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Posted 29 November 2022

Ultraheat-Trojan-Radiator-in-Black-1300-x-390-x-60-mm £99.99 (Members Only) @ Costco

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- Fuel Options: Hot water / Electric / Dual fuel (electric requires element, heating liquid, vents and caps)

- Max Working Pressure: 6 Bar

- Max Working Temperature: 95°C

- Heating System: Closed

- Warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty

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Please note: Valves are not included and need to be purchased separately

Tall and distinguished, the Ultraheat Trojan Radiators vertical lines and subtle curve will add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

  • DimensionsH 130.0 x W 39.0 x D 6.0 cm
  • Weight13.9 kg


  • Pipe Centres: 360mm
  • Wall to Pipe Centre: 45-60mm
  • Wall to Face: 85-100mm
  • Water Content: 8.5L
  • Fuel Options: Hot water / Electric / Dual fuel (electric requires element, heating liquid, vents and caps)
  • Number of Pipes/Sections: 7
  • Max Working Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Max Working Temperature: 95°C
  • Heating System: Closed
  • Heat outputs ΔT: 50C Watts: 1117
  • Heat outputs ΔT:50C BTU: 3815
  • Warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty

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  1. Avatar
    Good price, heat added but I would worry how much heat that would kick out being a single column one.

    I've got a triple column one in my man cave (not ashamed to say I got it on eBay or that I've got a man cave! 😃) and that kicks out plenty of heat, as you'd expect. Do your sums before purchasing would be my advice.

    48878306_1.jpg (edited)
    Agree, single column output will be low so check the room/btu
  2. Avatar
    For info:

    In the pictures they look more anthracite, but they are not. They are jet black and the valves (sold separate) from Costco same brand though are Anthracite NOT black.

    Just to save someones time like mine when i had to return it all as didn’t match up
    I agree, in fact earlier in the year the description for this rad was anthracite but I'm glad to see they are now calling it black.
    I bought both earlier this year but decided to keep the valves even theough they don't quite match colour wise.
  3. Avatar
    In our new world of crazy high energy prices, radiators like this are incredibly inefficient when compared to low temperature heating compatible T22 (double panel/ double fin) or T23 (triple panel, triple fin) radiators.

    These are the only two types that will allow for lower flow temperatures that condensing boilers and heat pumps need to actually save you £.
    Blimey, I wonder how low our gas consumption would be if we didn't have these type in every room in the bungalow then

    Our yearly consumption so far

    Full disclosure; we have Evohome installed and 8 years ago, after the kids flew and in preparation for early retirement we downsized to a 2 bed bungalow from a 4 bed house But now we are retired there is at least 1 person in the bungalow pretty much 24/7. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    not an efficient way to heat a room according to my plumber when i asked. Apparently the bottom half doesn't get very warm all the heat is near the ceiling and a lot complain, but makes sense.
    We have a vertical radiator (not the one posted).

    You're plumber is spot on in my experience.

    For the volume of water they take vs the area of heat produced in the radiator they are inferior to a conventional horizontal radiator.

    Also, one major thing to check with these type of radiators is if it has a diverter valve inside to divert the incoming hot water upwards. Otherwise a lot of it goes straight across the bottom and back out.
  5. Avatar
    If anyone is worried about heat output, I wouldn't worry. It puts out a massive amount of heat, I have it in my kitchen diner, heats up 21sq/m. Plumber said it was an absolute bargain. Internal pipework is large enough so that water flows well. it is heavy so you will need to be wary about delivery (check it thoroughly) and hanging it will require strong fixings. But for £100 delivered?! Amazing.

    Edit: mine was 1790mm tall, this is only 1300 hence the differing heat output. Pics seem to show 1790mm version (edited)
    Btu is over 7000 from memory
  6. Avatar
    I bought this radiator earlier this year from Costco, great for the money. really pleased with it
    Its very dark grey/black - earlier this year they described it as anthracite which I would have preferred. glad they have updated it the description to black as that is truer to its actual colour. I bought it to use in a small/narrow space but to still heat up a big room (6 x 4.5m conservatory) which it does very well.
    That's good to know, I've ordered the white colour
  7. Avatar
    Apologies for asking. If I went for the electric option what will need and where can these obtained? Thank you.
    I'd also like to know this!
  8. Avatar
    Size listed doesn't match the image. Only 1.3m tall?
    Never noticed that but you are absolutely correct, the pic clearly shows a 1800mm rad, like mine in the man cave. 1300mm is just over 4 feet! (edited)
  9. Avatar
    On route to getting a ASHP. Radiators are now an obsession and taking over. Looks like triple panel standard radiators are the way forward, but aesthetically pleasing they are not.
    Shame .

    Great value on that find thought.
    I find it strange they don't closer follow the design of car radiators and CPU coolers. Increasing the exposed surface area with lots of small fins would surely increase its ability to output heat.
  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    Mixed experience with standard ultraheat radiators.

    The ones in our kitchen and bathroom have rusted easily, compared to Stelrad brand ones.
  12. Avatar
    Im still looking for rads with the pipes in the middle as opposed to either ends.
  13. Avatar
    only 3850 BTU in reality - steel too I imagine so takes longer to warm up, but good price for what it is none the less
  14. Avatar
    Why’s it called Trojan?
    Hung like a Horse?
  15. Avatar
    Heat rises, so the vertical orientation is less effective than horizontal, and you can't dry clothes on it. Waste of energy in a time when energy efficiency is everyone's moral duty.
  16. Avatar
    Exactly what I needed - but OOS now
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