrected it...

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