Ultrasonex Phaser for £15 instore at boots*

Ultrasonex Phaser for £15 instore at boots*

Found 12th Mar 2010
*Not sure on availability nationwide but the Boots in Leicester town centre has a fair few of these at the back of the store. They were marked at £30 but have been marked down again to £15. Worth a look in your local store!

You get 4 Brushheads included so for £15 i think you get a bargain! the new model is selling for £80!

# Optimum 18,000 strokes per minute for maximum performance with Ultrasound
# Sensitive 9,000 strokes per minute with Ultrasound
# Pacer function- the timer turns the brush off every
# 30 seconds as a reminder to change brush position
# Light weight and easy grip handle
# Nickel metal hydride battery (no memory effect)
# Charge Indicator
# Recharging stand
# Includes 4 brush heads (1 years worth)
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This is a top bargain i have been looking for 1 of these for a month!
Hope theres some near me
Top bargain - had one of these and best you can get IMO.
My first Ultrasonex was the older one with the Ni-Cad batteries, now I've got the newer one with Ni-MH battery.

I was pondering that very question actually, once my second one dies, are there any more super-duper sonic toothbrushes out there? Or should I stick to the Ultrasonex? (Just got a clean bill of health from the dentist too, chocoholic and caffeine junkie :whistling:
we both had one of these. Batteries failed in both after approx 2 years and cant be replaced.

still, a bargain at this price. I thought they were great until I moved on to a braun which are much better.
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