Ultravox - Rage In Eden / Vienna (2 CD) (both albums) - £2.99 delivered @ Play

Ultravox - Rage In Eden / Vienna (2 CD) (both albums) - £2.99 delivered @ Play

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Found 10th May 2011
Good price for this around £4.50 to £6.00 elsewhere and the individual CDs are around £5+ each.

Ultravox rose up out of Britain's late-'70s punk movement, adding a dark, moody touch to the sonic din. But before long Ultravox was incorporating synthesizers and a pronounced art-rock influence. In both their initial incarnation with singer John Foxx (who went on to a highly influential solo career) and their later phase with Midge Ure, they were enormously influential to the burgeoning new romantic and synth-pop scenes. In the 21st century, their synth-based, distinctly European sound would inspire a whole new generation of bands who took their cue from '80s electro-pop and were eventually gathered under the umbrella term "Electroclash."

disc 1
o 1. Voice, The
o 2. We Stand Alone
o 3. Rage In Eden
o 4. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)
o 5. Thin Wall, The
o 6. Stranger Within
o 7. Accent On Youth
o 8. Ascent, The
o 9. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind)
o 10. I Never Wanted To Begin
o 11. Paths And Angles
o 12. I Never Wanted To Begin [extended version]
disc 2
o 1. Astradyne
o 2. New Europeans
o 3. Private Lives
o 4. Passing Strangers
o 5. Sleepwalk
o 6. Mr X
o 7. Western Promise
o 8. Vienna
o 9. All Stood Still
o 10. Waiting
o 11. Passionate Reply
o 12. Herr X
o 13. Alles Klar
o 14. Vienna
* Ignore Play's madness about it being a CD/DVD set it is 2 x CDs

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